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Monday, July 26, 2010

Superficial Dish Post

Warning superficial post!!
Or Should I say super official Post!

Since I moved into my place twelve years ago I have been looking for a colorful set of dishes that spoke to me.  Preferably purple. After a heated search  I settled for maroon dishes.    Complimented by large forest green goblets, now very outdated!  It worked fine for the longest time. Soon after I saw a nicer set, but not the desired purple ones. I resigned myself to enjoy the dishes I had. Spicing it up with a fancy coffee mug here and there! Instead the kitchen was painted purple. I continued to search over the years for affordable nice dishes.

After eight years of wear and tear, many chipped  and  broke, so  I needed new ones. Still on a search, nothing spoke to me, again I settled. A plain black set at a discount store, very cheap! Should have known black wasn't a good idea. Soon those were so marked up from knife scratches, I couldn't get the food on the plate quick enough to cover the embarrassing ugliness. I turned the lights down low and apologized every time I had company.

I'd never owned a nice set of china like others, instead I inherited an old set off white, (my worst color) next to beige dishes with a brown dogs hare hunting, (my other worst color) and pattern. They are very old. Not one bit me, but I kept them for sentimental reasons. Used them on rare occasions. The kids dislike them even more than I do! So during the renovations we decided we should part with them. They're packed up and ready to go. I may put them on ebay or craigslist, we'll see. I'm sure someone will love them! Very sad that I don't!
In the meantime I found many other sets on sale brought them home, only to return them unused because they  didn't fit neatly in the cupboard, or the shapes and color was wrong. I was  on a google frenzy searching funky dishes, arty dishes, colorful dishes, while looking in all the department stores online. I was determined not to settle this time. But the black dishes were getting worse by the moment, and the summer sunshine was about to reveal my ugly dish dilemma.  They looked so grubby with all the scratches. Still I found nothing that struck my fancy.  I even  had Pepper on the hunt! Still nothing!!! Then  a few month back while in the discount store, Pepper spotted some that could work. I was  satisfied but  it was no love fest. We both agreed this was the best we could find for our budget. Happily I bought them....White dishes, with outline green flowers. No more   ghetto scratched dishes for me!

They are pretty cute, the mugs are a little outdated, but the flat bowls are nice for pasta, and I kept my black deep bowls for cereal! Are you still reading... I know boring...but I'm getting to the good part soon, I promise!

Then two weeks ago it happened....while shopping in costco...damn it. I still love you Costco!  Some fancy schmancy Laurie Gates dishes....NOOOOOOOOOO.....I had given my black dishes to goodwill in the boxes of my new dishes....it was way too late to return them. In the meantime I was using Peppers black music note dishes for company, which she worried would get scratched up!(The deal was if I packed up the hare hunt dishes, she would unpack her  when we live by ourselves dishes)

Laurie Gates,   is a man by the way  dishes danced in my head. Would not leave my mind. Bright flowers, melding with purple. Large mugs, so beautiful. I was in love...in fact I have a bit of a fetish about nice colored water goblets, and coffee mugs too.

It was Pepper who convinced me to get them knowing my four plus eight year search had been fruitless. After much thought, and the nudging of my daughter I did it! I purchased two sets of dishes that  I lurve lurve lurve !  When the kids go to work, I take a mug out  of the hutch, where we store the good dishes to have my coffee, and I sneak out a bowl for my morning cereal too. Just because I can! Silly but I finally have a set of dishes that expresses who I am! I've come a long way baby, from harvest gold, another of my least favorite colors, Corelle living wear, to beautiful rich Laurie Gates, which was affordable too!

I have been on a rampage to purge, and of course this test smacks me in the face. Well, I'll just have to get rid of more stuff, that's all there is to it! In the meantime, here's the dessert we enjoyed last night. I assure you it looks better than it was, I used a store bought sponge cake that was a bit dry. However the strawberries and homemade chocolate sauce were yummy, especially on my new plates! Only used for company of course! Except my SIL brought me a coffee in one this morning.....I think he  knows my secret!

What is something that you have wanted most of your life that you never got until you
were half a century old? Was it something as ridiculous as a nice set of dishes? Or is there something silly you desire that you are afraid to purchase  or do for yourself because of what others might think, or because it's superficial??? I wanna know if I am  the only dish fetish wack job! 


Sandee said...

Love the new dishes. They are so you.

Your question is easy...A Mercedes Benz. I still have it too.

Have a terrific day. :)

Janet said...

Love your new dishes! They are gorgeous.

Here's where I fail at being an artsy person. I prefer plain white dishes to eat on!!!! I love all the pretty colors and designs on dishes when I see them in the stores but when I think about putting food on them I cringe. I just like the crisp clean look of white plates. What a dud!

MissKoolAid said...

Gorgeous dinner-ware!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

great choice and they look yummy

Lucy said...

I liked the white with the green flower HOWEVER!!! I am going to run to my costco on tuesday and PRAY that my store has your laurie gates dishes!(that is if you don't mind!)
'cause u see...I also am a dish fetish wack job! I LOVE fun dishes that are ME (and YOU, since we have similar taste!)
and to answer your question.. I still haven't gotten it.. but I SO desire a BEAUTIFUL bedroom set!
so so happy u got your dish fix satisfied my friend! xox

Anonymous said...

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