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Thursday, August 18, 2016

A Cat Painting

Card Made for my dear friends Birthday!
 The heat is not my friend and we're in a bit 
of a heat wave at the moment! I can be found 
wearing a cold towel around my neck all day!
Recently Cupcake and I canned two dozen
large jars of garlic dill pickles in a very hot
 kitchen. We were both exhausted the next day,
 but it was so worth it.
Pickle girls
We canned even more last year and only
 have a few jars left! I had never 
considered canning  pickles until Cupcake
suggested it last year. My mom always made
them, and I enjoy carrying on the tradition
with my girl!  So rewarding!
Pickles made August 16th 2016
We found so much joy in these two cute little cukes joined together!  

A labour of love for my dear friends Birthday!
I have been working on this Tortie cat for 
a while now. I am a more intuitive whimsical
painter. This was way more literal than I'm
used to painting. It was an idea rather
than a true likeness! However I really enjoyed
creating this for my friend since a  painting I did of
her dog still holds a place of honour in her home!

I was so happy she liked it because I know how subjective
art can be! Truly I'd never be insulted if someone didn't like
a piece of my art ! "Art is like a pair of shoes, we all like
 different styles"
Digital colour edit!
 Sometimes it's very difficult to please people. I 
am reminded of that as I hear about a couple
trying to plan their wedding with disgruntled 
family members. No matter what they suggest
it's poo-pooed! They are beyond frustrated!
Sometime you need to just throw up your hands
and do what pleases you! It's impossible to please
everyone all of the time! I have found that the less
someone likes you  the harder it is to please them!
So it becomes pointless to try!
 Just maybe weddings are meant to teach a couple
they need to stand strong  as a unit, to have
a good foundation for an enduring future together!
Digital colour edit

Although there may be some initial anger at
the bride and grooms personal choices,
 eventually it will  be forgiven or forgotten!

 At first people were mad at my kids for secretly
eloping! They've been married coming up to nine 
years Valentines day! No one cares now!
 It's only one day! It's all about the bride 
and groom no one else!
There is a fifty percent divorce rate in North America. 
Apparently it's a little less in Canada at 41 percent!
My practical side feels there should be less
emphasis on big elaborate bride syndrome weddings!
With more focus on being frugal, starting a marriage
without huge debts!
Have you ever compromised in a big way to
please others at your own expense?

Were you ever bullied into changing 
your plans to suit others?
One day before the full "Corn Moon" Photo Credit Pepperpf


Valerie-Jael said...

Fun and colourful post. Love the cat, and those pickles are making me drool, yummy! Happy PPF, Hugs, Valerie


I'm sure your friend will love your portrait of her cat - it's a really lovely gesture and will go well with the dog one you did for her.
I couldn't agree more about weddings - I genuinely can't understand why people spend tens of thousands on one day - it's crazy to me. I never wanted a big wedding as the idea of being the centre of attention would bring me out in a cold sweat and you'll never please everyone anyway - I think it's funny how relatives get insulted if a bride and groom plan to do someone a certain way - I read recently about a couple who planned to serve vegan food at their wedding and her mother wrote an online letter about it and it went viral - she was saying that some of the relatives refused to go if they couldn't get meat in their meal!! Seriously, how selfish is that? If the couple are vegans then their choices should be respected on their day and it won't kill someone not to have a bit of flesh on their plate for one meal!! I'm so glad we eloped too - it was a stress free perfect day all about us!

Katie Jeanne said...

I saw your cat painting on Instagram earlier, and being such a big fan of kitties, I LOVED it! :) I hope you do more in the future.

sirkkis said...

Awesome card and the cat looks so bold and beautiful.
I am too stubborn to agree all. I know all don't like it.
In Finland 50% marriages have been divorced.

Hope you have a great weekend ♥

Beth Niquette said...

How versatile you are! Such bright happy artwork, and then your artwork in the kitchen. My goodness! You are a busy lady! ((hugs))

Christine said...

Lovely art this week! Wedding planning can be a nightmare, eloping might be a good idea.

Clare Lloyd said...

Gorgeous floral card

SLScheibe said...

WOW! I love your cat painting! I'm used to seeing your whimsical style and this was a cool surprise. It's still totally you and it's gorgeous! Love the pickle girls painting too, doing things with daughters is always nice.

I definitely agree with you about weddings. Such a huge waste of money I think, for one day and night. I've been married twice and had a big wedding to please everyone the first time. Costly. Second time, small and fun and no debt!

carol l mckenna said...

Your cat portrait is excellent and love the variations and friend's card is so creative and pickle girls and pickles! ~ I know what you mean about 'heat' ~ I can hardly function ~ Yet you did so much creating! Wonderful!

Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

Gillena Cox said...

Those pickles look yummy and your Pickle Girls are adorable
Happy PPF

much love...

Neesie said...

Now that's a majestic looking cat... I'm sure he'll be in pride of place at your friends along with your dog artwork.
Your pickling pursuits reminded me of my Grandma who used to pickle onions every year. Every family got a year supply of pickled onions. They were gorgeous, but I've never thought to make some for myself. Maybe it's time I did!
It would be perfect if you could share some of your heat. We've only had three days of summery weather where we could feel heat in the sunlight. We're back to rain again tonight! Ho hum... it's been the worst summer I've ever known.
I hope you get some relief... the cold towel sounds just the job.
Happy PPF to you

DVArtist said...

OOH OOH OOH I love love love this cat. I always am so impressed with your whimsical art, but this cat has really taken me. Don't know what that means. I just can't stop looking at it. The eyes are perfect "cat" eyes. Well done my friend.

My name is Erika. said...

I've been making pickles too. I love it-the whole process from garden to pickle jar makes me feel so self-reliant. And I think we all have sometimes had to compromise. The question is, do you get enough back at the other times to make it worth it? Once again love the art- the kitty is fantastic. Hugs and happy PPF-Erika

Faye said...

Sherrie, the cat portrait will certainly join the dog portrait in an honored place at your friend's home. It is beautiful and must have taken forever to get all the mottled effect of that type of cat. Tortoise? Anyway, you did a super job on it, and on the other works of art. Loved the pickle girls. My mother used to make pickles too. I think they were the cut ones called bread and butter. That's the kind I still buy. As for eloping, my parents did. My son had a small wedding his first marriage. After his wife's death and he had met someone who would share his life, his second wedding was at home. His bride did everything and the wedding cost under $500, including the dress she bought at Goodwill and altered. Daughter has never married so no expense there! I think weddings now are just one big party time for most couples.

Ayala Art said...

I love the cat, and I love your crazy colorful other pieces, always fun to watch!
I have never done any pickling, just a couple of times fig jelly, it was a lot of work but all fun, and delicious! We moved to another house so we didn't have the huge fig plant anymore, but it was fun :oD

Granny Annie said...

That cat just knocks me out:-)

Carol said...

Great art today !!! I LOVE the cat in all of it's colors ♥ It must have been the week for pickles :) I made Bread & Butter Pickles this week and will be making more in a day or so. Have a great week and I hope you get a cool down.

sheila 77 said...

I agree with what Nic says, so won't repeat it. Quite a few people I know who arranged a large wedding would say a week or so before the wedding that they wished it was all over and were exhausted with all the preparations and the wedding politics. Seems a crazy way to spend money, but of course that is/was their choice so one has to respect that too.
Your art is terrific as always. Love the cat, (s)he has such a strong personality. The colour changes are great too.
We saw the corn moon, beautifully large in the sky and it seemed to be much brighter. We didn't know it was a special moon until the next day.
Have a great week, Giggles. Hope it gets cooler for you.

peggy gatto said...

LOVE LOVE your vibrant art!!! Kitty is the best!!

artbyjune said...

Lovely tabby cat. He seems to be deep in thought and he has such beautiful eyes. I feel that push-pull of realistic vs intuitive art all the time. I feel I should paint realism but I am much happier with imaginative work!!

Lisabella Russo said...

I love the flower painting and the cat painting is lovely! What cute paired cucumbers. I agree that weddings seem to be quite challenging...

NatureFootstep said...

the first two images of the flowers shares one warm and ond cold. Think you needed that cold one thid days. Our hot season seem to be over for wich I am thankful.

Your drawings gave me an idea. As I work with the digital to create my images I can´t get the structure of the "oil chalks", don´t know if that is what you call them. I think I should buy some and then paint large areas on paper. Then I can take photos of tehm and use when I want to color with that sort of paint :)

Tammie Lee said...

so much fun you have been up to!

that quote about please and not pleasing, i sure can relate to that right now. darn.

fun that you made pickles.

Jennifer Rose said...

heat isn't my friend either :/ I remember making pickles when I was a kid, ate probably too many tho lol your cat is nice, i'm sure your friend will love it :)

Happy PPF! :)
Jen #50

genie said...

What a colorful post. Love your picture of there kitty. I took one of our tonight that I am going to try to draw tomorrow. Your friend is going too be so happy when that beautiful card comes in the mail. And your pickles. I used to make the best bread and butter ones when the kids were young and at home...still have the tried and true recipe. Maybe I need to give it a try again. Have a happy week. Genie

Nordljus said...

Oh those pickles look delicious!I could eat an entire jar right now. I love pickles! And your cat turned out wonderful, what a great present!
How awful about that couple's wedding! They should definitely not have to make unreasonably compromises in order to please others, it's their day after all. Sounds like the best thing they could do would be to elope too!

Mona Pendleton said...

Wow Giggles! What fun artwork! Love all the vibrant colors you create with! How fun to make those memories with your sweetheart :) While my son was at the University, we would meet up at least once a week for lunch. So happy we did because right after he graduated he relocated to Northern California. Have fun making memories :) Great photo of the moon! Happy PPF :)

marijke everythings arty said...

Thank you for a comment on my blog! I love your paintings and gherkins pickle, we have winter here, so have to wait a bit before I can bottle anything.
My son is getting married in December and their are so many expectations from the parents of the bride, so I know what you mean about couples getting pressure from other to spend more then is needed!

Lynn Cohen said...

Your card and cat painting are both wonderful! I adore the cats expression! Being the proud owner of a cat with a very expressive face, often that of a stubborn or angry king, I can so relate!

I couldn't agree with you more about simple weddings! We eloped too! My grand daughter is planning her wedding now and wants it to be a very expensive affair! It kills me thinking those many thousands of dollars going into one days party could be a huge down payment on a home, many trips abroad, a foot in the door of a fine college for a child, etc! But it's neither my money or my choice so I volunteered to hem 200 linen napkins for the wedding dinner tables! Can you imagine! ?
And I'll do it with love!
Even if I think it's all insane!

Thanks so much for your recent response on my blog about blogging! Your words were much appreciated! Xoxo

Mona Pendleton said...

Congrats on the PPF feature Giggles! Your artwork is always outstanding and inspiring! Happy PPF :)

Andrea @ From The Sol said...

Ahh Giggles, you are so insightful. I am glad you were chosen randomly on PPF or I perhaps wouldn't have found you this morning. There is so much truth to what you are saying, but is it years of wisdom that has taught you this? Perhaps a young bride and groom haven't found their footing yet and are still trying to please their parents (something I assume we all did most of our lives). But, I do so agree that the emphasis is in the wrong place ... a simple family wedding that doesn't leave everyone aghast at the bills will start a marriage out on the right foot and, if it is meant to be, a life long partnership.

As for wanting to please everyone, it seems to come naturally in women (can't speak for the men), and it is not a bad thing. But, being bullied is and yes, it happens too often to most people. I think we have to learn about our self worth before we can stand up to it ... so that is where we begin. We learn to love who we are, faults and all, and life tends to fall into place. It has been a pleasure meeting you, Giggles ... I look forward to meeting you again.

Andrea @ From the Sol

Anonymous said...

Yay! On hte cover of the PPF! Nice!

Teresa Arsenault said...

Fabulous paintings, especially the cat. Congrats on being featured at PPF.

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