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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Bras for A Cause 2011 " Mountains of Courage in Bloom"

"Mountains of Courage
in Bloom"

This Bustier is dedicated to my dear friend
Helen Cheng
 Done in Acrylics then varnished
The form of this bustier was not quite as nice as
the first one I did, making it slightly more difficult to paint !
Today I am donating this completed bustier to "Bras for A Cause" along with one hundred dollars. The  money my daughter has saved us on sundries through extreme couponing the  past four months  affords  me the opportunity to contribute to a worthy cause in honour of my friend. 
Two years ago right about the time I was donating my first bustier " Mountains of Courage" in honor of a mutual friend, Helen was diagnosed! January 4th was Helens second birthday since her diagnoses and treatments! I'm excited to say she looks healthy with a full head of  curly hair! Seems like all those   home perms are finally permanent! I'm pretty sure she's crossing her fingers that they are anyway!

Helen is such a terrific person always full of glee with an ability to recall minute details and dates like no other! We met twenty years ago when our daughters were in kindergarten! We've had so many laughs over the years  and lots of great chatter! I am so proud of my pal, her courage and tenacity to fight through such tough times always with a smile and  winning sense of humor! Love you Helen, you're one of a kind! Happy Birthday!!! Wishing you many more my friend! 


Janet said...

Your new bustier looks great. I love the hearts and roses theme. And it's all for such a worthy cause.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Looks great...and I'm glad your friend is doing well.

Dreamer said...

I looooove this one! I like it even better than the last one, it is stunning! It is reflective of Helen's beauty and strength and comic side ;)

artbrat said...

You did a wonderful job on this! I love the color combo and also the pretty design of roses and hearts. I'm sure your bra will generate money and awareness to help fund a cure. Congratulations on the $100 you were able to put to the cause. That is a terrific way to "find" money to do the little extras. This event is such a wonderful way to use your talent!

judie said...

Beautiful art! Your heart sure is in the right place!

Anonymous said...

I love it! You have such a great style!

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