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Thursday, August 26, 2010

A quickie

The spirit moves me to create something, so I sit at the paint program and draw a line. Which quickly turned into this. I have a friend coming for the week and I should be cleaning, but of course I'd rather be doing art! So this woman appears, could be me, void a whole lot of blubber. First thing that comes to mind, is how exercising is for the birds! Especially when you have a bum knee, and crappy hips. But of course that's not politically correct, then I think what would Jillian  (Biggest Loser) say!
And I revise it.....

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sunday scribblings "Danger"

Sunday Scribblings is late this week, but " Dangerous " is the prompt! 

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I whispered "Stranger danger” or “Weirdo Alert” in my daughters ear when she was a child. Warning her to pay immediate attention to her surroundings, and me! An obedient child she’d usually heed my warnings. Until this one time when  grocery shopping in an less than stellar area. I was  pushing the groceries out to the parking lot when she darted off  towards the car just as  I spotted two large unkempt men in plaid flannel shirts, (the Surrey uniform for bad boy) heading towards her. The opportunity to whisper “stranger danger” had vanished, I panicked, screaming “ GET OVER HERE NOW” as I picked up my pace. What would I do, a lone women, if two men grabbed my child? And me for that matter? I knew I was pretty defenceless. I explained how scared I was how the consequences could have been dire. Thankfully she is now a young woman with amazing spidie senses (intuition). I still use the phrase “ Weirdo alert” and  so does she!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Seeing it, Being it!

Garden of gratitude
Digital by Happytiler 

Seeing it
A giggle, a smile
A coy bit of guile
Intimate moments
Generosity and style
Authentic uniqueness
Personality and
Quiet little coos
A goofy little noise
Holding your shoulders
Straight to the world
Confidence and charisma
Clean shiny hair
Empathic heart
Passionate flare
Character of
A true Beauty!

Being it
Passion  deeper than the wells of hate in war
Emotions limitless, irrepressible, unexplored,
Opening the gates of curiosity,
Composing ideas into visions of fantasy,
Spirituality, humor and reality
Releasing form into words,  
strokes of  a  brush, pen,
and computer mouse
Filling  up voids of past loneliness,
Fighting for justice
The artist unveils

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday Ladies
After all you're  more well rounded now, and you finally got those biggins
you'd been wishing for when you were young!!

My attempt at a bit of Birthday humour!
Happy Birthday Lucy and Dream Goddess two amazing women born on the same day! How lucky am I  to share in their life?? Great strong, caring, kind, generous, thoughtful, humorous women who know  just how to be the perfect  friend! I can't even begin to tell you how incredible these women are and what they have brought to my life! I can tell you my daughter adores them both too! So do many others!
So ladies have a wonderful Birthday, find a bit of time to do at least one thing special! Celebrate your day, and all the wonderful elements of your life! Enjoy, you're soooo worth the time! Eat, drink and be Merry!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Songs inherited, and ones to pass on

Keith challenged me to find two pieces of music: the first is a recording which has been part of my life for as long as I can remember, and the second, a track which I would like to pass on to future generations.

I cry when they sing in church, I cry when Bryan writes a good song, or when I hear a new hit song!  There are there are three things I am passionate about, childrens rights, animals rights and music! I often let the stereo blare in my car when I'm alone, so I can feel it in my bones.

The song I inherited from my father rings clear in my memory. Each intonation, each vibrato, each note,  held for more counts that I can hold my breath , still plays in my head as though it were yesterday! Dads own arrangement, sung often throughout my childhood sits on a reel to reel somewhere waiting to one day be extracted. A melodic voice I could listen to for hours. My father was a man who should have sung for his supper, instead he died with only close friends and relatives knowing of his gift! His version of Donkey Serenade was much better than this old you tube capture!

I don't follow rules well, and It was difficult to choose between that one, and Mona Lisa which I know will continue on down the line. My father sang it every morning of my mothers pregnancy, it was only when she threatened to name me Mona Lisa, that he stopped singing it. Thankfully he continued to sing that one after she named me! Although she dropped the Mona, she changed the spelling, and gave me Leesa as a middle name! My daughter will have this song to pass on, with a more modern Version sung by “Me First and the Gimme Gimmes” Which I also enjoy!

Unfortunately there are a few bad tapes hanging around the house of me singing, Always on my mind, and " The Rose". Dear daughter will one day listen to them with a chuckle, with  a feeling of comfort just to hear my voice.

But my favourite song, the tune I played quite a few times the moment I heard of my fathers passing, was John Lennon’s “ Imagine” which I still play today with some regularity! I would also like Pepper to cherish the words of Canadian artist Ron Sexsmiths song “ God loves everyone.!” and the other Canadian Artist who I have adored since I was fifteen, Neil Youngs who in his later years wrote“ When god made me.” I love such an eclectic array of music, asking me to pick one is almost sacrilege, because there are so many I love and know will be passed on with fondness, my daughter, and son in law, who love music even more than I do! If that’s even possible!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

pink angels

This is another digital along the same lines

Unfortunately my attempt at an acrylic version  is very disappointing....I'll work on it a bit more, then put it to bed....meaning gesso over it!! Oh well ..maybe I don't have the right brushes, ho hum, sadly I think it the  skill I'm lacking.....

When I use a digital program I am more detached, not worried about being  precise, knowing I can easily erase with the mouse. I haven't mastered my new computer paint program either, however when I paint in acrylics I scrutinize it way too much looking for perfection. There a very few I like, and less that I love!! So why do I paint, I ask myself?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Scribble of an idea!

So many things in my life are half done right now, so  I paused to appease my craving for color taking a few minutes to scribble this digital piece. I did literally scribbled it, as I experimented with the possiblility of eventually doing a large acrylic! We'll see. My creative  mind is a jumble of projects  begging to be done. I need large blocks of energy, and  uninterupted time to prep, plan and complete. The painting muse only appears  on occasion, the angst she brings beckons attention! We'll see where this goes!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Vancouver Gay Pride 2010

                          All photos accredited to Gypsy Goddess and her daughter

My friend Gypsy goddess with  her daughter and friends participated on a float during gay pride on Sunday in Vancouver! It was a last minute endeavor, she managed to find an outfit in ten minutes, grab her hubby and run out the door!   I asked gypsy goddess to share her experience, this is what she said........

We had such a great time. We danced the whole time!!! If I ever started to walk I had to dance again because it felt so much more natural. It was, in one word, fabulous. We laughed and sang and danced our way through the streets like little sprites. The energy was amazing. The crowds were fun and interested in everyone. There were many people of varied lifestyles who were proud of who they were and glad to feel the acceptance from the rather raucous crowd. It was a day to show true colours. It is almost unexplainable, but it was like a cloud of love swirled around us and protected us and bonded us with the whole city. It wasn't just for the gay community. It was people just being people, and for a day we all just loved each other and any differences just sort of vanished and we became one glowing energy.

You've gotta come out next year!!

Thanks so much for the photos, and the blurb! The production of Lion King could also be summed up with a similar type of high! I guess a good time was had by all! Maybe next year!
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