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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sunday Scribblings "No Fix"

Sunday Scribblings this week is "Safe"
Although the word is void, that need to feel safe is present.
No Fix

To Witness the upheaval of yesterday
Tomorrow and days to come
Is difficult to endure
Her dad is leaving the country
Moving out of daily phone call
Technically crippled,
void of typing skills
Emails will be sparse
Communication rare
Abandonment feelings rampant
As he moves in and out of fatherhood
Emotionally detached
Unaware it’s affects
Her body deceives her
As she worries away the pounds
Having lost at least two sizes
Stomach pain is constant
Acid reflux refusing to abstain
She fears the ramifications of
Food and drink
Life is scary for her
The insurance policy of a parent
Only two cities away
Is expiring
Each phone call
is a predictable surprise
No words can comfort her

No one can fix her angst
Nor buy or manifest
An amiable solution
The move is getting closer
Yesterday a sty appeared
Inside her eye
Just like he used to get
Frustrated her body continues
to betray her
Just as his love has


lk moonwood said...

Dear Giggles, This is POWERFUL! Gut wrenching, powerful poetry. Phew!

lk moonwood said...

p.s. I found that movie you recommended on netflix, Exit through the Gift Shop. I'll let you know when I watch it.

Janet said...

Wow! The words along with your painting are so powerful. It just cuts right through my heart so I can only imagine how Pepper is feeling. I think your words "as he moves in and out of fatherhood" really says a lot about many fathers. They like to be fathers when it's convenient for them or fun but when it gets tough they're not around.

Erin Butson said...

wow, very powerful. very moving. i love your work & words together.

jaerose said...

Such a jarring piece..I can feel her body becoming raw with loss..and he hasn't even 'gone' yet..wonderfully captured..Jae

Wendy said...

Wow. It's hard enough to be a parent, but this shows us that THAT job is made harder still by being the stand-alone parent. The reader doesn't know the circumstances, but the reader understands how painful this is. The reader understands that, even though this man is leaving, he's left behind a lot of hurt.

keiths ramblings said...

My goodness, this is amazing. Agonising, moving and amazing.

chrisd said...

So what you have shown me is that the seasonal relationship between you and your father is just as gripping as a childhood. Wow.

My folks live 2000 miles away from me so there's nothing I can do. This is so much worse, so much responsibility and worry.

You communicated it so well.


Jingle said...

artistic and fun post.

Jingle said...


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Your contribution to our community is highly valued!
Keep up the excellence!

Nita Jo said...

The loss of safety is so real in this piece. I love how you were able to express the loss, the sadness. It felt very personal.

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