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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Focus Paint Party Friday

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I recently wrote a tribute post to my son in law Beardo,
it's long drawn out, repetitive, super mushy with piles 
of photos! If you're interested in reading more about
this special young man and wish him a Happy
Birthday go here!
Otherwise I will carry on with Paint party Friday

 I have recently been working on a 
  digital line and although they may not be 
for everyone I am enjoying creating
them more than anything I've done before!

The creativity flows and even the words are
born of the lines! It's fun and cathartic.
Creativity should always feel this good!

Click to enlarge and enjoy the humor!

We all have flaws but focusing on them just 
grows them into big ugly bits! Instead we
need to vigilantly focus on our good bits!
Concentrate on enhancing the wonderful 
things about ourselves and ignoring the flaws

Oh sure we can cover them up, or improve on
them. However to draw attention to them
is just plain silly! How often have we looked
at someone and thought wow they are beautiful
until they mention their nasty cankles, or 
a big old ugly toe. All of a sudden instead of 
looking at the whole beautiful picture we hone
in on the big ugly toe. The toe gets gnarlier
and uglier and soon we have forgotten how
beautiful the whole picture is.
Digital colour edit
I have noticed that with artists. They post a 
beautiful painting and then start picking it apart.
Until they mention it, I never really notice it!
I am having a full experience of that piece of 
art! Enjoying the lines, the colour, the movement
 texture and expression when all of a sudden I am now
focused on that one wonky eye, or unbalanced eyebrow
that I never noticed until they brought it to my attention!

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 Life is so much happier and more beautiful if we try not to
hone in on the ugly flaws and focus on what we love
or like! Oh sure we all complain to our friends about 
this and that in an intimate conversation. It's basically our
own purge to get new perspective from a trusted friend.
But if we spend ninety percent focusing on the good about
our bodies, our life, our children and our paintings
 then we can shed that load of negativity, guilt, and 
worry we carry around and move on to better things!
Digital Colour edit
 Trust me, it makes your life experience so much lighter
and it even draws new and beautiful things to you!
When you carry around bad energy in your pocket
it seems to weigh you down and choke out the positive!
 When you carry good thoughts in your heart 
and soul they multiply, feel lighter and 
leave space for good things to occur!
Digital colour edits
Surround yourself with those who lift you up, 
see your beauty despite your flaws, and understand
your wonderful loving  positive intentions!

Do you focus on your flaws, or maybe cover them up?


Valerie-Jael said...

Lovely work, wise words! Hugs, Valerie

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Gorgeous pieces !

Janet Briggs said...

You're so right...and I must confess to being one of those people when it comes to my art. I always point out the things I don't like about my own work. Mostly I do that because I want other artists to know that we all make "mistakes" and don't have "perfect" work but you've made me look at that thought in a new way. Thank you!!!

mandysea said...

I always enjoy reading your posts! And your words are a great reminder to find the beautiful. I know when something looks wrong to me - it just keeps sticking me in the eye ( but its usually in the moment for as long as that painting has importance until the next one comes along) then all is over and done - I move on! We are funny creatures. Your work is colourful and thought-provoking too. Happy PPF

sirkkis said...

Wonderful drawings and so great observations!

Ayala Art said...

Wonderfully said!

Nic McLean said...

wise words as always! I like your digital creations very much especially the wonderful little group of animal friends!
I guess I would be like you describe, pointing out the flaws in my art work before someone else does unless it is a piece I'm particularly happy with. But now I don't do it so much, I know I still have a long way to go but the joy of being freer and more impressionistic is that the art is my interpretation of a scene and not a replication - that way there are no flaws as it is entirely as I meant it to be (at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!)
As for my physical self - yes I do still get swept up in, if only I could tone my bingo wings I'd be happier but then I remember that at least I have two arms that work (mostly- the left is much better than it was!!)

Sandy said...

So many things going on around me at the moment. Thanks for reminding me to think about the positives.
Fabulous art journal pages so bright and happy with such wonderful words of wisdom.
Happy PPF
Sandy :)

Ginny said...

I one hundred percent agree with everything you said today. Life is difficult enough without looking for the flaws in our work or ourselves. I look for and focus on the positive in myself, my friends and my work. That does not mean I don't try to get better at things because I do but self-improvement is different than trying to be perfect which is impossible.

I am so glad you are enjoying what you do. I know I look forward to reading your posts each week.

Faye said...

Sherrie, this is such an uplifting post. I especially like what you said at the end "Surround yourself with those who lift you up, see your beauty despite your flaws, and understand your wonderful loving positive intentions!" I always enjoy seeing your very colorful illustrations.

SLScheibe said...

Wise words! I'm totally guilty of this and most of my art friends too.

I love your digital art! Funky and fun. I love to draw and paint digitally and do it all the time for work. Funnily enough, I ridiculously say "undo" in my head when I'm making traditional art. I wish there was that option, lol.

Christine said...

nice work on the digital front. I'm so with you on not seeing any flaws until pointed out!

Christine said...

Nice work on the digital front! I'm so with you on not seeing any flaws until pointed out!

rose of Walk in the Woods, LLC said...

Wonderful pieces ... and wisdom!

Anonymous said...

The first image of the sexy man, made me laugh. It's cute. Love all your colorful pieces!!
have a great day!

Carol said...

Another great post with such wise insight and love the art .... the animal ones are my favorite this week!! I try to stay positive as much as I can but I know I slip and fail at it frequently :(

Katherine Jeanne Wood said...

I think most artists look at their work with a critical eye. It used to drive me completely mad that I wasn't perfect (haha!!), but I came to a point where I had to either stop criticizing myself or stop painting. I ended up quitting painting.. for an afternoon. Then I got over myself, and got back to work. :)

Happy Birthday to your SIL!!

Rita said...

Sending positive energy to you and me both! I love the artwork and it's Picasso feel. Happy PPF!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I always enjoy the feeling of freedom in your expressive art and writings. I used to be such a perfectionist, that it was stifling. Blessings, my friend!

GlorV1 said...

Wise words and lots of energy in your work. You are right about staying with the positive and stepping aside at the negative. Right now those words did help. Thank you for that.

Wanda said...

Not only do your narrative bring thoughtful pondering, your art is always so on target and delightful.

Anna J said...

Your works look really fun! :) Thank you for sharing your art with us!!


Deborah Wainwright said...

Wonderful art as always.love your style hugs Debs xx

Julie Ann Lee said...

I always take a special word of wisdom away from your posts, and this week you have really spoken to me - thank you so much! I'm sure I'll be pondering your words all week! I love how you created using the digital line: the Picasso like look of it and the wonderful humour. You should write a book with illustrations! I think people would find it very inspiring! xx

Suz said...

I agree and at my age there are more flaws than not but I have decided it's better to live with them than the alternative. haha
I absolutely love your new series! They all make me smile.

Fuzzie Fingers said...

Great artwork and wise words too.

Dia said...

Great reminder, you are so right - until we point out a perceived 'flaw,' others aren't likely to notice (either in ourselves or our work!)
love the happy creatures!
Happy PPF

Studio Kaufmann said...

Love all of these they are so life affirming. I have gotten to the place where I try not really to criticize my body but somehow I automatically criticize other people's bodies it is a very hard habit to get out of and I don't quite know how I got into it but it does no one any favors .....happy PPF

Laney said...

I always enjoy seeing your art and reading your insights. Happy PPF!

Diane Baker-Williams said...

Your words are so true. I notice people who paint or draw extrodenary piece will nit pick it. Never understand why. Love your digital pieces, so colorful. I love most that you are haVing fun creating them.

June Walker said...

Wise words! I love the animals!

Ginger said...

I love all you have said here - so true that we tend to focus on our flaws and it is so distracting when flaws are pointed out. Focusing on the beautiful whole is key. And I completely agree that the people we surround ourself with makes all the difference. I enjoy your artwork - I'm glad to have found your site.

My name is Erika. said...

That man on the towel is a RIOT! Your art on your posts always make me smile!

sheila 77 said...

Yes! Never point out the flaws in something you've made, that's right. Sometimes bloggers apologise for a "bad photo" and you haven't noticed it was bad till they pointed it out.
Love your wise old (little) bird (I like your birds), and I echo Erika above, the man on the towel is something else, who would have thought of painting him!!!!!! - except you.
Your digital paintings are terrific, I've tried making them and it's not easy, it's a different type of skill.
Have a great week with people you love and who love you.

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

Your birds and fish are charming! I so agree that as artists we shouldn't point out the flaws we see in finished pieces, it's important for people to enjoy the works as they see them.

Susana Magenheimer said...

Love the positivity of your posts we all need the reminder :) cool digi's!

JKW said...

Love the art, but the words are on Target. Blessings, Janet PPF

Kim Dellow said...

Wonderful and so true. Yeah I'm good at dwelling on flaws but I try hard to see things more positively! Thanks for linking up to Show Your Face and for the shout out too! Kx

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