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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas Photos

Cupcakes has carried  a small camera in her purse, snapping photos almost daily, since she was thirteen years old. Every extra dime was spent getting pictures developed until the magic of digital photos came into being! She has burned through several point and shoot Cannons along the way, both non digital, and digital, but now mostly uses her LG phone! Sadly she has never had the glory of  owning a really high end camera! Although she would love one if it was dropped in her lap. Realistically she worries the size and weight might hinder usage when her phone is so readily available every moment!
Although their is a professional photographer in the family we have yet to see him ever snap a random photo during a family event! Unless they are setting up a photo shoot, which is rare, I'm sure the  expensive photography equipment collects dust! Much like my good camera did years ago when I was too cheap to get photos developed!!

I'm surprised with all the cell phones that more photos aren't taken in that immediate family of thirty odd people! One of the sisters just recently started taking a few photos last year. Other than that no one bothers except Cupcake who is sure to group the siblings, or their families for quick photos! They may not be professional quality but they have yet to realize they will one day be invaluable!
 Over the years my one friend recorded our goddess group events with photos. Always developing extras at her own expense to pass along to us! When digital cameras came into play  she seemed to take less photos for a bit! So then I recorded a few events but photography is not my forte! Not like it is for  Gypsy and Cupcake who have a deep passion for it! Writers write, artist create and photographers shoot photos whether they  have expensive equipment or not! A candid photo is better than no photo at all!

Today as Christmas approaches I see all the family photos popping up on facebook with much oohing and awing over the happy family photos and not one credit to the photographer, Cupcake,  who cared enough  to pose the family for these treasured shots!
 When my parents passed away we only had a couple of decent photos of them. Only one, not very tasteful one  as a family of four! It was the first thing I looked for and the only thing I wanted yet  there had been very few taken over the years!
 No one thinks twice about poaching their family photo from someones  facebook page. 
However have you ever thought of acknowledging the photographer for their time and effort? Make sure to take loads of photos and be sure to get someone to take the whole family at once too! For those are the things you will treasure most when you lose a loved one! They will be the photos your children treasure after divorce too! 
Christmas 1961

Wishing you all a Christmas filled with special moments! To those struggling my heart is with you! We all have challenging times and disappointments, but if we can capture a few simple moments of joy in the cracks of those dark times power to us we have won! And remember, TAKE LOTS OF PHOTOS!!  

Do you take lots of family photos? 


Clare Lloyd said...

Love your festive projects. Happy Christmas paint party

Valerie-Jael said...

Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your family, hugs, Valerie

Gillena Cox said...


much love...

Karla B said...

Merry Christmas my friend!

Linda Kunsman said...

Wonderful holiday art!! I'm not such a good photographer but I do like taking my camera along often to capture moments and people. Wishing you and your family the happiest Christmas!

Christine said...

Merry Christmas Giggles! I do take lots of family photos! Now my daughter loves taking photos of her friends and family too.

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

Gorgeous work Giggles! Happy PPF and warm holiday wishes!

Love and hugs

Toni said...

Love your pictures. Happy Christmas animals!

My daughter, husband and I are professional photographers and would never dream of showing up at any family function without our cameras. Family portraits are great but the best photos are always the candid shots of unexpected moments.

My husband also runs a camera store and point and shoot camera sales are down by 50% because of cell phone photography. Even with out cameras, we find ourselves pulling out our cell phones to catch something quickly.

I hope you're having a good Christmas day.

sheila 77 said...

Hello Giggles, a very interesting post about photos. We takes lots of holiday photos, but not so much of "ordinary", maybe that's an idea to take more. I wonder how many of our descendents will actually be interested in our old photos? The old photo printed albums are fascinating.
Your doggie paintings are fun, I do like the colour changes.
Happy Christmas Day Eve and Happy Boxing Day.

Anonymous said...

Your colorful paintings made me smile!

Happy Holidays!

pauline said...

Giggles!! I hope you had wonderful holidays! As i read this post, I thought about my own Christmas eve... every year, my niece & nephew (both young adults) come over with their partners for wine, food, love & laughter. This year, I happened to pull out one of mom's old photo boxes - because I knew mom had TONS of photos of Jesse & Melissa (my niece & nephew). We all looked at old photographs & laughed for hours. I filled them in on some of the photos, because they were too young to remember. At one point, my son said: "you guys are lucky that you have all these photos actually printed & in boxes to look at whenever you feel like it". They take tons of photos with their iphones, but because they have so many, i think they tend to just store them & look at them rarely. Yes, i totally agree Giggles. Photos are precious. Old & new. I treasure my photos more than anything. I know exactly which boxes (and CD's) to take out in case of fire. ;) HAPPY NEW YEAR, my friend! xx

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

Love your art work!
I have so much fun taking photos. It's true, a lot of family photos on Facebook!
I feel sorry for those who may be alone at Christmas. I had many sad, lonely ones between husbands! The kids would go to their dad's house. sigh.

denthe said...

Love your festive dogs :-) Well, I took my camera with me to the family get-together with Christmas, and I totally forgot to take pictures. I only remembered after half of them had left already, so I quickly took some, but I'm really annoyed with myself for forgetting. It's usually only once a year that we get the whole family together at the same time (about 30 people) so it is a perfect moment to capture some memories. Strange enough I'm usually the only one taking pictures .... Not only with Christmas but always. I always tell my children that when I'm dead they won't have any pictures of me to show their children ;-) Just kidding of course, but still ....

Marianne said...

Merry Christmas :)
Thanks for sharing the picture - and remind to take lots af new pictures :)
Love all of the festive dogs :)

Viola said...

Hello dear you, such fancy and beautiful paintings! Such a joy!
I snap a lot of photos with my cell phone. On the old family picture
from 1961 I can see my old doll from 1961 looks just the same as the one
in your photo. That small doll girl. So fun to see! :)
Wishing you a very Happy New Year! :)

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

I love taking photos! I use my real camera when I know I'm going somewhere I want to take photos at and my cell phone when I am caught unawares by unexpected beauty... I love your bear, so cute!

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