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Thursday, December 08, 2016

Growing the Good

Paint Party Friday

There's not always time to pull weeds in a flower garden.
It doesn't diminish how beautiful the individual flowers are.
Pulling weeds makes the garden prettier, enhancing
the beauty of the flowers even more!
First snow day in Dec 5th 2016, My Snow Angel!
If  we fertilize  weeds they grow even grander, diminishing
  the garden, still the  flowers survive in their own beauty!
 If we fertilize the flowers to grow bigger and even more
  beautiful they can choke out the weeds!!
Little Christmas light of houses from the 70"s I still love it!!

I prefer to fertilize the good....grow what is good. Choke out the bad
as much as possible. I was raised in a home where there
   was too much negativity! Possibly born from their harsh
unpredictable childhoods. Although I know they loved me, 
sometimes the negativity smothered feelings of love.
I spent a lot of my youth arguing for the good of people!
Innately knowing we all have dark and light residing
within. I need to see the good for my own well
The more I distanced myself from negative
thought the better my life got.  I"ve always been 
appreciative of good things that come my way! I still am. 
Doesn't mean I don't  take precautions in my 
life. I was often teased when I used a car alarm and 
anti theft bar at the same time! Warding of potential 
unnecessary inconvenience and drama!

 That which is good and  acceptable
for me, may not be for you! Some people
are more desensitized, have different perspectives
enjoy different lifestyles. 
Loving some of the quirky colour that occurred with a digital edit!
 My parents spent a lifetime waiting to enjoy retirement,
 dying before they could fully enjoy it! They fruitlessly
 worried and surmised the future wouldn't be good.
 For them it wasn't!
Cupcake enjoying the snow in her over a decade old fluvogs.
There will always be upsets, death, illness, disappointment
and rejection!   Yes, we  need to grieve it all, of course we do.
We deal with it best we can.
 Finding something within to help us cope and adapt 
  is terrifying, yet imperative. Through grief I have found
coping skills I never imagined would be so important.
  Spirituality, creativity, and gratitude for all that 
is good and all that I have!
Dec 7th 2016 residual snow, cold and slippery! Photo Cupcake
There are always changes and challenges, so we adapt. 
No one understands that better than someone with
an illness or disability. You learn to grab things with 
your cane, turn switches off with it, and ask for
help when you can't do it yourself!
Afternoon beauty Photo credit Cupcake
I like to find beauty in stories of redemption
in a quiet moments,  in accomplishing something 
small and relevant. It's easier to live in the moment,
 being grateful for all the little things that grace my life.
Like photos my daughter shares knowing it's too 
slippery  for me to be out there safely enjoying the snow!

 Seems to me some of todays media focuses on sensationalizing
scare tactics. Focusing too much on the terrible. Bolstering
bad ideas. A sense of professionalism seems lacking  as
they compete with social media. Editing is choppy, often 
misrepresenting a story. It's exhausting living in fear 
so I think  growing the good  is just one way to combat it!
I'm hoping to choke out a few more weeds while I 
focus on and grow the good in my world!

How about you, do you fall prey to all the negativity 
surrounding us, or do you push it away?

 We have a big snow storm coming tonight!! 
Can't wait to enjoy the beauty from my window!


Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful post, lovely illustrations and photos. Enjoy your snow! Hugs, Valerie

sirkkis said...

Your post is full of good things and thoughts. Thank you for sharing with us. The'winter angel',
Cupcace is charming, the digital paintings expressive as always. To your question I must answer:
both and.
I hope you can enjoy the snowstorm. However I hope you stay inside;)
Happy PPF and weekend to you and yours xx

Lynn Cohen said...

Well dear friend you post wonderful art, beautiful photography especially that one of your daughter, plus her snow scenes! And you pose important thoughts and questions! You always make me think!!! Yes I find myself bogged down by fear by the frightening choices our president elect is making for our country (USA) and by the insane choices of people he is putting in position to make more frightening decisions for our lives! How can one not be fearful? I will not stand by and watch helplessly! I will speak up and I will figure out how to fight back! This negativity cannot be allowed! Will I and others who feel as I do be able to make a difference remains to be seen! That's positive energy I'm suggesting using to fight evil! Wish us luck, because the changes happening here are going to affect the whole world!
Love and good wishes to you and yours! Do stay safe on your icy and snowy walks!

My name is Erika. said...

Your festive post made me smile this morning. And I love the new header. Your people always have such huge fun personalities. Hugs-Erika

Susan said...

As usual, a thoughtful, inspiring post with wonderful seasonal photos (your daughter is stunning).
I find when watching (and reading) the news I hear the word"could" more than "is". I thought a journalist's responsibility was to tell what "is" not what might happen.

Andrea Priebe said...

I could easily be consumed by what is happening in my country. I keep busy, doing things for others and for me to keep my mind away from what my world has become. At night I have to leave the television on to fall asleep because if it is dark and quiet, all of the grief and anger comes forward and my brain starts to emasculate me. There is no real escape and I haven't figured out how to protect myself and my family from the awfulness outside ... I will watch the snow through the window and feed the birds and love my friends and family and hope if I keep my head down our lives won't be destroyed by the uncaring, self serving, distasteful group who seem to have permeated our world. Your posts are thoughtful and thought provoking, Giggles ... and I love your art and edits.

Anddrea @ From The Sol

Julene said...

Thanks for sharing your art and photo's! Life is ever changing and there is good that shines thru each and everyday. Your happy art work is doing just that!

Linda Kunsman said...

what a really beautiful and thoughtful post-so full of truth. It goes without saying how much I love your art, and Cupcake looks like a professional model-so beautiful! We may be getting our firat snow this week-not sure how I feel as you know how much I love summer...
Internet issues and super busy schedule have kept me away but I do hope to get a post in for nest week.
As for the negativity-growing up surrounded by it I chose early on to push it away and focus on the good, trying to be a positive influence in my daily life. Happy PPF and have a super weekend!

Gloria J Zucaro said...

I love the doggy! Yes, I prefer to focus on the good in people and life. I hardly watch mainstream news anymore. But I really like WTTW PBS Newshour 6-7PM. They hosts do not give their opinions. They have articulate expects as guests on current subjects of the day. They also have series that they feature a special topic for that week or more, where you get indepth reporting.

If I receive email with dire warnings from friends about any subject, I immediately delete.

Have a wonderful snow filled week with your colorful companions.

Clare Lloyd said...

Fab art and photos

Christine said...

lovely post, I like cupcake's photos. I do try to stay positive not always easy!

Janet said...

To answer your question, I try to stay away from negativity as much as possible. I quit watching the news because it really isn't news anymore. It's only a watered down version of what might or might not be happening! And mostly a way to control the masses by fear.

I like to keep a positive attitude and think good thoughts but I have to say that right now in this country (US) it's getting more difficult to do!

Faye said...

Great post, Sherrie. I see and have seen through the years enough acts of kindness that I know that no matter who is president, how deep the stock market falls, how weird some of our laws get to be that there will always be good people out there. I try to stay connected to people who are positive because the negative will pull one down. I love seeing your quirky art. I love seeing your beautiful daughter (and I can tell from your comments that she is beautiful inside as well as out). Have a happy week.

Neesie said...

Yet again you share brilliant artwork, photography and poignant, thought provoking words. In recent years I've made a conscious effort to turn away from negativity. If I find that the negative noise is gaining volume I try to find the positive held within. So far I've always been able to find it.
Cupcake is stunning and you must be bursting with pride.
Stay cosy and safe, but enjoy the beautiful white winter wonderland out there.
Happy PPF to you xoxo

denthe said...

it's almost as if your paintings light up. Love how they glow! Perfect for this time of year. I try to push the negative away as much as I can, although sometimes it's hard to escape. Especially with what's happening in America it's hard not to worry about the future.... Hope your snow storm is lovely to watch but won't leave any damage :-)

Gillena Cox said...

Luv your reindeer, go have a look at mine. Happy PPF

much love...

riitta k said...

A lovely post - especially I love the dogs - so cute ❤︎ Hugs to your beautiful weekend!

Mascha said...

Beautiful photos and pictures, I don't understand all the words (and the translator is not always a big help in difficult thoughts).
Enjoy your time, hope, the snow storm wasn't to bad.

I try to keep myself away from Social Media, most I don't understand there, but it seems not good for me.

Granny Annie said...

Great post, as always. Love the angels in your heading. My husband retired very young and people always ask him why he wasn't still working. I am glad he was able to enjoy many years before the cancer hit him.

leekrek said...

your girl is very pretty, loved the sneek peaks at your christmas stuff and your drawings make me smile, loving the colours

Tracy said...

Such wise words, Giggles. Strangle those weeds! Fertilize the good!

carol l mckenna said...

Looks like Christmas on your blog ~ love it all ~ Beautiful young lady ~ gorgeous art ~ love the reindeer and its expression ~ delightful and creative post ~ thanks,

Wishing you peace in your week ~ ^_^

NatureFootstep said...

we got some snow too.
Think we could use many of your Love image :) Send it all over the world :)

sheila 77 said...

Yes, the media is crazy, always harping on the bad things and bad people. In my experience there is so much good in the world with kind, generous people everywhere.
I love your delightful photo of Cupcake, and the painting of the Joy Angel.
The snowy photos are marvellous, so scenic. I hope you had an enjoyable snowstorm.

June Walker said...

I love the dog sketch! Especially the purple one!

ArtbyNicolaMcLean said...

I've missed your thought provoking posts while I've been so absent from blogland! The snow looks lovely there! It's very easy to get sucked into a world of negativity these days as that's all we seem to hear about - doom and gloom and fake news stories stirring it all up even more! I try not to get sucked in and if I feel I am then I take a social media break which is never a bad idea!

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