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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Being Nice- Paint Party Friday

 Icad 53 Start Art Play

I am for the most part finished the required icads for this round!
However I have decided to continue on with them since I'm having 
so much fun.This week I'm posting out of order to match up 
with my subject matter!

Color edit on Icad 65
It's important to be nice no matter what! I have encountered nasty people in on-line scrabble games. Ones who were more than rude and quite creepy. Even though there is a screen between us it can feel a bit intimidating! Who knows what lurks behind the typing! Often my first reaction is to fight back with  contemptible humor. These days, not even that's safe!
Icad 62 Anti fights

I have dear friend who is  quiet and kind, her relative is severally
 mentally ill and extremely scary. You just never know what might set
the relative  off...it can be as much as a slight breeze and the whole
 family suffers! She'll rant on social media, write scathing letters to
 authorities, scream and threaten  family members in public with 
 no regard to witnesses or consequences! 
Icad 66 dedicated to head nutrition
In a past post I wrote how I was threatened by a fellow in a parking lot for absolutely no reason. My car was boxed in and it was terrifying. Days of throwing up a middle finger in protest are long gone. It's not safe. There are impaired people driving around. Ones  a few stitches short of a sweater!! Scary intimidating unpredictable people!  We work with them, we hear of them, we live with them, and we avoid them.  Still they live in our midst and we never know when they might blow!!
Icad 70 ride the bad weather
Being  nice is your best offense. An insurance you might be passed over and  left alone...as long as you aren't meek or condescending. Those attributes are a bulls-eye for trouble! Sincere kindness is your  best chance...even then you just never know what could occur! I'll admit I have always enjoyed being kind, but in the past my bluntness has been perceived as nasty. Plus I was not as tolerant of stupid, the way  others might be!!
Icad 53 Fly Right

I try not to be pulled into other peoples drama anymore!
 It took me years to figure that one out. It's such a huge waste 
energy. I have lost the fight to argue with nasty, mean unkind 
souls  unwilling to listen  anyway! 
 Spend your time on your own dreams. I was always the 
biggest supporter of the underdog. I wasted hours listening  to 
those who continued to make the same repeated poor choices
 expecting different results. If your life isn't working the way you 
want it to, try a new way, change it up! Try anything  
until you're pointed in the direction you want to be!
Icad 59 Marry Success!
As angry as you may feel it takes way more energy to fight a losing 
battle than it does to walk away!  Energy that could  be well spent making
 effective art  so people understand what you're trying to say!
Icad 68 remember your world impact
 It is so much easier to reap the rewards of kindness, than it
is to be drawn in with the meanies of the world!  I love
having nice people around me. They seem more content too!
Icad 65 Mission big dreams

Are you able to be nice even when it seems near
impossible, or do you tend to get pulled into the drama?

If a picture is worth a thousand words I think Tommy Kane
nailed it this week!! Check it out here!


GlorV1 said...

Love this post. Kind of something that I needed to read today. There's mean and evil people in this world and we need to stay away from them. I try to stay away and out of things that could affect me spiritually. Have a wonderful weekend. I many be off for a little while. See you soon, great job.

Valerie-Jael said...

Lovely art work, as always. I try to avoid trouble and arguments, but if I have to, I can hold my own! Happy PPF, Hugs, Valerie

Christine said...

Pretty colourful Icads! Being kind even helps with stress I find.

Marji said...

Always something to think about here :) I tend to be nice and sometimes to a fault. But, I do agree that being nice is the way to go. Lovely art this week.

sirkkis said...

Impressive colourful paintings. I love your sentiments, too.
Happy PPF!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Although I am very assertive, I am a positive person and try to find the positive side of everyone. I'm usually quite successful. However, I politely avoid negative people sometimes, because I find them emotionally draining, and know they can suck you into their drama if not careful. By the way, I love your owl and the fishes. Blessings, my friend!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Wonderful ICAD's -- kindness is always the best way!

kat said...

Great post, always such great art and words! I'm a positive one, seeing the good as much as possible and definitely try to let go of the drama when needed!

sheila 77 said...

Yes, negative people can be so draining and you can remember their words for too long. I like the idea of keeping out of other people's dramas and making art instead.
Icad 62 - she looks sad, I hope someone hasn't been mean to her - it's a very good portrait showing a real character.
Icad 53 - I just love this one, both birds, and especially the little earnest young purple bird, and the words are just right and to the point.
Icad 68 - another great portrait, and yes, we don't always know how much we can affect other people.
Of course I like your other Icads too, no wonder you want to keep making them, you are rocking with these.
Thanks for another well thought out blogpost, wonderfully illustrated.

Susan said...

I love visiting your vivid thoughtful blog. I get a "color fix" and a "brain nudge". Thanks and happy PPF

My name is Erika. said...

Great faces today! They are all very nice-ha-ha. Nope, I have been a high school teacher for over 30 years and being nice (not necessarily easy or able to be manipulated) has made the job so much easier. If you are nice to the kids, are strict enough to gain respect, they are nice back to you. Have a great weekend.

J C said...

This was an awesome post with really, really great advice. I too, am tired of "feeling" for the underdog and trying to help. And I avoid confrontation of any kind, keeping any negative opinions to myself. What good does it do to voice them...Freedom of Speech is lost thanks to the "uglies" of today's world. I did look at Tommy Kane's drawings. I have to say it is like a negative comment, and I see by the comments no one fell for it. It's good art, but it's bashing. Your art is beautiful, colorful, and happy and makes me smile. :)

Janet said...

I love your new banner! And this post is great. I've always tried to be nice to everyone, no matter what. But I will admit there are times when I just can't take any more "stupid" and I nicely let them know. It's a thin line between standing up for what you believe and letting someone rant.

prachee Vashistha said...

beautiful art as always

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

A very interesting post, and awesome art work. I'm a nice person, it often makes things a lot easier, especially at my work as a teacher. No need to get pulled in to the drama of somebody else. Happy Friday!

Love and hugs

Kate Robertson said...

Wonderful post. Love all your icads. I actually am on Instagram, I don't know why I never posted the cards there. I did it just in the Facebook group.


Wanda said...

You have said it so well, and it needs to be heard. We live in such a unpredictable world you never know what response you might get. I think your take on kindness is the best solution. It is hard to walk away from some situations, but also it's not good to live in the bondage of fear. "Perfect love casts out fear".

On to your artwork.... How fun. I loved everyone of them. Your talent and personality sure shines through.


Julie Ann Lee said...

I so agree with what you say about negative people. I have always tried to be kind and to help others, but sometimes I've had friends who have really dragged me down into a kind of mire with them. No positivity, no amount of support has stopped them on self-destructive paths and sadly I've had to say goodbye to such people. Your art has such amazing life and energy! I love how you use colour and how what you create really embodies the kind of person I imagine you to be! xx

Deborah Wainwright said...

I have really enjoyed reading your post and looking at your art, which I think is great. You have an individual style which is unique, fun and full of colour. My kind of art :). Kindness is a curious quality, it can bring such comfort to others and pleasure to the giver. A win win situation. If we were all kinder to each other, we would be much happier. Hugs Debsxx

Suz said...

Love your thoughts. It is a scary world. I worked in mental health doing some art classes and they seem to be the sane ones.
I usually face everything with humor with some sarcasm thrown in. The internet is a different world though where people hide behind an avatar. I got my first dealings with weirdos right off the bat so I try to let it all just roll off me. You have to kind of form a tough hide when dealing with the internet.
You know I love your art. It is unique and I love the thoughts you put with it.

Gloria J Zucaro said...

I so agree! We often waste our precious time and energy on negative issues. And people we love do make wrong choices over and over! In the latest Cinderella movie her dying mother told her to Be Brave and Be Kind. Good advice! Have a wonderful week with your wonderful family!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and meaningful post. Love it and I LOVE your colorful Icads!!!

Have a wonderful day!

Lynn Richards said...

Sure do like all your cards, especially the little bird! I agree- kind words turn away wrath. When people are unkind, that's what they expect back and I think kindness makes them stop in their tracks.

Ginny said...

You always have so much wisdom to share and you are able to tell your story both with your art and your words. You have a true gift.

Being kind is a something that I have always tried to do. But now I realize that there are times that the kindest thing (and the smartest thing) I can do is to walk away. I love being with people who are committed to making real changes in their lives but I try very hard to not be pulled into someone else's drama. It doesn't help anyone.

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

I love your fish! So cute! I think you're very right that it's important to be careful out there, we don't know what other people are going through... www.lisarusso.com

Laney said...

Love seeing all your cards! The red bird is my favorite.

pauline said...

i loved this post, my friend. The art and the words. I am so with you on this one. i'll never understand those who air their dirty laundry on social media. Too many mentally ill people out there looking for ways to be heard & seen. You just have to look at a few of the comments on some videos on YouTube to see that we are not all ok in the head. ;) I'm blown away sometimes by the cruelty of some words... obviously, some people feel safer because they feel anonymous on-line, but I'm with you. On-line or not, if someone wants to find you, they will. I would never purposely irritate someone on-line. First of all, not worth the energy. And secondly, too dangerous. I have better things to do with my time. Like make art. And talk to you. :) Have a great Sunday, girl! xx

mandysea said...

I love each of these, the little fish, and the little owls... weeeeell, they are all lovely. I love also how you entwine these with words. I run a mile from drama, its too heavy to carry around. Being kind and polite and happy..... keeps the heart smiling. Have a wonderful week ahead!

Katie Jeanne said...

I'm not sure what icads are, but I've seen several artists posting about them. I really like yours. :) Fun, funky art!

Some people have a lot of negative energy, and they focus on it, sadly. :/

Beth Niquette said...

Your wonderful artwork, accompanied with such interesting narration, makes my day. Lovely--fabulous. I adore your style, my Friend.

leekrek said...

I love love the I cads great colors your right about
the nasty people out there I try to avoid them. Thanks for the nice comments back to me I really appreciate them

Deepa Gopal Sunil said...

Such a wonderful and inspiring post!
I so agree with you! I needed to read this post...am in my lows these days and your post has definitely touched me in some ways. :)
Thanks for sharing this.

Irene Rafael said...

Very wise, Giggles. I agree. Have a lovely week.

JKW said...

Scrabble on line?? FB on line is about as bad as it gets, but it is also a joy with my friends. Love your art. Blessings, Janet PPF

Marianne said...

Love your style - especially the fish and the owl :)

Kim Dellow said...

You always give us so much to think about it is always a pleasure to drop by for #ShowYourFace. I'm a drama avoider, the energy from dramas are definitely best spent channelling to more positive things! So glad you linked it up to Show Your Face, thank you and thank you for the shout out too. Kx

Indira said...

Good advice and lovely art. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Indira said...

Good advice and lovely art. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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