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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Cast of more Characters

 The intuitive Grandma
It's such a warm week it's hard for me to focus too long on one thing!
I'd try to tackle my emails and they were overwhelming,
 even figuring out a post  for this week seemed daunting!
I am not a girl who likes heat in any way! I'll take 20 Celsius
and under  thank you very much!
Do you like it hot, or cooler?
Cat Lady Day 18 icad 48
Most of my friends are cat ladies but I'm not!
Dogs all the way for me! It doesn't help that I am so 
allergic to their fur! They always hone in and snuggle
up to me first too! I had a Siamese cat as a child name  
Mitzi twinkle toes! Then we had a black cat named Nipper
who wandered into a neighbors house  and sprayed! 
 Mom got him fixed but he was still  such a monkey. We 
didn't have either cat long probably because of my allergies.
I think mom gave them to a couple of her customers 
and told us some lame  story! As an adult any dog I 
owned was family, and  a life time commitment!  
Do you have a preference?
African princess day 17 Icad 47
When I was a little girl I had a friend named Louise. Her
 brother was the  famous  runner Harry Jerome! They
lived just down the street from us. He won a Bronze Olympic
 Medal in 1964. There is a beautiful statue of him erected in
 Vancouvers Stanley park!  Years before we met  Beardo 
he chose to write an extensive school report on him!
Have you ever known anyone of notability?
Candy shop owner day 15 icad 45
When I was a little girl  Saturdays were Candy day! 
I got ten cents to buy either a box of smarties, or a group
 of suckers tied with an elastic. As the years went on I had way
 more choices!! I found penny candies went the farthest!  As 
much as I still like Candy it does not like me.... I still have a few 
chocolates left from my birthday!  Two favourites are  
licorice allsorts and bridge mix.
 What's your favorite candy?
Paris Model Day 16 icad 46

I have never been thin! Although when I look back I  was thinner
 than I ever thought I was! I always had thin friends that seemed to 
be able to eat so much and never gain a pound! It doesn't help if 
you're short I guess!  Cupcake never weighs herself yet
adjusts her food intake by how well her clothes fit!  
Day 19 a Prophet Icad 49

In school my greatest influence was my grade nine 
English teacher  and my choral teacher  for five years. 
A well respected man who also sang the national anthem at
 Canadian hockey games for 40 years! Both teachers saw my 
potential, too bad I took so long to realize it? 
Who were your greatest influences in school?
Biker Chick day 20 Icad 50
 I've been on a motorcycle once when I was a teen,
it was big, loud, and scary! I much preferred a convertible car
 of which I owned two at different times in my life!  Nothing 
nicer than driving with the wind in your face! My brother
 designed a very nice  motorcyle that he's had for years
 but I have never been on it!
Are you a biker chick?
The Secretary Day 21 Icad 51
As much as I love  paper to write or paint on....I have an
aversion to paper work or papers laying around!  
I do love coloured wrapping paper or foils!  Cupcake 
who loved using fancy paper, and pens of all types 
when she was younger likes paper work!! She 
could  have been a secretary a lot easier than I ever could!
How about you?

Porch flowers Pink and Orange geraniums photo credit Cupcake!

My kids were gifted tickets to Adele 
 last December! Last night was the show.
The following was written by Beardo! 

We have easily and quite literally been to a solid few hundred various concerts.... We have seen legends, we have seen greats, we have seen greats before they were anyone, and some definitely not so greats.... Adele is comfortably in our top 10 greatest shows of all time! She spoke so hilariously and from the hip, sang with SO MUCH power and conviction, and took you to church and back! Just wow! 

Photo credit Beardo! The confetti is paper with her lyrics in her hand writing!
Cupcake plans on making a collage from the lyrics!!

I'm told it was such a phenomenal show. People came 
from all over the world to see her here!  Cupcake and Beardo
 wished they could go tonight! So after several hours of me pressing
 refresh and WILLING more tickets to be released I squealed
 when two tickets became available! Beardo whose
Birthday is in two weeks and didn't think he wanted anything 
yelled "Happy Birthday to me" and off they went again!! 
To laugh, sing and cry!
Happy stay cation to them! Tomorrow is Martin short and 
Steve Martin another gift bought last year!  Sunday is 
Tragically hip concert!  This is their joy over anything else...
 they've been waiting all years for this!
 I am happy for them!

What is your guilty pleasure?
Cupcake just posted this from the second show  saying it was a flawless



Valerie-Jael said...

Love the ICADS. Warm is okay, but really hot and nowhere to escape to is hard!Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

Paper rainbow said...

Ha ha....lots whirling round my head after reading. I'm a cat lady...left to my own devices i would have more! My kids home about me turning into a mad old cat lady with wild hair and hundreds of cats. I was also a biker chick....long time back. I even had a side car on the bike.. happy days. :)

Mascha said...

Lovely colorful artworks!
I had always only a bicycle (have so wished a car, but that isn't working in my poor life), that makes the action radius very small :-(
I like chocolate all my life, but I must take care for my clothing-size ;-) (I haven't money to buy new clothes)
Candies I've always only collected but not eaten...
Enjoy your summertime

sirkkis said...

Great post again. You have so many questions I can answer YES I have ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Enjoy your weekend ❤ and will see you next week again ๐Ÿ˜€

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

This is fabulous! All your images.
I am a cat woman!!!
(ใƒ„) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

Christine said...

Interesting post your questions made me think, enjoyed your colourful art.

Inky and Quirky said...

Gorgeous artwork, I adore your use of colour. I'm afraid I'm a cat lady but I've had dogs in the past..ln fact I'd just have a whole house full of animals if I could!
Donna xx

SLScheibe said...

So many questions today! I am a cooooool person too. Much prefer under 20 degrees as well. I feel like I'm melting. My art place in on the third floor and the AC never makes it up here. I don't know where you are in Canada but I'm in Kitchener-Waterloo and it's soooooo hot here too. It's hard to art in heat. Anyway, love love love your colourful creations as always!

Fuzzie Fingers said...

Great variety of artwork! I am a dog person I have two. Happy PPF!

Carol said...

Love! LOVE! LOVE! the art this week... so happy they got to go to so many concerts in one week. I envy them. I used to go to concerts all of the time. My husband is not a concert fan but he would go with me but we eventually went to fewer and fewer and now it's been years. :( I'll have to start going with my daughter :)

Linda Kunsman said...

Loving your colorful cast of characters!! Lots of thoughtful questions worth pondering over. I can only imagine how phenomenal the Adele show was!!!! So great that Cupcake and Beardo were there to take it all in. Happy PPF-and stay cool. It's supposed to feel like it's in the low hundreds(farenheit) tomorrow-and that is a bit too hot even for me:)

Faye said...

Such a lot of choices to comment on this week, Sherrie. First off, I am definitely a dog person. We had 3 at different times during our 56 years of marriage: Lance (a female part beagle, named by my very young son), Sam a black lab, and Mitzi, our beautiful black lab. Mitzy was my mother's nickname. Once on vacation, Jane Seymour, the actress, invited my dh and me to sit at their table for dinner at a fishing resort. Candy, I like most. Chocolate first, but especially the Heath bar combination of flavors. I do like Cupcake although I do also weigh myself. I always know by how the clothes fit if I have gained weight. Finally, I love the intuitive grandma, especially when posed next to those gorgeous matching geraniums. Great post.

Gillena Cox said...

luv that sweet grandma best
happy PPF

much love...

My name is Erika. said...

The Adele concert must have been great. And more fun faces this week. I love their personalities. You are very good at that. And wow- so many questions today. Nobody famous in my life, except a good friend of a good friend was the niece of Linda McCartney-married to the famous Paul. But no, I never did meet them. Just saw a few of the family photos. Happy weekend. Hugs-Erika

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and very colorful work!! Love them all, in particular your first image.

Have a wonderful day!
Nora Clemens-Gallo

sheila 77 said...

A lot of different questions today and a great array of different people.
We had a cat for over twenty years and we never saw him chase or catch a bird, so I am very much a cat person so long as they are like our old cat. As for the temperature, I love the colder weather so am perfectly at home in Scotland.
Your people Icads are again tremendous. Is "Paris Model Day" based on Cupcake, she certainly has glamour.
"Biker Chick" looks really cool against the hot red background.
I do like your cat lady very much with her green hair and her orange and green kitties.
Hope you have a great week.

Indira said...

Colorful ICADS. I love the little stories that you tell for each one of them. I am glad your children got to see Adele two nights in a row. I am sure they will remember them for a long time.

June Walker said...

I'm keen on cat lady! I have a dog though! A person of note from my childhood was bobby McGregor who won an Olympic gold medal for swimming! His father taught me swimming! Needless to say I was just passable and went into an academic career instead!

carol l mckenna said...

Love your cast of characters ~ colorful, creative and filled with delightful essence and charm ~

Happy Daze to you ~ ^_^

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

What a lovely post, so full of rich content and sweet art! I'm not much for the heat, but I don't like it super cold either...

NatureFootstep said...

lol, your first couple of woman made me think 40:s or 50:s. Thay looked like that when I was a kid. :)

denthe said...

Wonderful set of colourful characters once again! And so many questions!! Let's see: I'm definitely a summer lover and a cat person. Although now we also have a dog and I'm crazy about him. I was in the same gymnastics-club as Kim Clijsters' mom (the tennis-player)(she's from the same village I grew up in), and I like all kinds of candy, although potato-chips are my big weakness. When I have them in front of me I can't stop. I like how Cupcake adjusts her food intake by fitting her clothes. I don't think anyone in school greatly influenced me, and if they did I don't remember ;-) I'm not a biker chick, although some of my past boyfriends had bikes and I liked to sit behind them. But only in summer of course ... And I kinda like paperwork! I would LOVE to see Adele in real life, how sweet of you to gift two more tickets for tonight's show to Cupcake and Beardo! Have a great week!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

great post :) I have heard Adele puts on a good show and the Hip should be good, but at the same time very sad :(

and I like it cooler out, the heat messes with my MS and def a dog person, cats are too unpredictable. you generally know what a dog is thinking from their body language

Fran said...

Such great characters. Love Grandma and Cat Lady

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Fabulous ICADS Giggles ! I am a dog/cat person - love both!

Nordljus said...

Wonderful characters! I'm definitely not made for hot temperatures. My comfort zone is between -15 and +15 Celsius. A crisp dry winter day in the snow is perfect for me. I've had two cats in my life, and would love to have cats again one day. I might even persuaded to have a dog, but for me, it's most of all a question of where and how I live. Right now, it wouldn't be fair on either of them.

Abigail Davidson said...

Great variety of characters! Cool to see your range of inspirations -- very fun post!

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