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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Sunday Scribblings and the painted umbrella

"Raining  Cats and Dogs"  umbrella made in memory of Ethan Brearley for "The Center for child Development"

Sunday Scribblings prompt this week is "Friction".

Friction plagued my twenties as a young woman asserting her power. Men found me interesting but intimidating. Enlightening their wives about credit ratings, pensions, or job security was frowned upon. So many occasions I came up against the patriarch. Certain men would refuse to speak to me about business until I set them straight. My wit, passion and tenacity always prevailed. Many times there was discord, with me  winning my power. I never backed away from what I believed in!

Yesterday I thought those twenty something conflicts were wasted energy. Then last night while my daughter was talking I realized it was a stepping stone to building strength, so I could endure death, divorce, illness and being a single parent. My daughter is flexing her wings right now! Just like I did, she’s setting up a personal constitution, interrelated with her beliefs and experiences! Taking on the patriarch in areas that need enlightening.

The other day she was appalled to hear a grandfather complaining how his former daughter in law didn’t send enough diapers along for the whole weekend of his sons visitation! Informing him his son should buy his own diapers during visitation. Grandpa rebuked that he already pays child support. Which was so little it threw my daughter into a tailspin. Needless to say there was A LOT of friction. Another male nearby verbally supported her disdain. Grandpa, who really enjoys my daughter later worried that she was annoyed with him. The third party said “I think you got on her nerves, but I’m sure she’s fine!” Meanwhile daughter figures grandpa needs to step up to the plate as well! After all it’s grandchild too!

Although I’m proud to watch her turn into a butterfly her mothers daughter  it’s hard when she exerts her power on me! I no longer desire to add friction to my life, or personally fight for the rights of others, or verbally assert my personal opinions with verve, or live in emotional upheaval. I much prefer to  paint out my feelings, penning them, or venting through poetry to those who dare to read! At this time in my life I'm more about telling stories of experiences so you can take from it what you will! Don’t get me wrong though, the fight is still there if need be, I just fancy a different road now! A peaceful one!


Sandee said...

Love the umbrella. Very colorful.

You just need to tell your daughter how you feel now and what you want. I'm thinking she'll go along with your wishes.

Have a terrific day. :)

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Its funny I was thinking today about how easily I always put myself on the line for others fighting strongly against the wrongs of others and now I think much longer before I step up to the plate. Its not that I no longer care but it is a much different world these days.

Jeni said...

Love the umbrella!!

gs batty said...

I guess all families have friction. You asked if my two colts ruined my night...no..I just walk away and find another conversation. I totally agree with your daughter (and I'm the old goat grandpa).
We have had the same situation and chose to stock up on baby supplies and just enjoyed the baby.

Reflections said...

It took me years to realize that selecting my battles and saving my energies for those was a much wiser idea. Youth, marking ourselves aligned with beliefs... wonderful experiences tho.

faith said...

You are wise to pick your battles! It's really sad how torn apart our families are now and all the silly things we fight about.

Janet said...

In my younger days I was always out there at the forefront. Today I much prefer peace and quiet but when I have to I'll still stand up for my beliefs.

Love, love, love the umbrella!!!!

jaerose said...

Maybe friction and fight changes as we age into being assertive..lovely piece though eloquently put (and that umbrella is so desirable) thanks for your visit..Jae :)

b said...

This is well said...nothing need be added. And I like your daughter already! She has a good head on her shoulders.


Thank you for the comment on Popeye and Me. I appreciate it more that you could know.


Anonymous said...

I liked reading this . Thankful almost that i get to read this !! This was inspiring :)

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Would you mind sharing what paint you use to make this waterproof? I'd love to make one for my Godson.

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