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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Painted Shoes

I've sadly neglected my blog, never sure where to jump in again. So I'm sharing a pair of black leather wedge style sandals I revamped. I am very redundant in my shoe wear of late. I need to feel steady on my feet with my bad knee. Plus I find wedgies more comfortable...not the bum floss wedge of course,  the wedge  shoe.  In person the shoes are shinier with the purple a denser shade.This is my way of putting the old me into my same old, same old shoes!

I first gessoed the shoes, then painted them with acrylic
paint. I let them dry overnight and put three coats of water
based varnish on them!
  I sketched on the gessoed shoe with sharpy pen,
but deviated from the original plan as the painting progressed!
Now Happytiler has happy feet!
Ps....my toes go to the end when I'm standing.....just sayin!
Oh and my quilted  summer jacket sort of matches too.....
Since we painted our living room gypsy pink, I have missed my fushia
walls, and find myself gravitating to that color to wear instead!


Tumblewords: said...

Your talent shines again - I love these shoes! Gesso is a wonderful tool but I would never have thought of applying it to shoes. But then... Great job!

Lucy said...

OMG!!OMG OMG!! I want them!!!!
LOVE that you did this!!
I am showing them to Peter so he can paint me some shoes!!! hahahaah
(Peter said.. he likes your parking space! :))))
YOU are such an amazing artist!
why did u stray from the hearts?? I liked them! Now can u go out in the rain in these?? SOO damn cute!! Love how you are stylin it baby!

Janet said...

LOVE love love these!!!! Isn't it fun to paint shoes? I may have to have a go at another pair of mine now that I see these. Gorgeous colors!

Jane said...

I love these shoes! I don't know why I haven't done this to a pair yet. In answer to your question about painted wood bowls, I use acrylic paint and I seal it with polyurethane. My bowls have always been decorative. I might put fruit in them but I'm not sure about hot foods and salads. Love your blog! I'm coming back often :)


Linda said...

Those are adorable. I love them and I definitely need to do this. thanks for the inspiration.

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