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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Memories of Camping

original Art Journal bird
 It's excessively hot this week  for these parts! Every year there
 are wild fires up North. This year there was a fire in the area
 we camped when I was a child!! It was an eight hour drive we
 took each August in a Volkswagen bug that pulled a one wheel
 trailer, had a roof top carrier, two adults, three kids, (I brought my
 best girlfriend) and our dog! My dadgood nature  allowed 
for many  stops along the way. We had a picnic, ice-cream 
and lots of potty breaks!
 Day on the beach digital
 The two weeks we spent camping yearly were some of my 
 best childhood memories! The lake front property had a store, 
pool table, outside juke box where we danced on a cement
 patio! It  was the one special time  a year dad bought a
 huge  variety pack of fancy can soda!
We saved our money all year so we could buy 
whatever treats we wanted on our holiday!  I met
many  pen pals there,  we kept in touch for years!!
Day Camp
Family members came from Alberta and around B.C. to join
 in the fun! There  were lots of friends and family to
 watch all the kids. It was always so much fun and our 
parents were in a good mood most of the trip.  
We looked forward to this treat filled trip all year long 
 and two weeks always felt too short!
Colour edit
As the years went on we graduated from a tent to a rustic 
cabin with beds, a bathroom, and outdoor kitchen! It was more
 comfortable but closer to the beach. We all loved it so much!
Even the adults loved gathering even though the preparation
 was so much work!
Colour edit
We went there for about seven years, then once as
  a newlywed!  My hubby wasn't keen on 
 camping. Life as I knew it changed! We tried one more time
 to pull a small trailer up there but  only made it about an 
hour from home. Which ended my days at the  "Green Bay
Campsite in "Kelowna. There was a name change 
 to "West Bay Beach resort."  in 1981 when it 
changed hands from the previous owners the Wiigs! 
Unique digital colour edit
As I checked to see how close the wild fires were to
 the  beautiful  campgrounds I once enjoyed I saw that they
 have now closed! There is a fifty million dollar condo
 project in the works. The new places will go for 
a starting price of two and a half million dollars! 
Average price three million dollars!

Where my mediocre family once camped  will be completely 
out of reach of the average man! It made me sad beyond 
words. The world is so full of greed and excess  for the top 
echelon. Yet often times once they have it  all they still
 aren't happy! My parents were happy taking their little 
family on a two week holiday by the water each year! 
It's getting to the point where only the very elite will 
have the joy of that same experience! I'm  so glad I 
have those very fond memories....at least no 
one can take those away!!

Have you seen any disturbing changes in 
places you enjoyed when you were young?

  Cupcake and I made apple pie together from
 Transparent apples. We bought some apples from a
 friends farm a few weeks back and I peeled a full 
box of apples that I froze. They were the same apples 
 we grew when I was a kid! The pie gods were on
 our side  because pie making seemed quite easy
having the apples frozen ahead!

Mom made the best apple pie, and ours was pretty 
darn good too! Thin light tender crust with a
 yummy center.....the perfect Pie Ala mode!
The secret is good apples, don't overwork the crust,
make sure everything to do with the crust stays
really really COLD!

Do you make good pie and what's your favourite!
Mine is raspberry! We froze one of those! 


Clare Lloyd said...

Splendid art

Valerie-Jael said...

Its the same everywhere - homes and fave places have been destroyed and replaced by luxury lofts for the rich. Very hot here too, congrats on being featured at PPF! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie


what a sweet wee bird! Your camping holidays sound perfect and it's those sort of trips that make for the best memories. What a shame the elite have to bulldoze everything and turn it into a playground for the rich only. The whole world seems to be going the same way.

sirkkis said...

Hello my friend!
Thanks for your good memories and lovely illustration of them.
I love your original human bird. The eye gives it that merit 😃
Happy PPF ❤❤

Granny Annie said...

Yay Giggles!! I am so happy your wonderful cat hit this week's random selection. It definitely deserved recognition. All your work deserves recognition. Love the bird too and definitely need apple pie and ice cream now. The place I live now was a place I visited as a child and that is why I wanted to live here. Lots and lots has changed as it has grown more commercial every day. Still I can find many corners on the lake that remind me of the old days.


Linda Kunsman said...

I love your bird and all its color changes too!
So sad to see greedy changes occur in once beautiful as is spots. Seems to be the trend in many areas-the word "upscale" used WAY too often!!
Your apple pie looks so yummy. Soon I'll be making them too. Right now it's key lime pie with homemade whipped topping-very refreshing for summer.
Happy PPF my friend!

Christine said...

Wonderful memories today and beautiful art Giggles!

Faye said...

Your pies look so yummy, Sherrie. Your sketches are so vibrant and alive. Love the people and the also the bird. My dad loved to give us those summer trips too. One of the most unusual was our trip to California from Tennessee in a Chrysler with a little box built into the trunk for the kids to ride in. There were 10 of us: my parents, my teenager aunt, my uncle and aunt, and 5 of us kids. We slept out on the desert or in parks. I don't remember any sort of tents. Of course, it is now illegal to ride in the trunk of a car and probably was then. We did get a lot of attention on the road. And this was before car AC!

kat said...

Oh such a super post! I love your original bird with that bright red background. I haven't seen so many big changes my way, which is great. It must be heart breaking to see big changes to beautiful wild places that were green and there for everyone.
Your pies look delicious, I don't make many pies, I'm quite lazy and buy the pre made pie crust and put in my own filling.
I should get round to making my own as there is no comparison, maybe come the cooler weather when the kids are all back in school.

genie said...

I just LOVE your illustrations. They make me smile from ear to ear. This one is especially cute with all the gals bundled up. Toooooooo cute. Your painting of the bird and the different ways you adjusted the coloring are wonderful. I cannot pic a favorite. genie

denthe said...

Oh Giggles, that new header of yours is sublime! I LOVE it!! Congrats on being the featured artist this week! It's good that I saw your name, because I never would've thought that cat was yours. Although, looking at it I definitely can spy something quirky about it ;-) Such a beautiful present for your friend!
Almost all places that I enjoyed when I was young have been gone through disturbing changes. It really pains me to see how often beautiful simple things have to make place for bigger and "better" and more expensive and luxurious. And it's taking place all over the world. I remember when I was backpacking in Thailand for the first time (many years ago), I stayed in a very simple wooden hut right at the beach, at night I heard the waves crashing a few metres from my bed (which was just a mattress on the floor). No electricity, shared showers, but so beautiful and one with nature. When I came back there 7 years later it was all gone, and in its place was a luxury resort. I could've cried my eyes out, it was so devastating. And there's nothing we can do about it ....

DVArtist said...

Congratulations on being the featured artist this week. You know how much I love that cat. Yes, almost all of the places from my childhood have disappeared or changed so much that they are unrecognizable. Good thing we have the memories.

My name is Erika. said...

Wonderful art again this week. It always makes me smile. I will answer your question too. When I was a kid we used to visit an area in Northern NH. I hadn't been there in over 30 years but I went back this summer, and was happy to report it hadn't changed very much at all. Enough that I was happy to see it as it was, and get to relive a little memory lane walk. That usually doesn't happen, but in a way, it is good too, since it allows us to move on with life, as life moves on. Happy weekend. Hugs-Erika

NatureFootstep said...

Cool post and art. Love it!

Indira said...

Congrats on being featured on PPF. Such wonderful childhood memories. One thing for sure...what was once affordable and accessible for moderate income families is no longer so. It is not good. I like your various experimentation with the bird image.

artbyjune said...

I love the little kids camping illustrations! The rough countryside areas where I used to scramble through as a kid are mostly tamed and concrete pathways now! Houses everywhere!

carol l mckenna said...

Always delightful and colorful art here ~ lovely!

Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

Lisabella Russo said...

The pie looks delicious! I'm sorry the campground is gone, but glad you have such fond memories. I love the birdie!

Victoria said...

HI Giggles..fantastic art..I am very smitten and enchanted by your birds, so beautiful and charming! Wonderful post! yay, apple pies..looks divine!
Thanks for sharing your magic always

Mona Pendleton said...

Such beautiful artwork Giggles! Love the variety of colorful birds! Congrats on the PPF feature :)

sheila 77 said...

Your beach people are terrific with their bathing costumes, spade and pail and their headgear. I like the young girl with her orange bunches, sunglasses and red bikini, she's a great character (as all of them are). Love the castle and the seagulls flying past too.
The campers look about as cheerful as I would be if I had to go camping, love their expressions.
Here there is a great effort to keep the frontage of buildings the same while changing the insides completely, seems a bit pointless and I rather like the modern buildings that have been built over the years. Change can be good.
Birdie looks great too, I like the original best.
Have a great week.

Unknown said...

I can't make apple pie from scratch but I can eat it! And with ice cream OMG! Love it! I so love your people illustrations as well!

Paper rainbow said...

Oh yes...nothing seems to stand still and as I was raised in a remote part of Scotland I revisit and am always both happy and sad at changes..some changes being new jobs and opportunities others snatch away beautiful peaceful corners of the world. Love your bird paintings!

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