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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Misconstrued Paint Party Friday

Envy is a futile emotion, but many suffer with it! I can not stress
 enough the importance of being your own beautiful self. We ALL 
have amazing attributes to share with the world. As individuals
 there are so many incredible things about each of us, and 
we all have our own difficulties to bear along 
the way too! Some we prefer not to share!
Icad 64 perfectly equal
Even though we don't  always like to share the grimy bits of
our life, they really do shape who we are! We all have 
so many lessons to learn from our own  individual experiences!

The biggest injustice to who we are is to compare ourselves 
to others! To envy those with  better physical attributes, 
more human connections, more talent, wealth or skill!,
instead of appreciating our own unique attributes.
 Icad 58 Some believe better!
   It's so easy carry around misconceptions about others. Thinking they
are more, have more, are luckier. Our mind is a tricky animal.
 It can make false assumptions at every turn, misconstrue 
words, actions,  and conjure up hurt feelings!

 I  often have to remind myself not to jump to conclusions.  
Especially  because I have trust issues!

Icad 60 Mother, classic boss
I have passed the torch to Beardo and Cupcake when it comes to
niggley things that go wrong with our home! The last few summers
we've gone  through the same rigamarole with our town home
 maintenance people. Everything looks beautiful in the front,
 but the back often gets seriously neglected! Instead of waiting 
until summer is almost over to shoot an email to the
 management company, I did it early  this  season.
Icad 61 guide your time
The prickly bush that butts up against the perimeter of the 
house and the weeds often become  a summertime
 eyesore. I just don't get as riled up about it as Cupcake
 does since she sits out back more than I do!
Icad 54 Better direction
 An email can bring a swift resolve the following maintenance day. 
This time half the hedge was trimmed with the rest left tall and spindly. 
The weeds were completely  untouched!  Cupcake was livid.
None of us could believe they'd done such a poor job, 
 having brought this issue to their attention! 
Icad 55 Dating amazing colour
Understandably it's hot and many of the employees are young 
men probably not well supervised! Even though Cupcake sent 
me photos captioned, " Seriously, is this a joke?"
I forgot to  forward them back to the management company.
Icad 67 Look Happier
Five days later Cupcake decided to tackle a few of the weeds herself. 
While  in the yard she heard a strange sound! She hunted it down 
 only to discover  a huge wasp nest fused in our prickly hedge.
Icad  69 Laugh it's the ultimate fun!
   In that moment everything was clear! For the most 
part the anger about the trimmed hedge was unfounded.
I certainly wouldn't have expected anyone  to trim 
anywhere near that dangerous nest. Tuesday the wasps nest 
will be removed,hopefully no one is harmed in the meantime!
We  wasted a lot of energy being annoyed because 
we misconstrued their intention!! 

Whens the last time that you needlessly misconstrued something?
How did it affect you?


Valerie-Jael said...

Nice post! That wasp's nest sounds horrible, I had one on my balcony when I moved in, and was terrified! We all have our good points and weak ones, and being envious of others can be very destructive. Happy PPF, Valerie

The Convenient Vegan said...

this is when lack of communication comes into play - the whole thing could have been avoided if they'd just left a note explaining why they'd only cut half the hedge! No one seems to talk to anyone properly anymore - customer service is so poor these days with promised returned phone calls never happening which all goes to make folk even more angry than they originally were!!
I hope you get your garden sorted out. Ours is in a terrible state too but S does it himself and because we've had such a wet summer, it's all growing wild but never stays dry long enough to cut grass or put down weedkiller!! We haven't had a day warm enough to sit out in our garden all summer - the only downside to moving to the far north of Scotland it turns out!!

froebelsternchen said...

Wonderful ICADs! Great!

sheila 77 said...

Fascinating subject.
Yes, occasionally we think someone's lifestyle is wonderful and then discover that, really, it wasn't. Or someone does something, and we take it personally, and it's not about us at all, far from it.

Great variety of illustrations for your theme too. My favourites today -
Icad 60, the Mother - love her frock and her kind face, what a personality she has.
Icad 67 - Look Happier - hahahaha!
Icad 64 with the funny little bird who looks happy and confident.

Have a great weekend!

Clare Lloyd said...

Fab art. Hope you are soon rid of the wasps!

Sandy said...

Glad it was all understood in the end.. I love your ICAD's they are terrific. The bright colours and that owl is wonderful.
Happy PPF
Sandy :)

Ginny said...

Communication is truly the key. Without knowing someone or their reasons for doing what they do, it's easy to come to the wrong conclusions.

I'm glad that your problem will be solved and like you I hope that no one gets hurt. I'm glad that Cupcake discovered the nest without any injury to herself.

Have a wonderful week.

Sirkka said...

Thanks for this posting! Again colorful art and wise words! Happy PPF!

Unknown said...

I love your post, you words are so true! Communication is key, but who are we kidding it doesn't always happen! Then our thoughts can go out of control!
Your images are incredible, I love your color palette!
Good luck with the wasps!!

Suz said...

Hi, I sent you a message in Instagram, did you get it?

Faye said...

Nice post, Sherrie. I usually have trust issues, but fell for a scam in the last month due to the sweet sounding young man. He was to do crawl space work, took half my money, then a little more money and did a sloppy job that was far from finished. He quit answering my calls, emails, or texts. Sometimes when he did answer, he;d promise to be over that day and never showed. This is one time I misjudged but in a harmful way (to me). I am left with an unfinished job, out more than $2700, and poor workmanship on what was finished. Usually it goes the other way, I think bad of someone and find out I'm wrong.

Linda Kunsman said...

Great post Sherrie. Love all the vibrant art and words that accompany each piece too! My favorite is "Some believe better". Thank you for the reminder about not judging and jumping to conclusions which can turn out to be both wrong and wasted negative energy. Have a fab weekend!

Liz Waeltz said...

Beautiful work! Very interesting words too :)
Liz Waeltz Art

Paper rainbow said...

Communication problems are a problem. Especially when things go wrong. I have a long and frankly boring tale of workmen and garage doors. If people took time to talk wouldn't life be easy!!!!

Christine said...

it is so easy to misunderstand intentions, even with good friends! Nice art!

Christine said...

It is so easy to misconstrue intentions, even among good friends! Nice art!

sirkkis said...

Brilliant thoughts and your charicters are most interesting and wonderfully painted.
Happy weekend to you♥

Neesie said...

A brilliant post Giggles, such wise words of wisdom indeed.
We all seem to be too quick to jump to conclusions at times but I'm trying to learn not to.
Wonderful ICADs and fantastic vibrant colours. It really is a treat to visit your place. Wasps nest and all ;D
Happy PPF to you

Wanda said...

So enjoyed the fun and colors and interesting faces you shared, but most of all today I enjoyed your narrative and the insights you share. I especially liked this:

Our mind is a tricky animal.
It can make false assumptions at every turn, misconstrue
words, actions, and conjure up hurt feelings!

Thanks for a post of fun art;, and deep personal and good advice.

Unknown said...

I love the positivity of your blog post and it makes one think 😀 awesome art you know I'm a fan and follow you on IG - I love the vibrancy!

Robin said...

Great post! I love your paintings and the story. I have had problems when there is a lack of communication or "assumptions". Hopefully the wasps get taken care of and the back of your home will get some TLC! Really a great post! Happy, PPF

Carol said...

Great art again this week :) I feel your pain with the wasp and the lack of communication from the maintenance people. WHen I was ranting about "What good are wasp!!!" a few weeks ago a friend sent me this..." Speaking in very general terms, wasps do a lot of good, actually. The term "wasp" is used to describe thousands of species within the order Hymenoptera. These include: the parasitic wasps, like ichneumonids and braconids; hunting wasps, like mud daubers, digger wasps, and spiders wasps; and pollinators like the fig wasps. As a group, wasps provide extraordinarily important ecological services, including pollination, predation, and parasitism. Put simply, without wasps we would be overrun with insect pests, and we would have no Fig Newtons." She had copied it from educational site ... I found another nest yesterday in my herb garden and fighting myself not to get out the spray again. We'll see if I win that battle.

Laney said...

All of these cards are so much fun!

Fallingladies said...

All your words so very true! And love the Icads especially that owl.

My name is Erika. said...

Glad everyone escape the bees nest, but sometimes things coming over email are so inappropriate. It seems people are so afraid of being politically incorrect that they hide behind emails and Facebook posts. Its kind of sad, isn't it? But I LOVE your paintings again this week. They are so much fun! And always make me happy! Have a great week.

Tammie Lee said...

i have a thought that comes to me a lot: asumptions are rarely true. for me it covers a lot of space and offers freedom to consider anew. thank you for sharing your story and your wonderfully charming art.it someone does get stung, lavender oil immediately on bite really helps.

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

Gorgeous artwork, they are so beautiful. I'm glad to hear that Cupcake didn't get hurt and that you'll soon have the nest removed. Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie.

Love and hugs

Janet said...

Your gorgeous, colorful art makes everything better. I'm glad you discovered the wasp's nest before you or Cupcake or Beardo got hurt. Too bad the maintenance crew couldn't have taken the time to let you know about the nest when they discovered it. A few words would have made a big difference.

Karla B said...

Love your Icads my friend!

Suz said...

You know I love your art! I do my own maintenance but it is getting too much for me. I don't know what we will do. I can't find anyone to come out to the boondocks.

Blogoratti said...

Great post and lovely work indeed, wonderful effort. Greetings!

Lina Narcisi said...

Great post.... love art work!
Big hugs

Unknown said...

Misconstruing something comes with the territory when you are a teacher. Important information is always left out as it gets handed down from the higher ups as they simply can't be bothered with details.
So happy to see you continuing with your ICADS! They each are always so different from each other yet your style of using bright colors is always there. Thank you for stopping by this week.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I misconstrue something nearly every day! I have learnt though to reread/ ask for clarification before leaping to conclusions, but only because I have totally put my foot in in many many times.

Great ICADS! Your art always makes me smile!! xx

Marianne said...

LOVE your small whimsy caracters - as always :)
And thank you for a really good blogpost.

mandysea said...

If only they left a note... it would have helped. I cant understand the lack of communication.... hope you get your garden sorted out. Loving your art.... especially the little cat one... your little figures are amazing! (so is the colour!)

NatashaMay said...

I might have mentioned before but you need to put these blog posts in a book. So much insight every time. :)

JKW said...

Nobody ever know what anyone else is thinking and/or why they say/act the way they do. Everyone has a dirty filter when it comes to others. We only know our own circumstances and cannot really relay that onto someone else because they don't have our experiences. That's what I hear you saying. Good thoughts. The art is beautiful. Blessings, Janet PPF

Kim Dellow said...

Great share and so true, we often get worked up over half-facts and misconceptions, it is part of the human condition isn't it, we just can not help it. Thanks for joining in #ShareYourFace and for the shout out too. Kx

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