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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Character of Characters!

Day 8 Bird Lady
Trying to make a point at the expense of 
an older relative set in their ways can be fruitless.
Especially when you know that person is 
 pretty narrow minded!!I It's 
 pointless to waste energy trying.
 Day 13 The Gardner
 Opened minded types with good character
are often a lot easier to reason with!
  Even when they have strong convictions
they seem to be more likely to embrace a
new idea! It's the stubborn mid aged 
 know-it-all  that scares me the most! 
Those void of compassion, understanding, 
 kindness and  rich life experience!
Day 10 The Singer
 When a young woman wears  semi
 casual pants to a prestigious wedding  
several elderly family members are attending, it
 says a lot about her character! Especially when
she's known to dress up for other less 
important occasions! 
Day 9 Wall Flower
 We all express our-self in unique ways!
In the end it's  not a single act or circumstance
that pinpoints who we are! It's our 
over all character that truly defines us!
 It's the ordinary everyday situations and 
interactions that  prove who we are!
  Attitude, perspective, and circumstances can 
change over the years as we experience 
new things! It's our intentions and 
character that we carry with us daily
no matter what! 

Being  defiant for the right cause can be commendable.
It can be honorable to stay true to your convictions 
even when it's unpopular, as long as no one gets
hurt.  In the end it always boils down to 
character! What does your character say 
about you?
Are you a wallflower  who sits around looking
pretty but  prefers  not to be seen or heard.
 One who never helps while all the others
do the work around you?
Day 14 The Baker
Are you the baker who never goes anywhere empty handed?
Quietly helping others behind the scenes but rarely
 recognized for his good deeds.

Are you the Bird Lady who is always flapping her 
wings, flying around frantically so busy with no
 time for intimacy? Laying a few  eggs along the
way wondering why she's so tired and

Are you the Gardner planting new seeds,
nurturing her creative garden? Spending time
admiring the fruits of her labour, sharing her
harvest with others. Plugging along at
natures pace thinking of new things to grow. 
Day 12 The Librarian
Are you the librarian with an insatiable need to
cull information to share with the world? Needing more
quiet time than most to absorb as much knowledge
as she can in one sitting? Hoping one day to 
convey the best parts of what she's learned
by writing a book!
Day 11 Flower Girl
 Are you the Flower girl born beautiful and privileged, yet 
always so full of disappointment? Finding the worst in every
 situation, never feeling satisfied?
Are you a colourful wallflower who looks
more interesting than she actually is?
Living in the past, not up on current events,
slightly narrow minded with gossip  and
complaints  her only form of conversation?

Are you the Singer in  search of adoration? 
Worshiping money, constantly capturing selfies! 
Waiting for others to fail so she can feel better
about herself !
   Or the Singer who sings from her soul
 whether others are listening or not?
  Enjoying every aspect of other  musicians
learning and cherishing each special encounter! 
Savoring  her gift with
 gratitude and appreciation!
Homeless in the City
Are you a caregiver? Kind to all, especially
the elderly and less fortunate? Listening with
compassion to boring old stories without   
 a wince of angst. Absorbing the lessons
of the ages? 
When something questionable is said that I'm not
quite sure how to take. I always revert back to a persons
character. If I know them to be kind and loving with
good intentions I always make what they say a positive!

What does your character say about you?


peggy gatto said...

What a delicious collection od paintings!!!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Hmmm! I am an introvert, and need to have some time alone on a daily basis. However, I am definitely not a pushover and love to get involved if I believe I can make a difference. I was touched by your piece of "Homeless in the City," because it reminds me of the Good Samaritan. I wrote about that this week. Blessings, my friend!

Valerie-Jael said...

Fun art and post. I think I am always just 'ME', and probably won't change much in the coming years! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Great art Giggles - I think I am quite a mix of all the characters.
Happy PPF!
oxo Susi

sirkkis said...

What a great post, Giggles! You really analyse well our charicters. I can find many features of mine among them. Love your paintings.
Happy PPF xx

Paper rainbow said...

As always a post that makes me soul search. I'm not sure I fit into any of your beautifully illustrated boxes. Our characters change as we grow. Personality is not set and you can change it as we mature and develop as people. Life's commitments too form our being and that too is open to change.

Tracy said...

I think I'm a librarian who bakes and gardens :) A thoughtful post as usual.

Sandy said...

I was trying to figure out what one. I think the gardener. I certainly relate to that one the most. Think I am an artistic gardener who likes to mix the 2 as much as possible. :)
Happy PPF
Vicki-Ann :)

Christine said...

What a thoughtful post to go with your colourful art. I must be a caregiver, or maybe librarian.

Faye said...

Such a lot to ponder this week, Sherrie. That's one thing I get from your blog each week --- things to ponder. Not sure where I fit in with your characters but I did so enjoy meeting all of them. Lately, for some reason I have been in tears for people I hear about on the news and I don't know why that's happening. Thanks for sharing your wonderful illustrations as well as your thoughts.

Susan said...

Great post and wonderful art. I especially like your painting of the homeless. I hope I am a "gardner". With over 100 orchids on my lanai, I had better be. Happy PPF

Linda Kunsman said...

what a super thought provoking post-and full of your awesome colorful paintings as usual!! I would have to be a combination of gardener, caregiver and baker, something I think I've always had in me from the time I can remember.
Happy PPF and almost weekend too. XO

My name is Erika. said...

Fantastic characters this week Giggles. Your pieces always have tons of personality and that's what I love about them. I am shy and introverted, so it always takes some coaxing to come out, but once I am comfortable, watch out. I've been a teacher for decades and the kids don't let you not becomes a leader. Happy weekend. Hugs-Erika

Alicia C said...

I just love your art and the colours you use, but I generally get so much out of all you write that it is the true joy for me. As usual, lots to think about! I daresay you're halfway to designing your own tarot/oracle card set too! if you ever do have one completed, let me know ;)

kat said...

What a wonderful collection of characters and soulful art! I may be a mix of this and that, a caregiver for sure as well as happy and peaceful appreciating all the little precious, simple daily pleasures in life!

Inky and Quirky said...

I love your fun characters, the colours you've used too are really vibrant and alive
Donna xx

Fallingladies said...

Great mix of characters! I am part librarian i think, love books and want to write tons so badly. But i really like your bird lady too, so cute

~Rasz~ said...

Wow! This is a wonderful post. Sure does make a person think about their own character...I did. I am the Gardener and Caretaker. I would like to think that I am able to combine the two together. Thank you for making me think! Hugs, Rasz

Carol said...

Love all of your little characters this week !!!! I'm such a mix of most of them. I strive to be kind and to make right an injustice. I have no control of the world at large but I can do the best I can at making the world around me be a place of Peace and Kindness and hopefully pass those traits on to those who know me. If enough of us strive for that the world would be covered with Peace and Kindness. ♥

Laney said...

Love your colorful art - as always! Thought provoking post as well. Hope you are having a great weekend!

June Walker said...

Very interesting! Not sure if I am any of these characters though! Need to invent a new one!

Simona C. said...

I'm a librarian... and introvert, too. ;)
Beautiful arwork, as always! <3

Linda said...

You have a lovely blog and your header is fantastic! These are all lovely! :)

denthe said...

the colours of Homeless are so gorgeous, and I love the funky glasses of the librarian. An interesting mix of characters, and I think I got a little bit of every one in me :-)

Danielle Mack said...

I love seeing all your girls together!!!

Cindy D. said...

So many fun and colorful girls! My favorite is the one with the bright cityscape.

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

Your flower girl is so sweet! You do such lovely, colorful, and creative works. Thank you for visiting my website, I appreciate the sweet words you left on my blog.

sheila 77 said...

Your characters here are all fantastic, each with his or her own character as you describe.
I am certainly a gardener at the moment and will willingly share courgettes with anyone (courgette gardeners will understand) and I love your gardener with her bright striped jersey and orange hair.
I like "The Singer" especially in the pink and orange version.
Can I be "The Librarian" and read a book for a while?
"Homeless in the City" is very touching.
This is an absolutely fascinating blogpost with so much to think about and the lovely detailed paintings to admire.
Thanks, Giggles.

Indira said...

Great set of character portraits! Enjoyed all of them. I am not sure which one is me! All of them and none of them?

carol l mckenna said...

Oh how wonderful~ Love them all and such magical happy colors!

Wishing you a happy weekend ~ ^_^

Claudia W | ImagesByCW said...

Wow - I love your paintings and the characters. And I also loved reading your words or captions to them. Have to come back to try and find myself (got to rush to work now :))

Nordljus said...

Great art work and characters! Being a librarian by profession, I guess that's what I truly am. I definitely need my quiet time, although these days, my reading is much lighter and more for pleasure and entertainment than for absorbing knowledge. And I'm happy to leave the book writing to others... But I have to admit that often, I prefer books and fictional people to real ones... But I guess we are all a mix of different character traits, some being more prominent at times, and others in other situations.

NatureFootstep said...

wow, you are so creative. My favorite is the little gardener :)

genie said...

What a great post. I had such a good time going through all of the pictures. I have to say after teaching 54 years, I relate to the librarian and she is my favorite. My second is the poor little flower girl. When I was in 2nd grade, I was my teacher's flower girl....but I did not do what I was supposed to do. Instead of dropping the flowers as I walked down the aisle, I gave them to my little classmates no matter where they were seated. It turned out to be quite comical. Thanks for your visit to my blog tonight. genie

Anonymous said...

I love your thoughts and your characters. I think I might be a combination of them all.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

I love your work!

Lina Narcisi said...

I love your characters! I prefer cold places, because of the heat off me energy.
Beautiful work!

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