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Sunday, May 29, 2011

 Sunday Scribblings Prompt this week is " Flock"

It's my birthday weekend.  I can smell a scrumptious meal being prepared for me as I write this. I always reflect around this time of  year.

I’ve had a core group of friends, (we call the goddesses) for a quarter century now. Each of us very creative. When we first met though, none of us knew that! Twenty odd years ago my one friend divulged that she was a writer. As though it was a dirty little secret. With coaxing she timidly shared her unpublished book. Disinterested  hubby mocked her hobby, squashing her confidence. Privileged that she disclosed her  passion  I shared my zest for writing too!

A few years later we both joined a writers group.  I read her book in weekly segments to the kids at my daughters elementary school.  Those children are now adults, the book still isn't published! She's since written many more  unpublished books. Fairy goddesses also has a closet of unpublished fantasy books written. The creative process is always more fun than trying to market it. I wonder how many people die with a plethora of interesting  works unpublished?

The  florist in our group  loves ambiance, is artistic and skilled at making everything in her midst beautiful. A voracious reader with the ability to write she  holds her talent close  too!  All of my friends are very articulate woman, loving culture and  nature in one way or another. We bring a very unique mix to the dinner table, conversation is always interesting, humor is full bore, and we come away enhanced by each other!

The eldest at sixty has the funkiest youthful style of all of  us!  Managing to make items from the seventies  look new and modern in her home while dressing in the latest fashion. She'd do well documenting her hiking adventures as she has many! While the youngest of us, soon to be forty, could be a stand up comedian. An avid reader, she once drove a pink Art car that never went unnoticed.  Now she drives a BMW  and races sailboats with her guy! 

Oddly and totally unplanned we all drive black cars except for fairy goddess who drives a red one!   Who knew all those long years ago working tedious jobs at the same company that we would find such hidden creative treasures amongst such an eclectic flock!


Janet said...

What a great group of friends you have. You're very lucky to have found them and to have kept them in your life for 25 years. Here's to 25 more!

Kate said...

That is a lovely flock to be a part of!

Jess said...

I LOVE this! :)xx

michelle allen said...

super cute scribbles!!!

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