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Friday, November 15, 2013

The Joy of Color Paint Party Friday

 A digital Color edit from an acrylic in progress
I've been working on intuitive painting  in attempt to find my own  true style.
An experiment in playing with colors and layers for Art Everyday Month. 
 Also working on things I can't show yet. 
So this is my contribution for Paint Party Friday!
I would love to take one of those Flora Bowley classes but
 it's not in my budget. So I'll wing it until I get where I want!

Original acrylic wip Fouth Layer
A long while back a friend posted a question on  facebook, "what gives you the greatest joy? I answered with the basics, "kid, friends, art and music"
...but really it's so much more! My home is a wonderful source of joy for me.
 Something about color that feeds my soul and I don't know why! 
Sometimes when I click  on my blog or other colorful blogs 
I feel elated by the color, and it makes my heart swell with so much joy!! 

  People often tell me my  living room is so "Happy" a word 
that gives me immense pleasure! Read ahead
 the draft that has long awaited being posted!

I'm working in Layers this was the first !

 Digital change of the above acrylic

Living in a home full of whimsy it's easy to forget how it could appear to the  outside world. When rooms in my home were painted many shades of purple, friends,  even repairmen would always stop in the foyer to compliment the colors. It surprised them and me. Their sense of quiet awe as they stopped to take it all in. People enjoyed the  coziness paired with hospitality in my then purple house.
Second Layer

It's so fun to change all the colors!!
Now that the living room and entrance hall are  gypsy pink. It's a little more difficult to absorb. Especially when the shade fluctuates with the light of day. So when Beardos coworker came to visit we were so  surprised  how animated his reaction of shock and awe was! His eyes danced around the room sparkling as he spouted words of love!

Third Layer
Not everyone can appreciate the whimsy we choose to live in! We love it, but it's not for everyone. However, it's nice when you meet others that can fit into your tribe and appreciate your brave unique style!
Fourth Layer
 Other than family and friends what brings you great joy?
 I enjoy the surprise of color edits! You never know how your creation
  will turn out. Some I love, others are a huge disappointment!

Not particularly fond of these!
 It's nice to be able to save these layers to use later for digital collages!
Or even to print out for mix media creations!

Soon all the layers will be painted over!
What they will be, is a mystery to me!!
Love this photo of Cupcake heading to work with a sneak peak of our foyer.


clare said...

love the bold design and fabulous colours.

kat said...

Oh I love all of your delicious colors and doodle fun here! I love so much in my day, the aroma of a loved ones cooking, the special light as the day unwinds, comfort of home, playful moments, quiet times, the sounds of a crackling fire, the sound of rain, all that my senses can delight in, and like you I love color. At this time of year I am delighted in the evening sky as it turns a deep shade of pink, creating is an expression of gratitude for all this wonder, a little input of mine into this beautiful universe!
Hugs and best wishes your way,
Kat xx

MeOfCourse said...

Love all your colors. Makes me happy. I'm baking cooking today and working on my pantry, plus I've got an art project I have to start. Your colors always give me inspiration. Thank you for that.

Christine said...

wonderful colourful work! I love cupcakes coat! I get joy out of beautiful things.

Lynn Cohen said...

Thanks for inviting us into your exciting colorful home! It definitely makes me want to see more, pretty please!!!???
I've always been impressed by people you were brave enough to slap bold colors on the walls of their homes. My son and DIL have done this in amazing reds, golds, and orange!! I live in White Walls so color is in the art on the walls! But you do both! And it's so effective. I see your daughter dressed in black and white in contrast! So she stands out too!!
Like your new colorful banner and abstract art as well!
Thanks for a bright good morning!

Tammie Dickerson said...

I think your painting by the front door is the definition of "happy"! Wonderful work, and so wonderful to share your love of color with the world! Happy PPF!

Netty said...

Am sure you already have your own style which is full of fun and colour. Love the photo of cupcake in the foyer and the silver chair in the background.
Happy PPF, Annette x


Valerie-Jael said...

Lots of fun designs and colours, and a great, fun post! Hugs, Valerie

Paper rainbow said...

One of my dearest friends went on a flora Bowley weekend workshop in the south of England a couple of years ago, she still talks about it and how fantastic it was. Your brave intuitive painting is bright and colourful, although I think you already have a strong style that is immediately recognisable.

Ilona Heimböckel said...

Your style is what you do with the wonderful colours and strong lines and the figures/outlines. I love what you do! :-)
What brings me joy apart from the things you mentioned is dancing and being out in nature feeling and seeing the beauty.
Happy PPF
and hugs from

SLScheibe said...

How wonderful! I really love big and bright colors and these are all just gorgeous! I think your bright pink walls are awesome too. You must have a fun and cool home :)

denthe said...

Love seeing your move to more intuitive paintings! So wonderful to see your own unique twist to it! That foyer is quite an eye-catcher, and that painting looks beautiful there. You know already that colour gives me great joy too. If I had my way, every room in the house would have a different colour. And what I especially love is to make the toilet a real colourful little room. In our last house we had it tiled for part of the wall, and I painted every tile a different colour. We loved it, and visitors did too .... ;-)

Irene Rafael said...

Your style and exuberant style are infectious. I am sure the colors in your home are as welcoming as your virtual home here. Lovely post today, Giggles.

Linda said...

gorgeous layers of colors!! I'm in the same boat as you-would love to take a Flora class, and lots of others but no can do so I'm especially grateful for the books and You Tube vids. Also, I think that by winging it on our own we do tend to create more of an idea/technique but in our own way. What brings me joy? Well, your blog for one. And color-yes LOTS of vibrant color!

Viola said...

Lovely and colorful! I love no 6 and 7, it looks as stones and cat tracks.. :)
I can see you are a beautiful lady! :)

Abigail Davidson said...

Love the layering of colors, looks very eye catching! Happy PPF!

Victoria said...

Gorgeous colors..such magical intensity shining through all of your art!I have enjoyed gazing at them all! yes color feeds the soul!
Yay Cupcake looks smashing..and your foyer is divine...so beautiful!
Hugs kindred

JoyCorcoran said...

Colorful people often have to subdue themselves in a beige sort of world. I'm glad you let your colors shine. It brings me joy to see the wonderful ways people use art and color and stories to tell their stories. Keep true to yourself and your tribe so the rest of us can continue to be awed and dazzled.

Jez said...

You don't need to find your style, Giggles, you already have a wonderful, individual style. Still, by experimenting and trying to grow artistically we never know where it will lead us, so perhaps you are just adding layers to your style as well as your paintings.
What gives me joy? Reading your posts, of course!

Sandy said...

Your colours just yell happyness.. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog..
Sandy :)

JKW said...

The doodles are fantabulous. I am not a fan of pink, my whole place was pink and I've hated it for years. Finally too my Europe monies and fixed up the house, tore out the pink carpet, put in laminate wood floors, repainted almost the whole house, one more room that is pink. . .but you certainly can guess why. . .when we spruce up our places, we 'usually always' move. . .Yellow Cottage here I come. . .<3
Blessings, Janet

Jane Blogs said...

Your home looks like such a colourful place to live, just like your blog!
I love visiting your 'place' here, your art always makes me smile :)

Pia Rom said...

You sweet girl ♥♥♥ you are so beautiful and your painting at the entry is so charming! You speak right out of my heart :) I can smile from ear to ear when see a gorgoeus colorcombination in nature or everywhere else...color means so much to me and now that I paint, my walls turn into a colorexplosion full of lovely lil girls, hehe ♥ Conny
Piaroms Art Journaling

Aga Gasiniak said...

Well done with your intuitive painting, so colourful and energetic. Thank you for sharing

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

You share such joy! I love your new painting, it's lots of fun!

Carola Bartz said...

Cool colors and designs - wow!
Oh I think I know what you mean about color, how it inspires you. Our home is full of color as well - when we bought it I spent many days painting the walls, and I love it. It's so fascinating to see the change in color with the different light during the day. My entryway is orange which almost everybody loves. In the evening when the little light is on it almost glows.

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I always feel happy when I look at your artwork, so I can just imagine your home. Blessings!

Forgetfulone said...

Wish you could come decorate for me! The colors are so HAPPY!

Nat S said...

love your libery of color usage

Ariel said...

I too find lots of joy in color, especially when it comes to art. Love your foyer for its bright and cheerful colors.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful designs Giggle!! Love it!! I love color and on my home too!

Have a wonderful and joyful day!

Ginny said...

I love to see all of your bright colors and designs. They always bring me joy!

Nature bring me joy. The leaves right now are beautiful and I have spent a lot of time the last few days just looking at them especially early in the morning as the sun begins to peek through.

I love your beautiful entrance hall. When we bought our house the living room was painted a similar color. I loved it and repainted the room the same color several times.

Kristin said...

Of course I LOVE the whimsey - and the pink! AND Cupcake couldn't be any cuter if she tried ;) Did I ever tell you that that was my grandmother's special name for me? I think of her whenever I hear your nickname :)
Thank you too for your sweet idea about blogging - that's a great idea! xoxo

Lorraine said...

intuitive painting is always the best as its what is inside us..love the colours that reflect a bright happy person

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Wonderful wonderful wonderful. I love your posts. It does not surprise me you walls are full of color. LOL
Happy day to you.

Kirstin McCulloch said...

I really like your intuitive painting this week. The layers + colours always amaze me. My Bean would love your entrance way! Their bed room has one wall that colour (the rest is a grey/ blue) and it is so vibrant and colourful.
Joy is in the morning on a solo walk, a cup of coffee in peace, unbroken time in the studio, kids in bed and asleep by 7.30pm!! For me its the really small things.

miz katie said...

You definitely have our own style going on. It's funny how it sneaks up on us. I never thought I had a style, either. People told me I did, but I didn't see it. The more you paint, the more it will come out. :)

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