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Friday, June 29, 2012

Paint Party Friday 16/2, Good, bad and ugly

 I pulled this quote
"Beauty is whatever gives joy." 
Edna St.Vincent Millay
 off my side bar  as a starting point!

Coffee, home brewed with Starbucks 
beans from Costco!
Gives me great joy!
It has always been an indulgence,
even during the worst of times!!

Obviously Color  also fills me with joy too!!
Except I don't really like the two purple flowers
in this acrylic!! Help me out!
  Any suggestions to make it cohesive?
Burst of Summer
Cupcake, and her hubby Beardo give me more joy than one mother deserves!
I am truly blessed to have a creative, amazing, kind son in law 
who treats me like gold and a daughter who's a best friend!

 This compilation is two photos spliced together  
on Microsoft paint program! 
 Have you ever seen a guy with a beard like that who jogs?
Yeah, I haven't  either!!
 We had quite a chuckle about that this week!
Some beard hairs are now seven inches long. 
Cupcake keeps the ruler near by to
measures it at least once a week!! 
She loves her furry man!

It's kind of a trade off, instead of shaving
 he has to shampoo and condition his beard!

Do you like beards? 

Seems the men are more enamored
with them than the women! 
Notice how well he blends in
with my art!! 
We're cool like that!!
Inside Summer
Burst of Summer and Inside summer,
 are done on canvas boards.

 I really don't like the above  painting at all!! 
It drives me nuts everytime
I walk by it!
So I replaced it with this one!!
Which is "Inside Summer" framed!
Unfortunately the orange flowers
were cut out completely!!

This week I discovered
that  some paintings
look  UG-LY  when edited!!
THIS color edit makes me nauseous!!
It reminds me of those mismatched
crocheted quilts. The ones 
with wool from 
every era all blended together
with no rhyme or reason.
This one doesn't do anything for me either. 
But at least it's not as bad as the one above!
 This  is okay!!
Some of the colors mesh a bit better!
It's still strange for my eye!!

 This one I don't mind! Would I hang it?  Probably not!!
The color edits can be a comedy of errors....

I finished  a few cute animals, and a word bird this week,
but I'll wait to post them.
Don't want to put you on  sensory overload!!

Be sure to check out all the other
 fabulous artist at Paint Party Friday!!
Join in and play along too!!
Everyone who creates is welcome!
Have a great weekend!
Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian Friends!!


Christine said...

lovely flowers this week!

Netty said...

Loving your gorgeous vibrant flowers. Have you tried outlining the ones you don't like in the first one with black? Happy PPF, Annette x

bellefrogworks said...

I was also going to suggest outlining those purple flowers in black. Love color and energy of your florals!

Debbie said...

i love the pretty flowers!

Alicia said...

I absolutely adore the vibrant flowers! As far as the two purples, I think they're lovely as is, but possibly you might enjoy the painting more if you made one of them red or some other colour. Your family looks fun! I love bearded men myself ;) as hubby well knows....

JKW said...

You are so funny. . . what's a 'word bird'? Since birds are my fave, I cannot imagine. Love, Love, Love Beards. Not a pink lover, but that one looks best. Blessings, Janet PPF

Tracey FK said...

happy Canada Day to you and love all the picks... we have a furry man in our street and he is a joggy fiend... every day no matter what the weather... like the little glimpse into your world..xx

Mary C. Nasser said...

Love your gorgeous flower paintings!
What a wonderfully inspiring relationship you have with your daughter and son-in-law, too! :)
Happy PPF!!
Mixed-Media Map Art

Tammie Lee said...

how fun to see your loving family and the beard of the family too.
plus your flowery art is oh so fun.

lovely weekend to you~

Ayala Art said...

The only guy with a beard that jogs I have seen is Forrest Gump ;o)
Your flowers are fun, crazy and so cheerful! As for changing anything.... maybe some highlights in pink/ fuchsia? Happy PPF!

Auntie Dreamer said...

I think you should but a beard on one of the flowers!! lol Just kidding I actually like them just as they are :)

Sinderella's Studio said...

You are cracking me up!!! As always, love ALL the COLOR!!!!
cheers, dana

Ginny said...

I love all of the bright wonderful colors. It is so much fun to see the changes and try to decide which one I like best. Sometimes it is hard to know and other times I know instantly that is the picture for me. Your work always feels so joyful.

Rhonda said...

Happy Canada day. Loving all your photos and your post. Your work is fab! I agree with others, maybe some black outlines. Have a great weekend!

Geri said...

Lovely bold paintings. What a blessing to have a wonderful daughter and son-in-law! As far as beards, my husband recently started growing one (just a goatee) but I love it on him and it makes his life easier too!

Lisabella Russo said...

I think I very much like the two purple flowers. I feel they should stay in so I don't have any suggestions for how to change them, but I do think it's important for you to be happy with them, so I hope you'll do what you feel. Thanks for the abundance of vibrant art to look at!

Lindsay said...

Ohohh all those vibrant colors! :) Every one of them has something special. And I like the both paintings on your wall, it fits the interior. :)

NatashaMay said...

I love colorful flowers, too. :) And no, I don't like facial hair on my man, I keep telling him to shave every time they get too long. :)

PiaRom said...

Love the "burst of summer" as it is...these two flowers looks different maybe because of their shadings? Happy PPF :)

carol l mckenna said...

Gorgeous vibrant colors ~ filled with wonderful energy ~ glad you are dearly loved by daughter and son-in-law ~ thanks,^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

Carol said...

Love your bright flowers!! Even the purple ones!

An'Angelia Thompson said...

"Giggles" is a perfect name for you - that's what I was doing as I read through this post. :o) I love your bright cheery flowers AND your son's beard! (I have a facial hair fetish - except for the crap trying to grown on MY face!) Anyway - have a wonderful week. Hugs!

kat said...

Hello, good to make it here again. I think your flowers could maybe do with a little splash of white here and there if you want. They are big and full of color, bold bright flowers, little specks of white could maybe make that color even more striking. Still I like them, and I love your turtles below, always such fun pieces, great!

Nora MacPhail said...

These flowers rock! Very groovy but modern. Wonderful.

Viola said...

I think the flowers are beautiful, I'm not good in making flowers and have only made a few..

A great couple, your daughter and son in law :)

Have a lovely day! :)

Caitlyn (ladyphlogiston) said...

I'm not thrilled with beards, but given the rate Hero's stubble would grow I prefer him bearded. The only problem is that when he does shave his neck he uses cheap shaving cream unless I am watchful to replace the can, and then he smells very ucky. So I get him a new can and all is well.

Anyway, beautiful colors!

Linda said...

Hummm, I like all your color edits. I think they came out great. I even liked the painting you replaced. The black frame really made it stand out.

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