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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Protect your Soul!

Face #23 I thought her name was Lila but when I went to retrieve her it said Kika!! So Kika she is!
Angelina face #20
Other bloggers often inspire and fire up my creative
juices!! What starts out as a comment on their blog sparks my
own post!   Last week Paulines, "what`s wrong with the world?"
 was one of those times!! 
Kora face #21
I block or hide all posts on facebook featuring
mistreatment of animals...in fact I turn my eyes away quickly
 so as not to absorb those images. My mind seems trained 
not to look. 

 My children warn me not to watch news 
programs if there's been a raid on a puppy mill. Or any
 mistreatment of children or animals... I am just not as 
 desensitized as this generation! 
 It eats me up!
Karolina Face #19
  A recent  barrage of atrocious images caused me to 
eliminate all social media and television for a few days.
  Why do producers think it`s okay to repeatedly post these images?
 Glorifying the disgusting for  sensation!  
Why does the public fall  prey to sharing them?
Original face #24 Mindy and #25 Mia
How can we possibly think it`s okay to constantly see 
these horrendous things... Viewing these images 
once should change the fiber of who we are!!
I know it hurts my heart just skimming them
before they're blocked.
Having  them posted dozens of times
infuriates me!!
 Constant exposure must desensitize a large majority!

 I can`t stand the fact that once you see something 
horrible it stays in your soul forever! No way
could I read about an animal being
victimized at the hands of a narcissistic society
taking selfies

   My daughter in an attempt to comfort me said maybe
 it was already deceased before they took photos.
Reminding me of the people who rushed to 
see a dead whale that washed ashore
 on the beach in our area.
Not because they were  aggrandizing
the situation, more because it was such
an anomaly to see a whale that close!
 To which  Beardo argued who would even take 
photos with something that had died...
then share them!.
 As for me, I would run from that kind 
scenario and feel sad for those having to deal 
with such an ordeal. Some people think more
clinically than I do!! I think with heart!!
Imagine the images that first responders
deal with daily!! So hard, so sad!
I respect what they do!
 At almost sixty I still remember when a group of
teens I  attended high-school with died in a tragic
 drunk driving incident on a local bridge.
One of  my school mates described 
how his father was a fireman on  scene 
who cleaned up the  remnants of the
 accident!  He was a lot more graphic 
than I care to be. I was  forever impacted. 
 Imagine how that fireman, a father felt
 knowing it was a sons classmates!  
Before those images were placed in my 
head I could imagine a peaceful ending to 
Patty's life.... but hearing the graphic details.
  I would never forget the tragic end to my
classmate's life! I`d have been 
traumatized had I actually
seen the images. It`s also why I turn
away when I see a car accident! 
Life is sad enough and I'm sure the purpose of
exposing these atrocities is to get an adverse reaction
to the injustice. However not everyone can handle,
scary movies, scary life situations, and the  pain
of gruesome images! At least I can't, I prefer to stick 
to romantic comedies, a good drama, or interesting
I can only imagine how horribly desensitized the 
next generation with be if they continue 
to see a storm of disturbing images 

 Is it only me that feels frustrated with all these
images? Am I too sensitive?
 I wonder what we can do to stop getting these
images in our daily feeds other than hide them
when they come in?
Here Cupcake and Beardo celebrating anti bullying day 
with their pink shirts on!
Cupcake writes, " Kindness matters!"
"Share joy, send love, have compassion and judge less!" 


Christine said...

Nice colourful art! I am the same as you and I don't watch scary movies either, just lighter stuff, or a good tasteful drama. A lot of the news is upsetting and I avoid the details as soon as I hear the headline.

Ritu Dua said...

I agree with you...social media exudes more negativities rather than positive beautiful aspect of life!! Wonderful faces you have painted!


Mascha said...

Stunning faces, great artwork. It's good, that you are sensible, I'm too... but I often don't know how to survive in this world. And it's always so little, what we can do, often we can nothing change, that makes me helpless.
Close my eyes, that's often urgent needed to so to save myself - but it is the right way?
I don't know.
Happy PPF and enjoy the lovely things

sirkkis said...

Terrific post to day. Love them all but Kika is my favorit ;)
Happy PPF xx

Valerie-Jael said...

lots of fun faces today. Thanks for the good wishes, hugs Valerie

Clare Lloyd said...

Fab faces. Happy PPF

Laila said...

No, you're not the only one. I am very picky to what I choose to watch on TV, which now are close to nothing. All the news, sad and bad seem to be the only thing valid to show.
I love all your faces and admire all the artists that have made a face a day this month. I'm not good at doing the same things for a long period of time.

ArtbyNicolaMcLean said...

I totally understand where you're coming from with regards to constantly seeing upsetting images online - there is definitely the danger that seeing such things on a daily basis will make people desensitised to the horror until it becomes the norm - unfortunately the same thing happens to many people who work in slaughterhouses to the point where they have to kill so many 'units' of production otherwise known as sentient creatures who do not want to die, until they end up actually abusing and torturing these poor creatures in the moments before their death - obviously not all workers do this but enough so that it is clearly something in their personality that predisposes them. I am a hugely empathic person and absorb the feelings of those around me (animals included) and there is a condition known as compassion fatigue where you literally get so down from seeing all this horror caused to animals - I guess this is the opposite of becoming desensitised so I think it depends very much on the sort of person you are to begin with. To a point I think people need to see certain things so they can make informed decisions about the role they play in allowing things to continue when they could make a choice to change but I agree that sometimes I just want to look at nice things in my instagram/facebook feed and the last thing I want is to be upset by something horrible that I genuinely can't do anything about. I guess there is a fine line between seeing too much horror and keeping it all hidden so that people continue on in blissful ignorance and nothing ever changes for the animals or the planet. Phew, sorry for the mega long reply but, as you know, this is a subject very close to my heart. xx

ArtbyNicolaMcLean said...

by the way I was so busy on my soap box that I forgot to tell you I love your faces this week too - especially the couple of hippie chicks, Mindy and Mia!

Anonymous said...

Oh so true. I have to protect my head from outer world from time to time. I've been having break from Facebook this year, it makes good, it gives time to do something else.

Your faces have colors I adore.

froebelsternchen Susi said...

You aren't too sensitive - just right to not watch all this horrible and terrible things that aren't good for our souls!
It's nearly the same to me!
Wonderful pieces of art this week and I love to see your lovely couple in their pink outfits!

Happy weekend!
Don't worry... in this case we are kindred spirits - sensitive souls ... artistic souls are sensitive !!!!

Ileana said...

You are not too sensitive. I agree, everything is pretty much out there and "in your face" these days and it's disturbing. What's worse is you can't unsee what you've seen. It's too late once it's out there and in your head. This is why I scroll quickly when I come across an image that leaves me unsettled. It's good to be aware that negative things are happening in the world and that we can find a way to help a cause or be preventative in some way, but I don't need a gruesome image to get my attention. If I find a particular FB friend repeatedly puts these images out there, I defriend quickly. On the other hand, when I find things that spark my creativity, make me smile, think or LOL, I live for these little things...the simple things...I value those who put good things out there, like art that speaks to the heart and inspirational posts. Love your faces! Happy Weekend to you!

Faye said...

I love Cupcake's take on the subject! Your art again is intriguing. I especially love face #19. It's amazing how you can create all these fanciful images each week for us to enjoy. Have a wonderful weekend.

Linda Kunsman said...

I am loving all your colorful faces here!! I understand you so well, as I have a sensitive heart too. I don't/won't look at any news, commercials or anything that capitalizes on any type of abuse whether it is animals or people. With that said, I have worked in the medical field many years and have had to deal with some tragic scenes but I learned to not "think" on it and allow my clinical abilities to take charge. My way of protecting myself.

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

First your art is amazing. Second I stopped watching the news 18 years ago. I get the "news" I want to read about on the internet. I don't know why our world has become so-in-your-face with cruelty. You are right the generations coming up will be a new breed of people.

Susan said...

Your art is fabulous this week! And I totally agree with the fact that we are becoming desensitized. Not only our social media but movies that we see with heroes blasting away at other humans. YUK! Keep up your good work and happy PPF

Caryn Strauss-Smith said...

Love your happy art! Great work!

GlorV1 said...

Your faces are all so unique, each with their own personality. Cupcake and Beardo look happy. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this - I feel very similiar concerning terrible pictures and news on tv or online...have a beautiful weekend and happy PPF

kat said...

Great to come by here again, loving all your fab art! I so agree, no need to get all the gruesome details and images, such things are bad enough! Anyway I don't have Facebook and hardly watch the news...I'm quite protected from all those horrors out there!

Tracey Fletcher-King said...

this is such a great post, and I love the conversations you start... I turn away from accidents and minimise social media time to avoid disturbing images... we no longer watch the news, though we read the paper, and we have been on a stint of watching shows based in a gentler time... Australian shows like Doctor Blake mysteries, and the Miss Fisher murder mysteries... the last one of which you might love... great sassy female dectective... anyway... we choose to step away from all that and celebrate joy... and simple pleasures... which quite honestly was one of the great lessons and joys to come out of cancer!!! thank you for starting another great chat... you bring the group together with these thoughtful posts I think

Julie Ann Lee said...

Such lovely artwork. I do love those warm, vibrant colours you use. I agree with you about how we are bombarded with images of cruelty towards animals and the vulnerable these days. I don't think you are too sensitive at all. Your distress at such things is testament to your compassion and humanity. I also worry about the young becoming de-sensitized by all the terrible images that proliferate in all kinds of media. All we can do is try to help to promote beauty, compassion and empathy in our small way. Your blog is always so thought provoking! xxx

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this enjoyable treat

Fran said...

Beautiful colorful paintings.
I agree about all the terrible things we see on media. But then I remember the fifties when nothing like this was ever spoken of or ever seen. Did horror not exist or were we living in a fool's paradise just thinking it did not exist. The fifties was a conflicted time. The surface seemed very sweet and innocent but below the surface was a lot of evil. Is it better to be innocent of it or to be aware?

studio Lee said...

beautiful faces .Love the bright colours..now following you .
Happy PPF X

minnemie said...

I am totally with you... what goes in the eyes is etched on the heart forever. It seems that the media functions from the premise that one act of sensationalism requires a greater act of sensationalism... and they use real people, real animals, real lives to feed their need to create and feed sensationalism... I hope the pendulum will swing...though it may take a100 years...and that this sensation promoting, desensitizing aspect of our current society will be called out as sick... Love your "Cover your eyes to protect your soul" piece especially.

pauline said...

No my dear - you are not "too sensitive". You have a kind, compassionate heart. (i believe most artists do). Like you, i watch very little news, but after reading some of these comments, i think i may go totally cold turkey. ANY image that includes the suffering of ANY being is enough to make my stomach turn. Just writing this makes me feel like a hypocrite - because i still eat meat. Not much of it, but I do. It makes me wonder why i still do, when there are so many other options out there that don't include the suffering of animals. Thank you Sherrie. Your artwork (and words) always inspire me to be a better person. :) xx

Cozydoodle said...

Really lovely faces and colours and lovely art! Have a lovely weekend!

denthe said...

Your faces all look a bit sad and thoughtful this week, but I love them! Especially Kika and Karolina, and I also love the one who covers her eyes and the words that go with it. No, you're not alone, and no, you're not too sensitive. I have exactly the same thing. I know there's a lot of cruelty in the world, I just don't want the details, and especially not the images. They stay with me and keep haunting me for years. You have to protect yourself from that. And I don't think that's the same as ignoring it or acting as if it doesn't exist. I also stopped watching the news, and keep up-to-date with what's happening through the newssites on the internet. At least that way you get to choose what you see and what not. Although sometimes even just reading headlines cause my imagination to visualize the most horrendous things ... Who knows, maybe in a few years time I'll totally stop reading the news ...

Mona Pendleton said...

Wonderful collection of faces Giggles! So fun and creative!

Dea Lenihan said...

I love Kika!
I agree-and no one is going to be helped by these posts. The animals that injure the animals are not going to care who posts about them--there is something wrong with these people.
We need to stay focused on the good.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

Firstly, I so agree. Those who post horrific photos are preaching to the choir. I certainly don't hang out with people, even online, who don't love animals.
Secondly, I am also upset with those who drop the F bomb, or use inappropriate language they would not use in person.
Finally, I adore your work. I cannot do faces. I'm just happy to pop in a drawing of mine to pretend to be one of your company!

sheila 77 said...

Hello. I think one of the problems today is that we instantly hear about the bad things. Not so long ago we only heard and saw a very little. So, no, I don't think people have become worse, I think they may be the same worse as they've always been - or maybe better, as many of us are now more aware of the whole world?
Your paintings here are wonderfully made, although they all seem so sad. Kora - amazing eyes, earring and a face full of character, Karolina - a beauty but so worried about something, Angelina dancing - a great pose and pretty dress coat.
Thanks for your so-thoughtful and eloquently written blogposts.

Lynn Cohen said...

I hear you!!!!!!!!!!!! I think the ONLY way is to STAY OFF public media entirely. Not something I am willing to do, as I get great joy from a lot of what is there, and I get an education too and stay Up to Date News-wise. So it means notice it and skip on, perhaps barring it from your page first.

I couldn't agree more about the imprint it makes on the mind. Some things we NEED to know about so we can hopefully do something to prevent the awful things from happening.

Your people are charming and the writing around the one pic is terrific. I enjoy your colorful art so much. It makes me happy. And your kids are gorgeous!

Irene Rafael said...

You are not too sensitive at all. And you are so right that once you see or hear something horrific, it stays on some level in your psyche and we don't want that. Thank you for your poignant post this week.

denthe said...

Oooh, LOVE that new header!! Makes me think it's spring :-)

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

What a wonderful series of faces! I also prefer not to see images of animals or people who are hurting. It's just too sad... I think you just do the best you can...

NatureFootstep said...

wow, you have a lot of imagination. Love every bit of it :)

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