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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Not Alone

Icad 21 Radiant art blossoms positively
Personally this has been a rough week. I had a bit of an urgent dental procedure on Friday.  I was so grateful to all those who made it happen so smoothly. Everything was rolling along beautifully until a few days later  when the marriage between the  medication  and my tummy was at odds.
Icad 20 Pause for a natural adventure
 The friction between the two was beyond repair!  To the point where tummy was feeling very abused! But because I am not someone to poo kiss and tell.... I will spare you the nasty nasty details! Let just say after a few days of   marital discord I divorced the medication for a new one!!  
icad 19  Establish a good home
 It took the new med in town a few days  to become adjusted. As the old one left too much baggage so to speak!! Needless to say what started out as an urgent dental procedure was now an in house bathroom emergency every few hours. Sure could have used some of Denthes pretty bathroom walls to keep me company those few days!
Icad 18 Create a family dream
Thankfully Nurse Cupcake was there for support and cleanup doody...duty! Just kidding.
I did my own clean up..most of the time....but lets just say Cupcake has a brand new
obsession relationship with Scrubbing Bubbles!! 
Icad 17 create a dream world
Nurse Cupcake  made sure I was well taken care of
catering to my every need. She watched my face age
a decade....and heard some unnatural  sounds that made us giggle!
There was a definite need for privacy this week that's for sure!
I missed seeing a friend from out of town for a planned cup of tea.
I was so grateful to finally get a four hour chunk of sleep which
hadn't happened the last few days!
It's been about ten hours with no action....not sure
the last meds are finally evacuated. If they're not gone
soon, I may consider a restraining order! 
Icad 24 Encourage creative folk!
Hopefully  the new ones can settle in nicely
now, and  I can enjoy the  ride to recovery!
My creativity was a saving grace and 
wonderful diversion while my tummy
recovered from each episode!!
Imagine Artistic Possibilities
As I have been so vulnerable this week I am extra
grateful for the warmth and love of my home. My sweet
kids who have been there to help me every step of 
the way with only gestures of love and concern! 
Along with a little finger wagging to make sure
I was hydrated and taking medication on time!
Original Icad 21
It's these times I have even more concern for 
all the less fortunate. All the refugees,
displaced souls and elderly without love of
 friends, family, a home, a tub, a washer and dryer
clean water and soap hope! I can't imagine having gone
 through this week alone!

icad 22 Challenge your vision!
I leave you with this star filled updated rendition 
of " What the world need now"

Who is the person in this world that treats you with the
most kindness and understanding?
Icad 23 Age just a number be fabulous!

This is kind of how I feel at times... it's a quicky but fun!
What if animals were round?


Valerie-Jael said...

Sorry you had a bad week, but good that your family cared for you! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

Simona C. said...

You made me smile. :) I hope your odyssey is over now. Take care! Beautiful artwork!

Lynn Cohen said...

Well I am ever so sorry you were tummy disturbed from wrong meds of all things! I hope the tooth issue us healed and tummy calm at this reading. Your cupcake is such a blessing. The art intertwined with your story is wonderful! And I LOVE the banner art! Your people all Rock! Be well, and gave a creative week. �� Hugs!

Nordljus said...

I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling so unwell but glad you were lookd after so well. It happens so often, the medication cures the problem but causes a whole lot of other ones, sometimes even worse than the original one. Hope your tummy is fine again, as well as your dental issue. Fabulous artwork you created!

Gillena Cox said...

Happy PPF Giggles; luv 'the family dream'

much love...

Linda Kunsman said...

and thru all of that you kept your humor:):) You're so right that to be so ill and have someone to watch over you and care for you is a true blessing.Happy to know you are feeling better and can put that all "behind" you (sorry, couldn't resist)! Love your vibrant and beautiful icad art! Be well, and happy PPF!

Faye said...

My faves this week are Age is just a number and Imagine Artistic Possibilities. Also love the header and I'm not sure I told you that.

Sorry about the tummy problems. When I was on Nexium I developed what you described. It was no fun trying to leave the house b/c of all the bathroom stops during shopping. My doc tried other meds and they all did the same. I finally decided I'd just deal with acid reflux some other way. Once I quit the meds, things were normal again. My sympathy to anyone with digestive disorders of any kind. Your problem sounds more debilitating than most. I'm glad you had someone there to care for you.

Christine said...

so sorry to hear about this adverse effect of the meds, tummy troubles are the worst!

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

Hope you'll get a swift recovery from the ordeal now. Great art work as always.

Love and hugs

Neesie said...

Oh I feel so guilty because I have to confess I had a little giggle at your story... but in all seriousness it sounds like you really suffered.
It's fantastic that you were so well looked after and produced amazing artwork amid it all. I hope you are well on the way to feeling safe and well soon.
Happy PPF to you

Tracey Fletcher-King said...

I am so blessed to have a few close lovelies who are so kind and perfect... my Phants , my Ange and my beloved astrid... they are the holy trinity of caring!!! get onto the kombucha to heal your poor stomach... will be sending lots of healing vibes

Indira said...

Sorry for your upset stomach but like the great sense of humor. Hope you recover fast!

~Rasz~ said...

Oh you poor thing! That is awful to go through. So glad you had family, love and my favorite, scrubbing bubbles!You certainly made some darling artwork throughout it all. Hopefully you and your friend can get together and have some tea soon. Take care and lets hope it is all gone! Big hugs to you, Rasz

Granny Annie said...

It is a dream world:-)


Pia Rom said...

What a funny report of your recoveryride filled with lots of treats for the eyes too!!So love to visit here! Lucky U to have such a caring family to help you out when needed! Your ICards are stunning I am especcially in love with the flowerpot an its colors!! Hugs to you and hope you are completely well soon!! ♥ Conny http://piaromsartjournaling.blogspot.de

Carol said...

Sending you healing strength to recover from your nasty week. Love the videos you shared and the art is great. Sometimes the cure is worse than the illness these days.

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

OMGosh I am so sorry to hear about your bad week. So glad you had help. I do like that you keep a good attitude and sense of humor. It is important to do that. Love you art as always. Thank you for the info in the inner ear. My DH believes it is inner ear but can't get a doctor to agree. EEEEkkk. Have a great weekend.

Paper rainbow said...

Oh what a dreadful time you have had...although I have to say having Nurse cupcake to help you recouperate is so fortunate. You are right in that often our own traumas ofen illustrate starkly how little some others have. Illness without a support system is a terrifying prospect.
Btw....moving in...love the round animals!!!!! :)

My name is Erika. said...

Fabulous ICADS. Hope you are all better now and back on your feet. Hugs-Erika

froebelsternchen Susi said...

So sorry to read that you felt that unwell! Good that your beloved took care for you♥
Your ICADS are just amazing!
A better week for you ahead Giggles!
oxo Susi

NatureFootstep said...

I hope everything turns to the better soon.
You create some amazing artwork.

denthe said...

so sorry to hear about your tummy-troubles, but you did make me smile telling about it :-) Wish I could sent you my bathroomwalls for comfort ;-) But at least you got your kids to look after you. Love your icads, and the way you're adding words. Wishing you a better week ahead!

Karla B said...

Love your ICADs!I hope uou get well soo, my friend!

sheila 77 said...

Oh Giggles, that sounded awful. You made a joke of it but I'm sure it was not funny for you. How wonderful that Cupcake was so helpful and caring. Hope you are much better now.
I always try to choose a favourite or two from your paintings as I like to examine each one and see why I like it, but I am struggling to choose here today as there are so many I like.
Little doggie (17) is fun and I think I like the pink doggie best.
That's a lovely little bicycle (20) and again I like the pink bicycle.
19 is so pretty with the sweet houses and the jaggy pink sky.
I'm puzzling over 18 - "Create a family dream" with all the ladies wearing long dresses, I love the painting but am wondering about the story behind it, there is something very interesting happening there I'm sure.
Thanks for the video, I had seen it a while ago and it was so good to see it again.
Have a great healthy week.

Irene Rafael said...

Gosh, I am sorry to hear about your week but I love your clever sense of humor and glad it all came out to your advantage, if you get my drift.

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

I'm sorry you had such a hard week. You are so sweet to think of others even during hard times.

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