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Friday, September 17, 2010

Energy Thieves


Who the heck knows where these illustrations come from.  I have  objectively observed people my whole life.What  mother called critical, I knew to be analytical  in my quest to understand the world!

It's my experience human beings are the most interesting
diverse creatures on the planet. I have always found it amusing to people watch. Wondering the stories of those
passing by.

Lured by sad  tales of woe I used to be vulnerable to victim  types, An unhealthy pattern I was forced to abandon with depleting energy. Now I surround myself with loving, well rounded people instead. What an awakening that was!

Of course we all have glitches in our life. Relatives  who blame us for things wrong in their own life.  And supporting  friends and family in troubled times stands without reason. It's the chronic victims, whining twenty years later about the  same unresolved issues, that  always dragged me down! Empathizing, wanting to lend an ear and words of comfort  seemed to sabotage productive time. I like to think I'm slightly wiser now, and don't need to rescue everyone.It may sound callus, I promise it's not. Putting ourselves on the list is important, wish I knew that at a younger age!

If the truth be known, I must have been fulfilling my own voids by supporting the down trodden. I must have needed to feel needed. Possibly a diversion from my own problems. I will admit, it's much simpler keeping the energy thieves at bay!   

How about you? Have you weaned off the  energy robbers? Has it left you more time to be productive? I once  heard Barbara Sher lecture on the importance of letting those toxic relationship go as you age! Have you? Sure hope I have!


Queen-Size funny bone said...

I'm trying

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I'm trying

Gloria said...

Those are great people. Just visiting, I came from Diane's blog. Very nice blog. Have a great weekend.

gemma said...

Drama is not for me anymore. Some folks have major crisis' every day.
Trying to learn from joy now.

Foxglove Spires said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog tonight. Full of lovely colours, illustrations, inspiration and writings which are very true. Thank you for a lovely visit. xx

aimee said...

hi giggles! oh, if this isn't the perfect word for what those kinds of people give me - sciatica!

JP/deborah said...

great post Sherrie - I think, for the most part, I have let the energy thieves go ... there is one family member who doesn't have anyone else & I choose to be that person for him ... otherwise, it's healthy and fulfilling relationships for me!!

The Dreaming Bear said...

Hi there! So happy to find your lovely blog! And oh my, the topic of this particular post is something I could sit and discuss for hours!! In my younger days, I tolerated so much drama and toxic junk in my life....but as the years rolled on, I have found it necessary to purge those poisonous relationships out of my life. Not only does it give me peace of mind, but I feel the need to set an example for my children as well. Cheers to you! Will be back soon!

violette said...

wonderful post as always....i am so over the drama and the energy vampires........life is too short!
I love your illustration of the energy robbers - they make me smile!

Love, violette xo

judie said...

Your posts are always so thought-provoking and accompanied by colorful art. A pleasure to stop by. And that rose wedding, wow!

rachel awes said...

your art is glorious-joy!
i'm finding it w/your energy
reflection timing...
mine is stretched, to be sure!
best beams to you in
feeling good stuff within!! xo

Lucy said...

energy thieves!! O Boy! Hard to let some go when they are clients who are paying my bills!!! but OH boy have I had my energy drained from me with some of these difficult ones!

where ever your illustrations are coming from is not as important as keeping them coming! Love the details and colors! xox

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