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Thursday, December 15, 2016


Laminated Fridge magnet
Three movies at the theater with a taco dinner intermission   was our most memorable Christmas day as mother and daughter. We secretly stowed away telling no one! It was planned weeks ahead. Invited to dine with other families we politely declined, having our own plans. The  regular Christmas Day crowds were in the theater,
 but  as the evening wore on we were pretty much the lonely onlies
Christmas Card fridge magnets I made for the Goddesses!
Recently we've seen people celebrating their Christmas early as children fly off to different parts of the country to be with their other parent. Its a difficult adjustment and can put a damper on the season if you let it!!
Down Stairs Powder room Cupcake made the wreath, for the door. Excess paint is hiding in those boxes under the tree!
 A completely freak accident took a young man in his twenties this summer. His moms Christmases will be forever altered.  Another mother is  in limbo as her eight year old  finishes his third round of Chemo while his three year old sister awaits his pending return for the holidays! These circumstances are extremely challenging. Calling upon our keen imagination  to adapt amidst the sad chaos of life situations can often be the only solution. 
Doing something completely different than usual, something that won't be a constant reminder of the tough times, but instead a special memory of our resilient spirit.
The gifted mosiac hand, my favourite piece of artwork, still brings me so my joy!
Every year I remind people not to let a few celebratory days a year define your happiness. Treat yourself well. At almost thirty one it's such a relief to hear Cupcake recount our Taco Christmas story with such fondness. It's such a great memory for her. It's where I took a gloomy sad time and turned it into a diversion of fun! There were people who asked what we were doing, but we needed to protect those secretly planned moments so we avoided answering!  You too can change up those tough moments with your own diversion.

Our living room, photo Credit Cupcake..the center piece is darker than it appears.
We knew people would insist we join their dinner if they got wind of
 our plan.  We didn't want pity, since we weren't feeling sorry for
 ourselves. We did   exactly as we pleased enjoying it immensely!
 It wasn't until several years  later that we even talked about it with
 others! Everyone needs to do  what makes their heart heal or sing!
 Others may need to be  included in a friends family dinner!  
There were a few years  we  did that and had more fun than 
I ever imagined! 
During my married years, tradition was to  have  friends over to play cards Christmas eve. It was always a favourite part of our celebration.  When the marriage ended  Christmas changed too. The first few year's I tried to keep things the same for my daughter, but  circumstances beyond my control  put a damper on things. We blended in with my brothers family for a bit. Then his life changed, so ours did too!
Dec 9th Snow storm the kids went for a walk from 11pm til 1 am
Hot drinks in hand! Friday night Dec 9th
Each time we adapted to new circumstances. Still things were unlike
 my consistent childhood celebrations with Christmas dinner at my
 aunts, and New Years dinner mom made for the relatives! There
 is something  to be said for those consistent traditions  my
 daughter and I  now enjoys with her in-laws.
Unpredictable heavy  snowfall Sunday night Dec 11th
   We tried not to let those few days get us down. We  kept 
a few of our own traditions, spreading them out over the month 
 of Dec. One  day was a special dinner out with a new  release 
Christmas movie in  the theater, followed by a drive  viewing all the
 gorgeous lights! Another  day we have a friend over to sharing
 baking  treats! No matter how little  we had, charity was always 
in the equation for us!  Doing something  for others can be so 
rewarding and a great diversion to stave of
the Christmas blues!
Dec 10th Saturday morning they spent most of the day walking to get groceries!
Setting boundaries around Christmas is  important to our well being. 
So many people are obligated to show up at all family functions!
  Sometimes it's not possible to do  it all, so you need to release
 the guilt, and do what you can! Be your own best friend. Treat 
yourself well! We celebrate Christmas on a different day with
 my brother so his kids  can have consistency with their
 moms family! 
Beardo carrying the produce home! They love the joys of snow!
Save time to enjoy all the little nuances of the season!
 Ask yourself what you need to adapt to the changes in
your holiday. Do something different!! Make sure to 
treat yourself too!! Don't let the blues grab hold! If by
chance they do, hang on to the snippets of joy in
your midst and watch a funny movie or binge watch
something on Netflix!! Buy yourself a gift from Santa!
My favourite photo of the hundreds Cupcake took!
The lone taxi on the road Monday Morning Dec 12th
A few Photos after the unsuspected snowfall Sunday night! Monday Dec 12th
Love this tree!
Monday Dec 12th

After the produce store they walked to the grocer! " Best Saturday ever," they said!

Here's hoping you find joy in your season no matter how you celebrate!!
Happy Holidays to you!

How do you celebrate?


Janet said...

You're so right about having your own traditions even if they aren't like the traditional ones. Around here our Christmases are quiet and we seldom buy a lot of gifts. We don't do a huge meal but keep it simple so we can enjoy the day without having to spend all our time in the kitchen.

I actually decorated this year. Something I haven't done now for a few years. It was nice to drag out all the boxes and see things with new eyes and we enjoyed it because it's our choice whether we decorate or not.

Your snowy pictures are beautiful but I'm happy we don't have any of that white stuff here! Enjoy!!

Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful snow pictures and art! I don't celebrate anything, and am happy with my choice! Have fun, hugs, Valerie

June Walker said...

Great photos. I love the fridge magnets and also all the snow pictures. Snow is beautiful....to look at!!

sirkkis said...

You have unique, beautifully decorated home. It was interesting to read about your different ways to celebrate Christmas. The photos of snow sceneries are wonderful.
I have only few relatives and traditionally celebrate together. Sometimes I travel to some nice place, but won't now.
Wishing you and yours happy, enjoyable Christmas time ❤❤❤

Christine said...

Merry Christmas Giggles, cupcake looks cute in polka dots. My husband's sister always has the whole extended family over on Christmas Day.

Linda Kunsman said...

what a truly uplifting post dear Sherrie. You are an amazing woman filled with love, strength to carry on no matter, and integrity. I love how your home is filled with bright art and things that truly bring the feel of joy. Your magnets are fabulous and the Goddesses are going to love them! Thank you for sharing those wonderful pics of your Cupcake and Beardo long with the gorgeous snow covered trees.
Hubby and I spend Christmas eve alone, have some egg nog and watch the Hallmark channel. Christmas day is totally opposite-we call it Christmas Chaos at MéMé's" because we spend the day at my Mom's and people come and go left and right-sometimes we don't even know who some of them are (a friend or two of a sibling who tells them to come over).It's noisy but fun too. Then it's back to peace and quiet for us.
Enjoy the snow, and happy PPF!

denthe said...

wow! You had a LOT of snow! It looks beautiful, although I wouldn't really want it here (we might have snow next week though ....). You are so right about celebrating Christmas the way you want to. We always get together with the whole family, usually 25 to 30 people, and it's always busy and loud and cosy and fun. Every year it's in someone else's house, and this year it's our turn. Not looking forward to the cooking, but luckily I get help from my sisters. I love the colourful paintings in your home and the pink fireplace :-) Have a happy Christmas ♥

Laney said...

Hi Sherrie! I loved this peek into your home all decorated for Christmas. I really love the paintings in the powder room! The fridge magnets are fun and I am sure the recipients will love them. The holidays can get stressful and busy and I think you are right that everyone should celebrate in the way that is best for them. Merry Christmas!

Lynn Cohen said...

You are an awesome human! So resilient and creative! I admire all this and more about you and your family! Such lovely snowy photos! I'm not keen on cold weather so I'll enjoy yours from afar!

I'm lucky this year as I'll be with both my kids and their families including 4. Of my 5 grandkids this holiday! It's never happened before! One grandson is in Peru on a spiritual camp supporting youth thing he does! I'll miss my brother from that big group left behind in California. He'll be alone, but that is how he lives. He'll be with us tomorrow for husbands birthday. Three of us make for a very pleasant time together.

Family is important to me. Whether it's us 2 or 3 or all 12 of us at once! And then there's all those cousins spread out in other cities and states with their own families, and all the deceased aunts and uncles and grandparents and parents whose spirits we invoke in memory and remembersnces of holidays past!

See what you dredge up my friend with your wonderful sharing?

Thank you and happy holidays to you and yours! Enjoy!

Gillena Cox said...

Cutest Santa Dog ever!!!

Happy Holidays

much love...

Julene said...

Thank you for sharing from your memories and from your heart. Attitude is so important and we can choose that for the most part. You have made some sweet memories and protected what was important when it was needed. Merry Christmas!

Faye said...

I love your attitude, Sherrie. Your post is helping me get over the loss of my caring, compassionate neighbors. They only got to live in their new house 18 months and now they have moved away. They took me under their wings and I was like a mom to them. Feeling sorry for my loss has clouded my day, but your post brings sunshine. Thanks. BTW I love the wall piece in your bathroom. Gorgeous.

Abigail Davidson said...

Beautiful, thoughtful post that I as well as many others can relate to! And I can see the sincere joy in your artwork -- one of my favorites of your posts!

NatureFootstep said...

loved your magnet dog :) And your fireplace :) We don´t have that much snow right now. It is melting.

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

What a sweet post, your pup is lovely. Every Christmas tends to be different. I'm glad you have such sweet memories and adaptability...

NatashaMay said...

Great photos! And a great tradition. I hope I think of something for my kid to remember as well.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

the snow photos are gorgeous :) too many people feel pressured to have the "perfect" christmas, they get stressed, people get mad, things are "ruined". Its not worth it, if things don't go to plan, embrace the mess up and change things. Traditions were meant to evolve with the times. Spending all day watching movies sounds perfect, no pressure or stress (unless you run out of popcorn)

baili said...

i am captivated with your story of life and beautiful words of wisdom dear!
you are very STRONG person and i feel glad for to have good command on your mind and soul!
wishing you a BEAUTIFUL Christmas ahead

Granny Annie said...

Delightful Christmas magnets as well as delightful fun in the snow.

sheila 77 said...

Great suggestions for enjoying the Christmas season. We imagine that others are having a wonderful family party but it is amazing how many people don't celebrate like that yet enjoy themselves in their own way.
Make the most of it, do what you enjoy - yes, that's great advice.
Enjoy the simple pleasures.
Love that you and Cupcake went to three movies in a row. We did that once with the Star Wars three movies (when they were only three) with an intermission somewhere. It was fun.
Love the snowy frosty photographs. We have yet to see either frost or snow so if you have too much please send some our way.
That's a beautiful photograph of Cupcake and Beardo in the snow, they always look so happy together.

leekrek said...

the snow looks nice, probably not there now, Love all your stories and showing us how your house is decorated, which by the way is fabulous. Merry Christmas


Nordljus said...

What a wonderful Christmas treat you gave yourselves! So often, when you do something that doesn't conform to most people's perception of how things should be or be done, they just can't understand it and, worse, might even want to try and fix it. I think that everyone should be allowed to spend their holidays as they wish. As all my relatives live in another country, our Christmases were always small and quiet. And as I grew older, my Mum, a retired nurse, would often work on Christmas, to allow her younger colleagues, with small children, to be at home. So for me, Christmas is mostly a time to relax, eat good food and too much chocolate.
Wonderful decorations, love that teal wall! And I'm so envious of all that snow!
Happy Holidays!

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