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Sunday, December 23, 2012

My Christmas our way Paint Party Friday

Yesterday my son in law turned Ten thousand days old!!
 The world did not end! So we got him and ice cream cake to celebrate!!!
 I tried to edit the colors but the colored swirls literally looked like poop....
Hope that dispels your craving for an ice-cream cake!
Thoughts whirl in my brain this season.
The worlds is a frenetic sad place
I can barely keep up.

Christmas has changed.
The poor struggle to give to the rich
Divorce has obliterated seasonal routine.
Still you
 Juggle dates to suit all!
Give money and gift cards
to those with everything

Days off are banked for later
when it doesn't really matter
People are over tired
or sick,  Still you
 Bake, clean
drop off gifts to 
 food banks
  women's shelters
 while news reports
spew carnage 
of women and children
making it  difficult to

 and concentrate on
preparing  the promised dessert
for the pseudo Christmas dinner
created for
children of divorce.

So you
Kick back sip a cocktail
and reflect
on what was
what is
what will be

Take a deep breath
 Continue on,

those who have less
 to have more  
For violence to
the true
spirit of Christmas
to regenerate!!
Wishing those who celebrate Christmas
a Merry one filled with happiness!
To all others a joyous season filled
with everyone and everything you love!

These are my loved ones  
My Nephew, brother, and niece

Beardo and Cupcake

Cupcake and I celebrating Christmas 
at My brothers
My sweet sister in law who  is such a fun person!
Every year we promise to see each other more
yet life gets in the way!!

Fifty one year old handsome,
Mr. Domestic puts on the Ritz for his family!
Christmas although it's not been on the actual
day for well over ten years now is his favorite
day of the year! 

He does everything in his
power to recreate Christmases from our childhood
right down to Nat King Cole singing 
the Christmas song as his son walks down 
the stairs on the designated day!

Christmas may not be celebrated on the 25th
but one can never take for granted a special 
family gathering, because you just never know
 how many you have left!!

Today I feel  so blessed and full of gratitude!!

Please visit paint party friday to
celebrate the artists I adore!!


Susan said...

Love your "best foot" and your awesome post! Enjoy the warmth of the season!

Jez said...

I shudder to think how many days I've been alive - but anyway, Christmas is still special, and very precious to spend time with my family. A very precious Christmas this year, who knows what 2013 will bring.

Love your Best Foot Forward boots, and your post - and the photographs. So good to see photos of you - you are beautiful inside and out.

Have a good Christmas. JezXXX

JKW said...

Love the story with pictures. . . it brings me thoughts of your wishes for Peace, Love, Joy and harmony. Merry Christmas and Many Blessings, Janet PPF

Faye said...

Giggles, I love your blog for your candid posts, truthful and honest and real. Of course your painting is nice and the different color changes really are pretty. Love the pic of you and cupcake, as you both are stunning beauties. Jealousy here! LOL! How did you get on to figuring out the 10,000th day of someone's life. It has never occurred to me to count the days. Did you remember to consider the leap years' extra days? Fascinating. I'll have to figure out how many day's I've had, over 29,000, for sure. Put that way, it makes me feel gratefulness for being allowed to have this many days. Merry Christmas. I hope the rest of the year is happy for you.

Janet said...

I'm popping by to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas! Sorry I haven't been around much recently but after the holidays I'll be back.

Jeni said...

Love this! Happy New Year.

Carol said...

Love your Boots!!! So glad to see pictures of you also!!!Great family shots and special memories. Thanks so much for sharing. Our Christmas gatherings have been spread throughout the whole month and into January this year.

Tracey Fletcher King said...

Love the cake and seeing all the christmas photos... it is a funny old time of the year but we have such fun the three of us that all the other stuff that goes with it always melts away... and now we get lazy summer afternoons in the pool and nights of playing cards and doing jigsaws... it is a great time of year for lots of laughs in our place... glad yours was great and Christmas is when you get together with those you love not an arbitrary date I think... great post with lots of timely reminders...xx

Lynn Cohen said...

Life changes ...doors close ...some slam shut ...pain ensues ... Other doors open ...sun shines anotherr day.. Time really does heal all wounds ...getting old lets you see that ...putting that foot f or ward is the only way to go! Glad your shoes take you there...wishing you a really GOOD new year!

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