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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Many Faces

Jamee Face #13

Maizie face #12

Clearly the other day I was playing online scrabble with someone either very mentally ill or just really negative and mean! I refused to engage in her nasty banter. It was ugly and  way off base! I was surprised how much it affected me! I should have dumped the game and lost the points, but I was winning by a long shot. I suspected she may have been trying to bully me into quitting as we both have high reigning scores.
 Nicole Face #17
 Jordon Face  #18
  I refused to be a poor sport and waited it out as she continued to write mean things with no merit. She played and spoke like a victim. As though she'd rehearsed these nasty comments for those who dared to play well or receive better tiles than her. Disregarding any skill involved her writings became more evil!
Silvia Face #16
I'd have loved to scream, "change your attitude woman." Instead I stayed zipped lipped!  
Face #11 Lila original acrylic
I am more of recluse than in the past. So it's rare to endure nasty interactions! I felt my inner temperature rising as this woman continued to berate me, a stranger she'd never met.
I continued to play, held my ground and didn't react! 
 Toward the end of the game she quit! She left me hanging.  
politely awaited her nasty return. That is the sportsman thing
 you do in these games!! Sometimes people get disconnected!  
 She never returned and I sustained my points! It was well
 worth the four minute wait in  silence to avoid her 
nonsense! Now she's blocked!
 Online you often see many young  people whining about all 
their hardships, women wondering why  no one loves them. 
So many sad stories... however some of it is definitely self
 inflicted!! There is way more to be read between the lines of 
how people carry themselves online than they realize! I wish
 them all well, however I prefer not to have encounters with 
them!! We are so blessed with our Paint Party Friday 
crew of really lovely artists that's for sure!!  
 Gordon Face #14
 Definitely a quirky array of faces intuitively appeared this 
week!!  I feel that Gordon just might be transgender,
 but hate to make a snap judgement on that!
Nicole and Jordon were very different... and seemed to have
had an argument! They turned up on a double page
in red...go figure..One seemed sad, the other angry!
 Don Face #15
Little  Lila seemed a bit frightened....
Lila digital colour edit!
 This week I  read an authors interview. 
A wealthy, well educated, well balanced man
 was pointedly asked his greatest success.
Even  though he's had many accomplishments
in all  areas of his life he said his adult children 
where his biggest success! Asked his current 
obsessions he said, his grandchildren, 
and the latest book he's writing!

  I know I feel similar to him. I have always
felt my greatest success was my child
being a lovely  independent well adjusted
My latest obsession is always something creative!
Or word games!
It's interesting to see feelings of success 
crossing all socioeconomic boundaries! 
 Everyone enjoys different views of 
success in their life!
 To date what do you feel is your greatest success?

Right now what is your biggest obsession!


Valerie-Jael said...

Love all the colourful faces, well done on holding your own in the scrabble battle. Happy PPF, Hugs, Valerie

Clare Lloyd said...

They are all fab! happy PPF

sirkkis said...

Love Lila and all your observations of life with colourful drawings.
Amasing faces.
Happy PPF xx

Tracey Fletcher-King said...

parenting a well adjusted person that I like is the thing i am most proud of as well... but I have to say it was stressful even reading about that negative competitor... people are just so bizarre sometimes aren't they, and the internet provides them the opportunity to be cruel from a distance which means they are just about the more cowardly people out there. Glad you stood your ground and beat her miserable butt!!!

inkslinger said...

Great post and fabulous faces. I try to avoid negative people when I can, but sometimes they are hard to ward off. We had visitors recently who, from the moment they entered our home, criticized just about everything - our pets, my artwork, my love of the written word and even education. Needless to say, they will not be invited back.

Paper rainbow said...

I agree with Tracey. What a horrible individual. I felt stressed reading the story! I didn't know you could play scrabble online. I love in the bygone days of boards and bags of tiles. I'm glad you stood your ground and showed your dignity. Great faces each has loads of personality.

My name is Erika. said...

Fantastic faces this week! I love the variety and all those strong personalities. They made me smile this cold dark morning. Have a great weekend!

Kokopelli said...

Love the pink Girl with the square glasses! Happy PPF!

Laila said...

You made the right choice against the rude person. Many times I've been thinking the same thoughts while reading online complains. My thoughts have been, don't you understand that what you're not saying is what's jumping at me. It's much like in painting, what we don't underline might become the strength in a painting, which is, of course, a positive thing.
Love all your faces, and the "transgender" might just be a female looking man, as you suggest. Enjoy your weekend.

Nicola McLean said...

I have huge admiration for you not indulging that woman's nastiness. I think I would have found it difficult not to engage with her to find out what was wrong with her or else just leave the game early - which you're right was probably her intention. The internet is so easy for people to hide behind to be mean and ignorant. I have found myself reacting to ignorant comments from trolls on vegan/animal welfare sites before but I have learnt not to engage with them now as they will never open their minds and their aim is to make you angry and react.
I love all your faces - Gordon's hair is fab!

studio Lee said...

beautiful faces.happy PPF x

Fuzzie Fingers said...

What a lovely array of faces. Happy PPF!

Linda Kunsman said...

an amazing repertoire of faces!! My fave is the pink and green girl with the hearts:) I've never played any online games but really had no idea it could get so nasty. You were obviously the better person for handling it as you did. I have to say that I am most proud of our son who is kind and caring and shows such integrity when in difficult situations. Happy PPF my friend!

Christine said...

Lovely art Sherrie. The online world is scary you have to be on your guard but it is a brave new world.

GlorV1 said...

I love Scrabble. All your faces are totally awesome, very creative. Great job. Glad you had the high score.

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Ohhh I love scrabble too. All of your faces are suburb.

sharon said...

Your faces are great! Glad you stood your ground with the scrabble lady, I dealt with a very negative and mean lady yesterday at the library by biting my tongue, smiling and telling her there was a gap in the queue and she should take it and then walked away.

minnemie said...

Ewww, what an awful scrabble encounter that must have been! I am so proud of you for winning through being graciously silent. Greatest success... hmmm... I would have to say it is the times I am able (willing) to learn from my mistakes rather than justifying them. I like the textures on Nicole and Jordan's faces!

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

So many wonderful faces! I'm sorry your scrabble game was so unpleasant...

Tammie Dickerson said...

I love the red and turquoise faces the most!! Awesome!! Happy PPF :)

Studio Kaufmann said...

I must say I am addicted to playing Words with Friends but luckily have not encountered any nasty so and sos yet. Your colorful faces all have their own unique stories to tell. Hugs Emma xx

Sandy said...

Just love all your colourful fun faces.
Happy PPF
Vicki-Ann :)

Gloria J Zucaro said...

Hello! I had to LOL on your statement on your face #14! Of course, raising kind and loving children is a success, as are having great fun with grandchildren. And I have done both. But I have to truthfully say that surviving many difficult, dismaying, unhappy events in my life and constantly getting up and moving on is my biggest success.
I admire your restraint! And am glad you won the scrabble babble!
I am obsessed with different things at different times, depending on what has priority at the moment. Right now, getting ready for a family event, taxes, invites for book club(I usually draw my own!) and managing a new gallery with one owner who says "Yes" to everything, and one who says "No!" to everything.
I yearn to get back to putting my art first!

Fran said...

More and more colorful faces! Love the square green glasses.

Tammy N said...

Wow you've been busy this week. So many creative faces! Happy PPF!

Carol said...

Love all of the faces. ♥ Good for you for hold strong against the nasty lady. I probably wouldn't have been able to.
Garden season is around the corner so I would have to say that the garden is my biggest obsession right now. :)
My children are my greatest success HANDS DOWN!

Lynn Cohen said...

I dare say I would have stopped reading that sick woman's words! I love playing words with Friends! I may be maxed out with players but would love to have you as a partner! I rarely chat! And play when i have time! People have to wait and then I play again when I can!

I love all the expressions on these faces tonight! And the colors too!

My passions haven't changed but my energy has slowed a bit! I've not been keeping up with all my drawing challenges lately! Sketchbook Skool is sliding into a back seat don't know why!

Hopefully I'll get back on board soon! 💕

Anonymous said...

No wonder I love to live my life as a hermit, people are just over-powering.

I enjoyed your faces, especially those with specs, because I got my new eye glasses yesterday and now I see!!

sheila 77 said...

I love Jamee with the pink hair and those cool square specs and I really like Lila, the Drama Queen. Interesting speculation on Gordon!
Imagine being harassed like that when playing a Scrabble game, how awful. Glad you won in the end but not very nice for you at all.

I'm pretty obsessed with making art and blogging about it. If I'm not doing it I'm often thinking about it.
Happy weekend and next week!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

All your faces are so unique .. very strong personalities!
Happy weekend!

Julie Ann Lee said...

What a wonderful array of colourful faces today! I really like all of them, but - for some reason I'm not quite sure of - I adore Lila! Perhaps I want to take care of her! Have a lovely Sunday and I'm so sorry about the horrible Scrabble person. It's never good to encounter negativity! Well done you for rising above it. xx

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

As an educator, I've encountered some rude and/or angry people, and even endured foul language. However, most of the time I've found that if I keep calm and listen reflectively, they back off. I've even made allies in many instances. However, I do avoid the occasional negative people like the one you've described. They'll never be happy, no matter what you do. It's something they need to decide to change intrinsically. Anyway, I think my greatest success has been rearing my 2 girls. They're not perfect, but they couldn't be any better human beings. As to my obsession, I have to say that I love to read, write and work on my artwork. Have a blessed weekend, my dear friend!

www.dorissdaughter.com said...

Lovely intuitive faces. I think Gordon may just be 'well groomed' Well done for holding your ground with the unsportsmanlike person. Sending such negative comments online is such a cowardly thing to do!

Ariel said...

Love all your bright faces Sherrie.I totally agree with you on relating success to our kids. For me my healthy and happy family is the backbone of my creativity
Have a great weekend

denthe said...

Such a great variety of faces! I love Gordon so much, and little Lila :-) I have no idea how online Scrabble works, I thought you just played and didn't "speak"...? When I read nasty comments on the internet I usually just ignore them, because most of those people just want others to react, so they can say some more mean things. I think it's great that in the end you won and kept your high score. Well done!

Teresa Arsenault said...

More cute, colorful and unique faces. You certainly are on a roll.

Dea Lenihan said...

Lovely faces! So many emotions and attitudes. I envy people that can draw expressions and easily--I struggle. Have a great weekend! Nice work. xo

Nat S said...

you draw a lot, that's great!!

Magpie said...

Good for you for taking the high road with the nasty scrabble player! I do wonder why some people come online to do that kind of thing.... Just to see what reaction they can get, I guess. Good job not reacting at all :) I love the colorful faces you've done, especially the girl with the squre glasses!

Granny Annie said...

How do you have time to play games and make these wonderful faces at the same time?

Silke Powers said...

Wow! Where to begin? Your faces are all wonderful! I love how you show the originals and then change the color digitally. They have a whole new feeling about them in different colors, don't they?
I'm so with you on negative people. I rarely encounter any of them anymore and I would have probably withdrawn from the game and not stood my ground as you have. Bravo to you!!
I think I'm proudest of continuing to become myself after a difficult childhood and youth. And becoming an artist in my adult years. That's quite an accomplishment for me. And 30 years in a great relationship with my husband. :) My obsession? It has always been the discovery of how everything in life is connected. And my role in that cosmic play. :D Happy PPF! xoxo

Gillena Cox said...

lovely faces, my favourite is the first for her square framed glasses and warm orange tones

Thanks for dropping in to view mine this weekend

much love...

Abigail Davidson said...

Wonderful variety of faces -- something about the expressions and mixes of color create deep soulfulness and whimsy -- beautiful!!

Nordljus said...

Oh my, that sounds like a stressful experience of something that should be fun and enjoyable. I'm glad you stayed calm and didn't quit, and got to keep your high score! Wonderful faces too, so much expression!

Indira said...

So many faces and each face is so distinctive and well drawn.

Thanks for visiting my blog and for the lovely comment.

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