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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Scribblings " Source"

My daughters childhood collection of trolls!
Posted to break the tension of a serious subject!

This weeks prompt for Sunday scribblings is "Source" which appropriately fits with a subject dear to my heart. Media needs to be accurate when covering stories about mental illness. Surmising only re-victimizes the casualties!

I have a difficult time with medias depiction of mental illness. Rarely do they accurately speak for the victims subjected to bullying by mentally ill. Blame perpetrated on the casualties is beyond reasoning. Anyone who's lived with those inflicted knows the struggle a family faces. Walking on constant egg shells in fear of exacerbating the escalating unpredictable moods. Learning the game of appeasement at a very young age, or in a new marriage, while fearing ongoing degradation.

Instead it’s only the derelict types on skid row portrayed as the worst case scenario. Or a celebrity caught behaving badly during a high profile incident, which is usually sloughed off as substance abuse. Often the functioning ones fall through the cracks, finding co-dependants who rescue and protect them. Undetected, with age, the illness progresses and intensifies until even the co-dependant is unable to corral or contend with it! A quiet voice of reasoning after an episode becomes a stalemate. The co-dependant is threatened to now become another victim instead of an ally.

 Sadly it can takes years for co-dependants to recognize the actuality of Mental illness. In the meantime they usually suffer insurmountable abuse. That’s why media should stop exploiting the casualties of mental illness and focus on going to the source. Frustrated Families can suffer quietly along with mentally ill relatives for years before finding a pittance of peace or relief surrounding the illness. Often terrified of retribution if they expose the truth! That's why it's so important for media to understand this subject in all it's complexities!

A Family Scathed
Oh yes it’s a disease
by highs and lows
Where anger repels
Those in it’s midst

Branded forever
The flock is
Unable to escape
Permanently burnt
Of havoc
And ramifications
Stamped on their psyche

Self medicating
A damning factor
Forcing appeasement

Terror arises
Then sinks
Into crevices
where festering
Scars are
On the
The villans


Lisa said...

Wow! This was so powerful and right on. I have lived with and am still remotely living with this issue. This was so elegantly and so truthfully written. You gave a voice to many people who like me agree with and feel this exact way. Lisa

BJ Roan said...

Extremely thought provoking piece. I agree wholeheartedly. I have an autistic grandson. So far he has not been bullied, but he is only in the 3rd grade. I fear his time will come.

Granny Smith said...

I agree with you completely. And thanks for the trolls, as well as the poem.

gs batty said...

informative..thanks for the eye opener.

oldegg said...

I am glad you are strong enough to speak out on this issue in an attempt to protect the vulnerable in our society.

Just don't expect any better from the press.

Anonymous said...

Cute images :D and it been a wonderful read, thank for sharing=3

Dee Martin said...

I think so many people could relate to this. If you have not lived with it, it is difficult to understand the daily exhaustion and problems. Thanks for posting this. I have been there and luckily able to leave the situation. Others are not so fortunate.

JP/deb said...


This cut to the core for me - I have a brother and mother in afflicted by mental illness - and, being a 'loved one' often means being in the crossfire of this disease. You have spoken so well about this - the media and policymakers need to take a different approach. This is, in my estimation, one of our most significant public health issues.

thanks for writing about this,

Queen-Size funny bone said...

good job as usual.

Amy said...

great comments- thanks for sharing


linda may said...

I have lived with that fear in my family, for my son when he was ill. It turns you upside down and shakes the shit(excuse me) out of the whole family.

Lucy said...

this was so moving giggs. i agree with you too.
Mental illness is much broader than the image we usually imagine when we hear that term. I listen daily to women who are victims of their spouses or family members who apparently are suffering from various personality disorders and mental illnesses.
very powerful post but your cute trolls were a nice cushion! xox

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