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Friday, September 10, 2010


Last night, as a family, we were running around excited about buying a wedding gift for my daughters ex boss. She's an independent business owner in her mid forties and this is her first marriage. A minimalist, with no gift registry her list was pretty simple. Costco happened to have the best choices. So we loaded up then headed to the dollar store for some wedding bags. I waited in the car at the front door knowing they didn’t need three of us picking out bags and bows. Aparently I was wrong because the kids kept poking their heads out the door to get my artist approval anyway. Seriously I am the worst gift wrapper on the planet now that I paint. Used to be my thing to make everything pretty, now I throw it in the most accessible bag and go! Better yet, get my daughter to wrap everything!!! She likes it!

While in the Dollar store, the cashier,( an older woman, grey short hair, I’d say late fifties, but she really looks even older than that  with jeans from the nineties, white Velcro runners, and dowdy sweatshirt) says to Bryan, (after they both  popped  their heads out the door to speak to me too many times,) “You should have bought this stuff a month ago! “

“ Excuse me….she said WHAT? Are you kidding me. This woman who has no one in the store, is lecturing the one sale she might have about when to buy gift wrap….Bryan responded,” You don’t even know, it’s been hectic lately.” Which really is an understatement.

If she only knew we have a huge Rubbermaid box full of wrapping paper and bags, and cards. None of which will fit these huge gifts….silly woman! She’s just lucky she didn’t say it to my daughter….oh my…..I wouldn’t have wanted to be there after Pepper had a go at her for being rude!  Pepper is ALL about giving and getting exemplary customer service!

How about you? What did you do the last time a store clerk was rude to you?


MissKoolAid said...

When I get a rude/bitchy store clerk, I say as little as possible and at the end, with a big smile, I tell them to have a nice day. They're usually surprised by that.

Love the painting.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful painting and very nice blog!
Kisses from Croatia.
Zondra Art

Lucy said...

well it just happened at the groomer..
not only was she rude but she RAISED the prices without telling me ahead of time and would only take ONE coupon for TWO dogs.. when the last time I went they took both! I phoned the owner the next day and explained the whole thing. So he is giving me a refund and he gave me an apology.

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