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Monday, January 10, 2011

2011 so far

Well 2011 has been a bit of roller coaster ride of emotion. First my hot water tank died at midnight on 4th. With water gushing over the pan I had to call my plumbing  teacher friend at midnight, inquiring how to turn the water and gas off safely. His wife sweetly called in the morning to make sure we were still alive. The tank was thankfully replaced the next day by 6PM, almost seven hundred dollars later. So grateful to our dear friend for always coming through for us!

After spending almost a week trying to sort photos in some kind of organized semblance on a blog post, to find I need more photo storage. Even though its pennies to buy storage, it's the fear of losing five years of recorded poetry, art  and thoughts that's so upsetting.  Probably a needless worry. Do I buy storage and keep that going for years, or start a new blog?

This afternoon I was excited to know I won a lovely print at Tammys Studio . I love Tammy's blog, stop by and leave her a comment!  I feel there's a kindred spirit here, and love the beautiful girls she paints.

Late afternoon I called  to have the second of my five year free oil changes on my kia soul done only to find  I have to pay another eighty dollars to have tires rotated and something else done to keep up my warranty. On the fourth oil change I will need to pay 200 hundred bucks for more maintenance. NO ONE TOLD me this when I bought the car!!! I am NOT HAPPY! My trust of this company has diminished!  Still love my car, but not feeling the love with KIA....I've not finished with this issue. I'll keep you abreast of what happens! Sadly the two people I trusted at this company have left, darn it! 

I may have to change my word for 2011, after all the year usually defines the word. I just hope it's not FIGHT!!


artbrat said...

Sorry to hear you're experiencing frustrations with your house/car. Those things have a way of hitting us when we can least manage them.

Love the beautiful art you shared through Tammy. And congratulations on your win.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

oh by the way I love your new banner. Kia is good at trying to mooch more money out their customers.

Janet said...

Why do problems always come in clusters and always at the time we can least afford to deal with them??

Hang in there....and keep smiling! It will get better.

Forgetfulone said...

Does sounds like a roller coaster ride! I'm so behind on my blog reading. Love your new header!

judie said...

It's always something, isn't it? You are not alone girl. It happens here too. There is never enough $$ for all that needs to be done and for emergencies that never seem to end. But...all we can do is hang in there.

Can you put your photos and poetry on CD's? Or a flash drive? It would be time consuming, but once you got it all caught up, it's easy to keep up. Most of my stuff is on CD.

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