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Friday, April 13, 2012

What makes you happy?

Journal page done with water colors and sharpies!
My picasa account is maxed out and I have been wondering how the heck I am going to post photos without changing my blog! Thankfully Flickr is hosting right to blogger!  

So what makes you really happy? I love doing so many things but right now I am focused on keeping my blog alive! Gathering my art into something more constructive! I have a decent body of work that I could do something with! My brother has bugged me for a few years now, even volunteered to invest in me!! How's that for great support! My kids have been throwing food at me all day so I can work on reading and figuring out new boring  techie things! I must say the vegetarian pasta was amazing. The fruit blended smoothy and the coffee were wonderful too!  Thanks guys!

I have no reason to procrastinate! What will make me happy is to gather my art into
something useful, something that makes a difference to people lives! My friends daughter got a hold of one of my poems posted it on the  wall in her living room and read it daily to get her though some of her hardest days! I was so touched when I heard that! I would love to do that for more young women! That kind of thing makes me happy! Helping others to get through the tough times! I've been doing it since I was a kid I guess now is the time to really try and make a difference with my words and art!

My neck is stiff from sitting way too long, but heck if I don't want just a little game of scrabble to top off my day!! Happy Saturday to you!!! I hope you do more of what makes you happy!!


Unknown said...

love this quote!!!! wonderful piece!!!

Janet said...

Good for you! Go for it! When you get all that techie stuff figured out would you share your knowledge?!! I took some time to do that and nothing happened! I still can't figure out most of it.

Ginny said...

I love this piece. We all should do what makes us happy and we shouldn't wait one minute longer to do it. I say go for your dream. The world is just waiting for what you have to offer!

Linda Jacobs said...

I like the idea that you want to share your art for a good cause. Maybe donate to hospitals, support groups, etc.? Just get it out there because it can certainly make a difference in people's lives. You are so lucky to have two talents like this! And I love Scrabble, too! Play it every day.

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