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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Scribblings "A thousand roses"

Sunday Scribblings prompt this week is "Treatment"
of which we had the best! 

The Bride, a single  forty something business owner.
The groom, a divorced father of two!
The  theme, Music! 
The wedding, Spectacular! 
I cried and laughed through the whole ceremony!
Pleased I'd worn my sun glasses.

  Beauty abounding with one thousand red roses. 
(Inside scoop, straight from the wedding coordinator.)
The clouds parted so the sun could sparkle during the vows!

The room, 

The  bride, fabulous in a whimsical music note embossed wedding dress. Nothing minimal about this red and black embellished wedding! 
 Surprisingly my daughters former boss, normally a frugal  minimalist perfected the music theme   with everything from the treble clef ice sculpture, wedding rings and white sneakers (well hidden under her dress), to the  music note place card holders.

Treatment was exemplary, with full open bar,
excellent food, music, and
  entertaining tributes to the newlyweds!

My darling dancing queen boogied to each song.

As she joined in the celebration of the couple
who met while dee-jaying.
 As you can see, it was a joyful occasion!

 Trumping my brothers intimate wedding at a posh bed and breakfast!

They sang and danced until the music stopped!

Gratefully we left with one hundred red roses in tow,
bestowed on us by the bride who encouraged
 us to take as many as we could! And we all left with
that lovin feeling you so often hear about in songs!


jaerose said...

What a lovely post and blog..congratulations for the happy day as well! Jae

Understanding Alice said...

wow, that was a wedding and a half - well treated :D

Lisa said...

Wow! Looks like a wonderful wedding and time had by all.

Deborah said...

Just lovely!

Elizabeth said...

Gotta second Jaerose, Congratulations to one and all,


Dasuntoucha said...

...Treatment was exemplary, with full open bar,
excellent food, music, and
entertaining tributes to the newlyweds!

...now that's a treatment! Congrats!

gemma said...

Sounds fabulous. Hope you scatter rose petals along your way.

Leo said...

very fabulous.. u took us there through words and images :)

My Sunday Scribbling

JanePoet/deborah said...

thanks for sharing this day of joy!!


p.s. i have a new blog address:
www.janepoet.com ... stop on by :)

Queen-Size funny bone said...

oh indeed everything was beautiful. I loved the color scheme. Your son in law had those great red shoes.... you all looked fabulous

gautami tripathy said...

I enjoyed this post!

a child's play

And do get aboard the Poetry Train every Monday mornings and thereafter!

Anonymous said...

How beautiful!!! That's alot of roses!!! Music, I love music! What a great theme!!! *HUGS*

Lucy said...

Wow! this was spectacular! the colors are so outstanding! Love that pep never sits down (like me!) keep on boogieing baby!!
so nice that you shared this special day!

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