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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Altering Tradition and more!

Show Your Face Friday
digital colour edit!!
 This is what happens when you take a  smaller
digital flower and turn it into a pattern!!
As you can see I like to alter tradition just as I 
have with my pink flower! 

It's rare today to see people enjoying the traditional family
celebration! There is always some loss or worry in the mix!
Every year I like to remind people that they have options
to alter and change things to suit their emotional and physical
 needs despite the Normal Rockwell type celebrations we are fed
to believe is the best or perfect way!
 It's not taboo to buy yourself a much desired gift you 
know you won't receive! It's okay to shut yourself in with 
all your favorite junk food and watch a pile of charming 
 movies.It's okay to bow out of cooking the Christmas
dinner if you aren't  up to it! It's okay to change dinner
 dates to suit your children so they aren't torn between 
step parents and in-laws!
  While you are treating others to a 
 lovely time and beautiful things be sure to
remember to take care of yourself too!
  You are worth it!
Last week we had a little fright... Cupcake was in the kitchen
I  was creating when I smelled rotten eggs.... When I 
queried the queen of smells, "Cupcake" said she 
smelled nothing! Then reverted back to asking me if I was stinky!
In other words, as the saying goes  "Pigs smell their own smells 
first."I knew it wasn't me and told her to quickly turn off the gas
All of a sudden Beardo appeared like Scooby-Doo with a 
perplexed worried look, he too smelled the rotten 
eggs from inside a closet way  upstairs.
  I knew then it  couldn't possibly be me..however for a
 nano second I had my doubts! I was worried it might 
be a gas leak! My mind  wondered if I should
quickly change my paint shirt into some clothes 
in case we have to evacuate!! In other words...
where's my bra?
 My quick these days is a turtles pace!
So I was thinking of getting a head start....when
I looked over at Cupcake contently mixing Bath
Fart bombs! She was standing right over them and couldn't 
detect a thing.... We all started howling... they were 
the worst smelling things that's ever permeated this house!
 For a girl who makes the best beard balm, scented oils, and 
lip balm, her bath bombs where a complete fail!
She omitted the pigment which she figured was the 
culprit. Sure enough they turned out much better the 
second try! However the first batch needed to be
 disposed of. As bad as they were it was worth the
 hours of laughter  and teasing it evoked! 
I knew there was a reason I never liked bath bombs!! 
Avocado oil is our new favorite thing in this house! It's
 replaced our olive oil for cooking and everything else!
 The flavor is incredible! Normally a buttered popcorn
girl all the way.  My new favorite snack
is plain popcorn with avocado oil...  It's so amazing...
I will never use butter on popcorn again!
I was thinking of how some of the bests gifts you
get keep giving. When my friend encouraged me 
to do some art journaling and start a blog,  
she gave  me a gift for a lifetime! One I'm ever grateful for!
Do you have any friends who have potential and need 
your encouragement?

My first Christmas after divorce Cupcake got me two little 
fifty cent note books with Besse Pease Gutmann artwork 
on them for my purse. I cherished those little books so much!
They were priceless!
One Christmas my friend sent me one hundred dollars in 
an envelope! It was so needed at the time but
she didn't know that!..I was beyond
shocked and overwhelmed with gratitude!
I have since paid it forward!!
This is a long post and before I continue I'd love to wish 
you all a joyous season filled with love and laughter!
In lieu of cards this year I am donating the money I'd 
use for stamps to a young struggling single mom!

A video posted by @pepperpf on

This is a gift that has kept giving for almost thirty years now 
and I couldn't be more grateful! A happy child who
appreciates everything! One who gives constantly
 with all her heart! I am so blessed!! 
Thanks for being you honey!!
This is the gift that keeps on giving too! 
The other day he put a set of Christmas lights on my
computer to surprise me when I awoke!
  First they took this photo that not only
gave me a chuckle, but filled my heart with joy!
Thanks for bringing this wonderful guy home to stay forever!!
This is a card I created for my niece. She doesn't read my blog 
so I can share it. I was surprised how much I enjoyed
using a limited palette!

What is the best most memorable gift you
 ever received other than your Children?


Valerie-Jael said...

Lots of fun art and photos, and I loved the bath bomb story! Have a good week, happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

Kate Robertson said...

Great post full of art and words of wisdom. Loved the story of the fart bombs. You always entertain.Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday.


Christine said...

I really liked this post, starting with the great advice not to put pressure on ourselves to create that perfect Christmas that we think is expected. Your last question is a tough one, hmm. But I loved your flower patterns too.

sirkkis said...

LOVE your post! Thanks for a big smile:)
Happy PPF and Christmas time xx

Fuzzie Fingers said...

Such a great post. Love Beardo with the lights in his beard. Happy PPF and Seasons Greatings to you and your family.

Faye said...

Loved the post, Sherrie. The photo of Beardo with the lights got me tickled. The video of Cupcake in the snow was a nice addition. But what really grabbed me was the flower design you created by using multiples. Beautiful. Looks like fabric. And your story of the smelly concoction was so funny. I hope the fumes weren't noxious.

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I've always LOVED Christmas! and consider it the best time of the year. The time spent with family, the decorating, the wrapping presents, the food, and the special Church services are always so special to me. However, I do need to have some time alone with my artwork, or I won't make it through the holidays. My wife and both sides of the family are aware of this, so they don't take it personally. I'm also very blessed to have a family that gets along well, so we don't have the dysfunctions that can add stress to the season. Yes, we've had our disagreements, but we work through them and don't keep grudges. Anyway, have a blessed Christmas with Cupcake and Beardo, my dear friend!

Clare Lloyd said...

loving the colours. happy ppf

My name is Erika. said...

Love your pieces today! The poinsettia makes a wonderful pattern, no matter what color it is. And Beardo's lighted up beard-how cute! Yes, we all have choices, and it is still really sad how some people get to spend their holiday. My heart goes out to all the kids who have terrible Christmases and all the lonely people. I hope you enjoy your holiday!

June Walker said...

Bath bombs...bombshell! I hope you all have a lovely Christmas celebration. When I was about 7 years old...my best Christmas present was my red bike!!

Linda Kunsman said...

I love that not only is your art filled with joy but so is your giving heart! Loving all the festive pieces you have created. Oh, and Beardo's décor-priceless! I am SO glad to know there was no emergency due to the smell. But what is a bath bomb? Is it like what I would call a bath cube? To give your card/stamp money to someone in need is the kindest thing. Happy PPF and happy HO HO HO!

Helen Campbell said...

Love your thoughts! It's important to celebrate the holidays the way that works best for you and your family.
It's fun to see the different ways you color your creations. Love the bird and ornament in all variations.
Happy PPF!

Deepa Gopal Sunil said...

Lovely post (as usual)...love your stories. Fun and colourful art!
Enjoy your holidays and celebrations! :)

kat said...

Oh I love snow too! So cool and such a great post full of great art and stories shared, I can well imagine the laughs you had in your kitchen that smelly day!

denthe said...

oh Sherrie, that pattern is just gorgeous! I can see it as a beautiful fabric all in bright colours. Your story about the bad smell and the wondering about whether you should put on your bra made me laugh :-D I'm sure you'll be spending a wonderful Christmas together with your 2 favorite people in the world!

Carol Samsel said...

Love your post this week. The flower patterns are fantastic ! Best was the bath bomb story LOL! Beard in lights is great and Cupcake is always an inspiration. Merry Christmas!

Beth Niquette said...

Hello, my bright and happy Friend. I love your artwork--your post is just wonderful. Merry Christmas and thank you for your smile... :D

Diane Baker-Williams said...

The most memorable gift I got was a pink kitchen cupboard when I was about 5 or 6. I played with it and the play dishes for hours! I never heard of bath bombs before this and that story is just a hoot! I love the idea of donating the money to a single mom. Been there myself and have been on the receiving end of caring people. I know how much it means, especially when you have kids.

Mary Hysong said...

Love your art, good to pay things forward when you can. I wonder why everyone thinks of it mostly at Christmas.
Happy PPF

Julie Ann Lee said...

What a sweet and funny post! I loved the bath bombs story. I also love that you reminded us we can have our own unique Christmas if that is what makes us or the ones we love happy. I love your art this week too. I love the card you created for your niece. Have a wonderful time with your loved ones. It's been lovely getting to know you in 2015. xx

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

A very fun post. Thanks for the advice on hair too. Have a wonderful Christmas.

stefanie stark said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful reminder that we have options to alter and change things to suit our emotional and physical needs. I sometimes forget this and it was great to find this again on your blog. I also fell in love with your amazing blue poinsettia. It's fantastic! And your story about the fart bombs made me laugh so much :)

Paper rainbow said...

Beardo with the fairy lights did make me chuckle! I need to seek out some avocado oil! I don't think have ever seen it before, I do love avocados. Happy Christmas to you and all your family.

sheila 77 said...

Oh I loved to see Cupcake in "Real" Life. Funny thing, she didn't seem to have a Canadian accent, she could easily have been British. She has a really lovely voice. More videos from Cupcake please! Hello Cupcake!!!
Your little bird doesn't seem very happy even although he is carrying around "Joy". Maybe that's his happy face?
Love the patterns in different colours, I went back to choose a favourite but couldn't.
Yes, some people are good at choosing presents and some people just aren't. It's a good idea to buy one we like for ourselves, and don't some of us do just that when we are Christmas shopping.

Ginny said...

First, I want to thank you for your kind comments this week. Your comments along with the inspirational ride I took on Friday have gotten me out of my slump. What a great Christmas present you have given me.

I love the flower pattern you have created. It reminds me of the tree I had for many years that was covered in pink. I even found Santas to match my pink theme.

I hope that you and Cupcake and Beardo have a wonderful holiday season. I know it will be filled with laughter and love and who could ask for more.

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

Oh what a wonderful and joyous post! You are so inspiring. I love the little birdy and I hope you and your family have a joyous holiday season.

peggy gatto said...

Merry Christmas hugs!

Abigail Davidson said...

This is a lovely mix! Great use of the flower as a pattern and the bird with the Joy ornament is so cute! Merry Christmas!!

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