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Monday, June 25, 2012

More Sometimes

I had so much fun  gathering thoughts of things that happen sometimes
last Monday! I thought it would be fun to continue this Monday. 
The compilation of  things that happen sometimes are made up of thoughts, 
things I've read, and conversations I've had during my week.  
Gomez the tortoise in all his color glory, although not my best work,
 is here to break the visual monotony of  my thoughts!  
Play along if you like!Tell me so in the comments!
 What do you think sometimes?

Sometimes you can know a person intimately
 for a few decades still not know their deepest darkest secrets! 

 Sometimes you can envy someone,
 to  find out their life is actually  a mess!
Sometimes you know things you truly wish you never knew!

Sometimes you avoid conversations knowing
 it could cause a huge drama!!
Sometimes all you can do to get through tough
 times is truly have faith better days are ahead!

 Sometimes things aren't as you expected, 
however they turn out better in the end 
than you ever thought possible!
Sometimes we think we know a person, 
 it turns out we never really did!

 Sometimes people are so petty you have to let your
 mind wander so you don't absorb the bad energy!!
Sometimes you don't call a person for a long time, 
and you don't really know why. You just have nothing to say!

  Sometimes you chase money hoping to find 
happiness only to find it was actually a dead end!

Sometimes people have old faces, but they are emotionally
 immature and act like children when things don't go their way!!

Sometimes you just want to play and
 forget about all the duties life puts forth!

How about you....finish this sentence.....Sometimes?


Laurie Miller said...

Oh my! Did you write this post just for me? Seriously - almost every "sometimes" in this post seems to be exactly what I am going through right now. So here is mine . . ."sometimes you just have to let go." and "Sometimes - you have to let the worry over calories go and indulge in that piece of cake (or the ice cream or the chocolate)" and "sometimes-you just have to turn up the music and SING really loud!" I like this game ;)

Jez said...

Love Gomez. I like his orange version best, he looks so bright and happy. Sometimes we look back at life and realisecwe've made more good decisions than bad.

missy k said...

Sometimes.... it's good to stand still, take a deep breath, appreciate how much beauty and pleasure there is in simple everyday things

I love Gomez!

I found myself nodding my head in agreement to your list of sometimes!


Carolyn Dube said...

The turtle with the "sometimes" is perfect! I saw a moss covered turtle yesterday and I can almost hear that turtle saying these "sometimes"!

An'Angelia Thompson said...

Hey, Giggles! What a fun, colorful blog you have here :o) I just happened to notice your avatar over @ Laurie Miller Designs & thought I'd come and visit. Glad I did.

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