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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Eyes with lots of Color!

This  original acrylic was done in my 
sketch book for Lisa Wrights online ecourse,  
I had hoped taking her class would give me
 the kick start to more frequent posting!
So far I have been creatively inspired 
to create daily and post with more regularity!

The rest of these edits are done digitally!!
 When you visit my blog you can expect nothing 
more that a shot of color for the day!
I can only hope Color makes you as happy
as it does me!!
When I was young I worked mostly with men!
They used to call me Hawkeye !
 Between my great intuition and ability 
to read lips I rarely missed a thing!
So often the guys would try to play me and the only other
girl I worked with against each other!! Thankfully I nipped 
that in the bud, and the reward has been  a friendship 
lasting over thirty years now!!
 I only mention it because our birthdays are a week apart, 
and we still  hook up annually for lunch,
 shaking our heads at 
how quickly time has passed by!!
When we were young we would order three spanish coffees 
after our midnight shift, and just before last call!! 
Some of the less intelligent waitresses brought all six coffees
at once to our two person table. We'd laugh so hard 
we'd cry as the whip cream melted before our eyes 
onto our small table!!
Tomorrow at our luncheon we will reminisce about how 
we separately bought the same fancy shoes for a 
party and always seemed to blindly wear the same 
color when we went out!!
We'll talk about our families, our kids and our exes,  
how we use to play dr. Mario  or scrabble until the sun came up.
 Those were the good old days, before I even knew I could draw a line.
 The only hint an artist was hiding within was the  color I used 
  on my eyes  and the  huge colored bows I tied on the top of my head!
No one could have imagined on-line scrabble, 
the world of blogging, digital edits 
and an immensely  evolved Etch  A sketch 
done on a computer! 
  Now we both live very different lives, but boy am I glad I still have a friend that understands  what I mean when I say"  Good girls rarely make history!!


Kristin Dudish said...

I always love the fun color explosion that is waiting when I visit - Hooray!

Have fun at your luncheon tomorrow!


Piarom said...

what a great painting and everyone of its variation looks fabulous!

Jez said...

Love this. And I always love doing colour variations on photoshop of paintings I've done, it's quite surprising how it can change an image. Enjoyed the blog.

Jez said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I loved ny I-phone and the challenge of painting on the restricted size, but was persuaded by husband to get an I-Pad because he loved his so much. And now I wouldn't want to be without it. If/when you get one, do let me know, I'm longing to meet another Pad-painter. Still love your eyes.

Linda said...

I really enjoyed your post and getting to know your friend vicariously. Happy birthday, go paint the town red! I hope you two have hours and hours of fun and great conversation.

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