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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Scribblings " The letter P"

Todays sunday scribblings is brought to you by any letter I want!
These photos are taken and credited to my friend Richard Wiebe,
I'm always in awe of his photos!
These are recently taken of the Vancouver fireworks!
I find enjoyable visuals marry nicely with words!

The Letter P

Composed freaks gather
At the door for a smoke
Ignoring the new law
Exchanging lies
Wearing mismatched
Summer clothing
Dredged up from
Who knows where 
Begging to be laundered

A cracked out
Tiny women
Drug worn face
Pushing her bicycle
Past my car
Teeth missing
Filthy caste
On her left arm
She has that
Nobody cares look
So neither do I

Who gobbled
 Up her soul
And spit her out
To die
I wonder?

Middle aged man
With a Goodrich
Tee-shirt weaves past
I suspect he’s not good
Nor rich
 An old man
With a beige
Perched under
The seat of
His motor
Rides aggressively
Shaking his grumpy
Head at me
Because I’m
Parked in his
Normal path
Far from the smokers
Darling Daughter
Reamed him out
this week
As a pet owner,
Having no water
For his pooch
During this heat wave
was unacceptable
Especially after
he complained
his dog had sunstroke

A grubby big bellied,
Bearded man
Walks by with
A large icy coffee
Comfort for his
Lonely life
On a humid day
 Show all
A young ethnic dude
Struggles to carry
Twenty pounds
Of potatoes on
The tops of his
Outstretched arms
Depleted of strength
He stops to
catch his breath
And adjust his
Starchy load
That one had me perplexed
An influx
Of motorized chairs
Head for the mall
Some with more torque
Than others
Scouting out free
Air conditioning
Old ladies wearing
Unflattering pants
And dirty shoes
hobble behind

All I can think is

Thank-you for abundance
My kids
My friends
My car
My perfume
And cash in my purse
Because  boy it sucks
To be the letter P


John's comments said...

Wonderful fusion of the abundance of the fireworks and crowded moments with the sting of the ending. I have gone for L for lunch, loneliness and absent love. The lonely wear masks

gs batty said...

the photos are awesome. I admire your friends ability. this whole piece comparing the beauty of the Phote with the deparity of the Poor slammed me in the gut. nice work

flaubert said...

Excellent work indeed!

keiths ramblings said...

Words and pictures, so good. You brought it all together perfectly in your last verse. Great.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

nothing like visuals to go with beautiful words

Dee Martin said...

the colorful fireworks mixed with the colorful characters describing such a "gray" topic. Wonderfully done and I too am grateful!

oldegg said...

Quite a panorama of observations that take us into a sometimes seedy world all around us. Beautifully illustrated with pyrotechnics.

judie said...

Nice photos and the comparison is outstanding, but your poetry in itself is awesome! Made me feel as if I were there watching the "reality parade" in person. The ability to draw the reader into your space like that shows you are a talented writer.

Jingle said...


Lucy said...

wow you are SO observant and then to put all your observations into such a creative poem, along with slide show!
(poor dog)
well.. i am assuming you were there! you didn't take photos but these images couldn't have been in your imagination? or could they?
either way.. amazing work here Giggs! xox

Divaa Divine said...

:) very creative observations and prompt carried out beautifully!
Letting You Know Through Letters http://nblo.gs/6qiLc

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