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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Sharpie Penned Wood Shoes

I finally completed my wood shoes brought from Holland by Bryan's mom a year ago this month! They've been waiting in the closet until the spirit moved me. I tend to mess things up if I force the art. First I did a sketch of how I might  like them. Then   varied it  once I got started. It really enjoyed doing these!

Now if only I had the guts to wear them out. I may use them for
short car rides. I'm worried they're a little too noisy for a big lady to wear.
I would have been all over these shoes when I was young, anything different
was my motto! I loved the attention then, not so much now!
I may just fill them with something fun and stick them in the powder room!
Any ideas what I could put in them other than my feet?
I used a fine point and regular black sharpie pen.
If I  tire of them I'll gesso them and paint with  acrylics!
I may varnish these  later....I want to live with them a bit first.
Originally I was hoping to  paint them purple , then sharpie over that...but it
ruins the pens and they don't last as long. Any ideas what would work over acrylics?


Sandee said...

I like them a lot. You are so clever. Okay, what to fill them with and put them in the powder room...Potpourri or small soaps or silk flower arrangement or a million other things.

Have a terrific day. :)

Kim Mailhot said...

Wow ! Great detail ! I love the noise of clogs...

I use Elmer's Paint pens or Sharpie Paint pens (water based) over acrylic. The trick is to really let the acrylic paint dry before trying to use the pens over them.
Enjoy !

Kim Mailhot said...

Wow ! What a great detail. I think tehy would be gorgeous with soem varnish too. I love the noise of clogs...
I use Elmer's Paint Pens or Sharpie Paint pens (waterbased) over acrylic paint. The trick is to be sure to let the paint really dry before you do.
Enjoy !

Janet said...

Love them!!! Although I don't think they would be very comfortable!

linda may said...

These are great. They actually look like some of what I call,my scribbles. You could hang them on the wall and put your hair brushes and combs in them.
I really like the idea of decorating them.

kat smith said...

When I think of Dutch wooden clogs I think of Christmas and the children who set their shoes out for Pere Noel to put something in them. I would have to do one pair in a Christmas theme of Zentangles and then fill with candy canes greenery and Christmas finery. Thank you for my favorite memory of the red patent leather clogs I wore from the age of 5 to 7 with my red white and blue mini skirt. My aunt still has them in the attic. I thought I was too cool.

Lucy said...

amazing! I wish I could answer you question.. i have NO idea! but BOY are these just so so creative! xoxo
(to be honest.. i wouldn't wear them giggs.. these are meant to put on a shelf and treasure! TOO nice to wear!

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