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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Gentle Soul

  Daisy Yellow Icad Challenge 
No Words
What a sad week this has been so much
senseless heartache in the world!
  I cried  off and on all day Sunday! I was so
 glad the kids were out so I could really
 let go! Sometimes there are no words...
we just have to cry and create!
Icad 15 Show much more love!
My father was a gentle soul. A loving man who embraced all people in a kind way. At fifteen, he along with an older and young brother put their abusive dad out of the house. His memories of his father were negative and  varied quite a bit from his older sisters recollection. As family members we tend to each have our own personal experience with a parent, it  can vary quite a bit from our siblings.
Icad 8 Decide your own pure style!
As I see all the judgement and hate in the world I feel even more fortunate to have been raised by such a loving dad. I had a special bond with my dad, one my brother never experienced. Maybe because dad and I were more alike!  Most likely because I was his little girl, his firstborn!

icad 9 Flourish Stronger
 It really helped that despite his menial job dad was sage beyond most. I'm not sure if my parents, both raised by single moms, figured it out together. Or if it was their unique life experience that made them fairly wise. Or could it have been innate?
 Icad 10 Weave art and soul
 My mother may have orchestrated our family life, but my dad was always so appreciative of it. He loved her implicitly, flaws and all!  At times he was naughty, but he knew he had a good woman and he clung to that.

Icad 11 Experience Freedom
Cupcake recently experienced some nasty religious rhetoric meant to incite disagreement or friction.  She locked eyes with the most educated person in room, a questioning theologian. Both opted not to comment on the unkind words that opposed their views. The speaker was old, set in his ways, a non demonstrative authoritarian father. 
Icad 14 Be less intense
 When I heard what transpired I was grateful to have been raised by an all accepting good man. One who loved his family wholeheartedly and knew how to be verbally intimate with his children!  Despite not having a great example for a father himself!

Icad 13 Question Why?
Every word I write is the sum of everyone I've ever encountered, every experience I've ever had,  every book I've ever read, amalgamated with my parents life experiences, and their teachings! Thankfully the good trumps the bad! Even more now than ever  I am trying to see the positive and feel gratitude through the many tears of sadness!

 Icad 12 Host Charm
 Happy Fathers Day to all those Dads that truly make the effort. The ones who are devoted to their children and what makes them tick! Happy Fathers day to the men who step beyond their comfort zone to be demonstrative and loving despite their upbringing. 
Happy Fathers Day to the stand in Fathers who care for another mans children with honesty, integrity and love! Happy Fathers Day to the men who provide a wonderful healthy lifestyle for their Children across all fiscal boundaries! Happy Fathers Day to the guys who have raised amazing children despite their own flaws! Happy Fathers Day to all Dads who Love their kids dearly! 

 “The true measure of a man is how he provides for his children” 
Sidney Poitier
 Icad 16 More Mom Zen
What did you learn from your Dad?
 I learned that I was fortunate to be born in Canada and 
to be kind and excepting of others!
 I learned how to ballroom dance, hit a baseball, golf and 
drive a car! How about you?

On a side note the kids just brought this cake home for me!
I laughed so hard! Thanks sweethearts! I love you too!
Cupcake is always thinking! This is for all the single mom's who
 play a dual role!


Valerie-Jael said...

Lovely post. It must be great to have a good father. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

Christine said...

Lovely colourful art and wonderful Father's Day tribute Giggles! My dad was a generous, giving person, gone too soon at 61, may years ago now.

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Your post brings hope during a week of so much devastation in our world. Thank you. Have a blessed weekend, as you remember your wonderful father.

ArtbyNicolaMcLean said...

what a lovely thoughtful post. My dad never knew his dad because he sadly died at only 28 years old of TB just a few weeks before my dad was born in 1934 but he was raised by a wonderful lady and I'm very lucky to have him for my dad as he's kind, warm, funny and taught me that if I have £5 I shouldn't spend £10 (although that lesson didn't stick as well as it should've!) He's still really active - he just turned 82 on 10 June and they're off on their first vacation of the year to Spain. He has hopefully passed on his good genes to me as well!!
I love the cake - what a fabulous idea - you are clearly an amazing mum with a wonderfully thoughtful daughter and son-inn-law.xx

sheila 77 said...

Your Icads are really outstanding, so much art and colour in so little a space. I love them all, Icad 10 - she looks like a very good person (how do you get so much personality showing in your painted people?), Icad 11 - these two are so cool with their shades (but maybe not so confident as they want to look?), Icad 12 - what a smoothie!. Yes - they are all so good and full of life.
I hope the next week is a very happy one for you.

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Great art and a wonderful post remembering your Dad! ♥♥♥
Happy weekend Giggles!

Simona C. said...

I have been lucky to have good parents, too.
I really don't understand all this hate.
There are no words, indeed.

Linda Kunsman said...

Your wonderful post is full of beautiful art and encouraging words of hope and faith too. Happy Sunday super mom!! Love the cake and the loving gesture behind it. Cupcake is a real gem. Happy PPF too!

Faye said...

Such a wonderful tribute to all the good fathers on their special weekend of the year! My dad was one of those souls who never really grew up. He was still fun and playful till the day he died. He did have a few very old-fashioned prejudiced ideas (inherited from his parents) which I constantly battled with him about. The thing is that what he said didn't really match up with what he did, because he had many friends who were among the group he ranted about. He was a loving, giving father and husband and I regret my youthful arguments with him. Your daughter took the high road I wish I had taken.

Kate Robertson said...

Lucky you to have such a great father. I love the first piece you showed. A sad week indeed.

Julene said...

I have so enjoyed reading your post as a tribute to father's and your father. You are blessed to have someone like him in your life.
It has been a rough week. Grace and mercy has been offered us and we surely can extend it to all the beautiful people around us...no matter where they are.

denthe said...

Oh Sherrie, that first drawing "no words" is so beautiful, it really touches me. And it tells all in just one picture. Do you make these drawings with the tablet? It's amazing how much expression you are able to put in your faces! Your dad sounds like a wonderful man. My dad was great too. Very unconventional and adored by all the kids in the neighbourhood, because he was so much fun and really a big kid himself. He died 12 years ago, and I still miss him...

My name is Erika. said...

Great faces this week. My favorite is the 2 ladies with the glasses. It has been a sad week. Sometimes things happen which just defy normal thinking. Have a good weekend. :) Erika

Carol Samsel said...

Love the art today. Very nice about father's and yours in particular.

Gillena Cox said...

Nice pieces, luv your Father focus this weekend

much love...

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

You have shared such a lovely post. Having good fathers in ones life is so important. You are very fortunate to have that.

Ginny said...

What a beautiful post. I too was very saddened by this week.

I had a great dad who died way too early. He always made me feel like I was the brightest person he ever knew and that there wasn't anything that I couldn't do. In the past couple of years I have been reacquainted with several friends from high school. The first thing they talk about is my Dad and how great he was to all of us. They tell me stories of things he did for them that I never knew until now. It makes him even more special to me if that's possible.

I love your cake. Cupcake and Beardo are very very special.

Dorothy Donna Parker said...

Such a beautiful way to honour your father. I have to tell you I ADORE your header! The world has seemingly gone mad ... we can only hang on to the happiness we have and enjoy the moment we are in. Thank you for a stimulating post. We will always have our memories. hugs, Donna

DUTA said...

Fine tribute to your Dad! Lovely painting of your Mom (Icad 10); two good people and loving parents.
The teary faces in the No Words painting are a reminder of the sad world we live in.

NatashaMay said...

How sweet of your daughter. :) Love the cake! And great art as well. My fave is the icad 11. :)

kat said...

It's great you could let go so in your art and cry if needed, how good to let it all out!
Such expressive and bold art and your beautiful words on your father, it's so great to have good parents. I was blessed with wonderful parents as well as very special grandparents, wonderful souls who brought me so much!

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

What wonderful and vibrant art! How sweet of your cupcake to bring you that cake. I hope you have a nice holiday.

Indira said...

Great post with cherished memories of a loving father. It is true that each child experiences different relationship with their parents. Although, parents always claim that they love all their children equally, they do love them differently. I was born in a family of five children so I know. I am grateful for all that my father did for his children. Great faces, btw.

NatureFootstep said...

I am very attracted to the way you create. I like the strong lines and curves and colors. And even if there are tears, it is not really devastating. But I agree, the world is not fun today :(

Miss Marple said...

Thank you so much for your encouraging comments on my blog to PPF! Have a great and creative week! - Irma

Tracy said...

A beautiful post and tribute to your father. Sometimes tears and creating are all we can do, and they're enough.

Mona Pendleton said...

Such fun and colorful artwork Giggles! My fave are the fun flip flops! What a cake! Hope it was scrumptious! Happy PPF :)

Granny Annie said...

You are precious. Your artwork and your words all so touching.


Abigail Davidson said...

This is a beautiful post and dedication with heartfelt work to accompany it!

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