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Thursday, July 07, 2016

A few new characters!

Day 4# Moon Princess
I've been working on Danielle Macks Paint challenge 
this month. It's  taken me down a different path  combining  
Acrylics, inktense pencils, gesso and charcoal. I love 
nighttime and the moon..so this short, quirky, 
 little moon princess  is one I quite like! 
Day #1 Deep Sea Mermaid
It's rare for me to sketch a character with pencil before 
painting. As an intuitive artist I tend to look for characters
in the paint! Not this time though! I'm not a huge fan
of mermaids  so this was a stretch for me!
Cupcake  was never into them either.She despised
 "The little mermaid" movie because of the scary witch!
I even love her in all the colour changes...a blue moon anyone?

 I must admit I got a bit ahead of myself  sketching several  
at a time.Then returning to paint them!
Each character with it's own personality, 
there are definitely some I like better than others!
Day#2  the annoyed "Tree Fairy" done with inktense pencils
  My little tree fairy seems very annoyed!! I am a huge 
tree lover and there was a time my back yard tree was removed 
without my knowledge. I grieved for several years and it took a
 few tries before another tree finally took  in it's place!! 

Maple tree in my back yard!
This little maple still doesn't provide the lovely shade  
once enjoyed! However it does fill in the space and provide
 some beauty!  It shall be raining for the next ten days and as you
can see the  greenery is very happy about that!

 This rain is a blessing as there was a huge out of control bog 
 fire on Sunday! Fifteen minute drive away. Cupcake
took the photo below catching a picture of the smoke! 
Burns bog fire July 3, 2016 ash rained down on cars  15 minutes away!

Burns Bog is habitat to  300 plant and animal species, and 175 bird
 species. Beardo and his brothers frequented there with their bikes
  as children! His little nephews were there only a few 
weeks back! It was extremely  disconcerting for all, as 
the fire jumped a highway threatening a large 
business sector!...We're all extremely  relieved by this
summer rain!
Day #3 Butterfly princess
Butterflies  seem to symbolize fruition in my life! 
They seem to show up during a perfect moment.
just before  a big life change!
Day #6 Ice Queen 
I could easily be known as the Ice Queen in more of
a literal sense than the normal context of this cold Queen. 
I love icy drinks! For well over two decades I had a
built in ice maker in my fridge. I whizzed up frozen drinks
all summer long for my daughter and her friends! 
A few with alcohol for my friends too! Then for a decade 
 and a half I didn't. In fact I was lucky  when my fridge freezer
 froze regular ice cubes!  Now for the 
first summer in eighteen years we have a steady flow
of ice once again!! I am one happy ice Queen!!
 Day #5  Tribal Warrior mixed media
I was once a bit of a warrior against injustice. I often
went to bat for those less fortunate. However
at my age I haven't much fight left!
I feel the circumstances of today are  nudging the 
youth to take a powerful stance against injustice!
It scares me, yet I know we all stood up to 
make big changes. Sadly there is so much more 
to be done!  

Day #7 Masked Fighter

I was never much of a masked fighter more of 
a stand up and speak with passion! My whole
life I was for the underdog.  Some how I always
managed to float just above that. However things
can quickly change and we can all be in 
the underdog position without much notice!!
I have been there too!
I always did the best with what I had!
Finding joy in any and every nook and cranny
possible! Now my daughter does the same
I really believe it's one of the 
components to  happiness!!

Oh and wouldn't life be rich if we could 
just wear rose coloured glasses and change
the moon to pink on a whim?
How about you do you have any of these 
characters residing with in?

Check out this very quick  video  of an 
awesome artist   collaboration
with her toddler.  Amazing!!
 For more from this artist go here!!


Valerie-Jael said...

Lots of lovely art this week, have fun with your 30 day challenge. That fire sounds bad, good that you have rain now, that will help. Happy PPF hugs, Valerie

Paper rainbow said...

I recognise many of your characters in me too. What a great way to show them. I am pleased you have some rain to quell the fires. The loss of habitat for all those little creatures is very upsetting. I too am a tree lover and understand your upset at losing a beautiful tree however that maple is beautiful!!

Mona Pendleton said...

Thank you for your kind words Giggles :) Such fun characters! They are all so unique! So fun and cheerful :) beautiful photos too! TFS :) Happy PPF!

ArtbyNicolaMcLean said...

That's a lot of fun new characters! I think the masked fighter might be my favourite although they're all fab. Sorry to hear about the fire - we get peat bog fires here but usually set deliberately although we had a big one a few weeks back that they shouldn't have set as it was nesting time for ground nesting birds and it's illegal - they burn the ground for the pheasant and grouse shoots which makes it even worse.
Your maple tree is lovely and I'm glad it's doing so well. Our plants here unfortunately never have any shortage of rain!

Sandy said...

Love the mermaids and the masked fighter. Just love all the characters you draw.

My name is Erika. said...

What I love about your art is that your characters do have soooo much personality. I love them all. It's like you have a whole class of children. Each a little different. I like the mermaid and the princess but they all make me smile. Have a wonderful weekend ahead and hope it keeps raining to keep the fires away. Hugs erika

Nordljus said...

What great characters they are! I like nighttime and the moon too, and I'm a bit of an Ice Queen too - ice cream and ice lollies!
I'm glad you're getting rain now, and hopefully enough to not only extinguish the fire but to prevent further fires. It must be so scary to have such huge fires so close.
Your maple tree looks beautiful! I still miss 'my' apple tree, every time I look through the window, the empty patch makes me sad, and I miss all the birds that used to be there. Unfortunately, it does not look like my landlady is planning to plant a new tree instead. But thankfully, at least there's a lovely big forest close to where I live.

kat said...

Lulu and I have been checking all your fabulous characters, we love them all! It always saddens me to hear about those terrible Summer fires and the destruction they cause.
That owl painting is so great, thanks for sharing with us! A super post full to the brim!

Anonymous said...

love the mermaids

Anonymous said...

Hi, you have been very busy. All your new characters are so cute and unique. Love them all. Great job!! Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures and the video.

Have an amazing weekend!
Nora Clemens-Gallo

Faye said...

Love the new characters, Sherrie, especially the mermaid even though I don't normally have a fondness for them myself. I need to find some Intense pencils. They sure are vivid colors. Gorgeous garden photos. We have a Japanese maple planted fairly close to the house. Its height was to be no higher than 15'. It now towers over my 2 story house. I could never cut it down but I have an offspring several yards away that has now grown to about 4' high. We'll see what that one looks like. In case the mama tree has to go, I will still have a maple in front of the house.

sirkkis said...

So expressive lovely characters!
Have a happy weekend 😃

June Walker said...

Love the many figures this week! The little mermaid is especially lovely... the way she is staring up at us. I will stay off Google plus now. Others have been having problems there too.

DUTA said...

The video with the owl is the raisin on your delicious cake of characters. Amazing! The background music is contagious.

SLScheibe said...

Super characters with great colours. I really love the sweet little moon princess. She's adorable. The paint challenge seems really cool. I will have to look into that.

Granny Annie said...

You captured my amazement once again. Charming characters. Loved them all.


Neesie said...

Once again your post was so interesting to read, plus your new characters are great. The summer fires are frightening. I remember the bush fires when we lived in Australia. Glad the rain has arrived to keep you all safe.
The owl video was spellbinding, so thank you for sharing.
Happy PPF and good luck with your challenge.

Christine said...

lovely art this week, we all need some rain right now!

denthe said...

Oh, how fun! this really seems a challenge made for you! You are so good with all these little quirky characters. It's good that the fire didn't come closer and that you got some rain. It seems as if Canada is having a lot of fires in the last years, no? I never really noticed before. It is scary seeing the sky full of smoke. When we were living in Australia, we had some big fires, but never too close luckily. But it sure was a weird feeling seeing and smelling the smoke from where we lived. In times like that rain is indeed a blessing ...

Fran said...

These are very cute characters.

NatureFootstep said...

love your mermaid but I´m no good at swimming :(

carol l mckenna said...

Oh I love all your dynamic characters ~ so creative, colorful and joyful!

Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

I'm a pretty quite person but will call someone out on the bull if they are putting someone down, physically or emotionally

sheila 77 said...

You've created a whole cast of new characters here, each could have a little story of his or her own. I like the way the colour changes work too.
The annoyed "Tree Fairy" is something else and I am trying not to think she is carrying a floral whip. I'm also fascinated that you have painted her with Inktense pencils as I've tried these and not got the depth of colour or shapes that you've achieved here. The background is terrific.
There is a great contrast of personalities - "Tribal Warrior" and
"Masked Fighter" for two.
I could go on and on about these new people, your interpretations of the titles are ingenious and their stories are waiting to be told (or imagined).
Looking forward to more of these.

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

I love mermaids and your tree fairy is wonderful! I'm so glad you imparted your ability to find joy into your daughter.

genie said...

WOW!!! You have been busy this week. Quite a wonderful selection of princess, queens, and others. The butterfly princess has to be my favorite Tho I can really relate to the Ice Queen. There are many days I feel just like that. genie

Inky and Quirky said...

Love your characters, glad you like quirky things too! Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog and for following me, happy to be following you too now ;)
Donna xx

Carol said...

So glad you got the rain when you needed it so badly!!! Great art again and as always thought provoking words ♥

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