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Friday, December 02, 2016

Creative Conflict

A new painting over an old one!

I painted over an old painting so overworked
  paint build-up caused unnecessary texture!
After revamping my lap desk (below) for the second
time in fourteen months, I was in such a creative frenzy,
 searching  for more to repaint! I love when that
 happens. It usually produces something a little 
different.  I see a few changes I still want to 
make. I've started a third piece too!
Repainted lap desk. The dark red not showing up properly!
This repainted lap desk was covered with 
14 months worth of paint splatters!  I forgot to get a photo
 of how messy it was. Lower left corner in the photo below 
indicates how bad it can get when I let loose! 
I like the change, better than a face full of paint splatters!
 You can't see the high gloss varnish or the deep red
in the above photo!
The before! Fourteen months ago I painted my lap desk like this. It's again repainted!
I often find myself in creative conflict. I'm either contrived,
 overworking my canvas or art journals to a point
I dislike the outcome. Or I'm messy and whimsy
  overtakes me. At that point I am completely free, quirky,
 feel a bit disassociated from the outcome! I think
the new piece was a combination of the two!
Love the digital colour change on this one!
The words from the former painting begged to

be used in this one even though that wasn't
my intention! I even sanded down the rough
parts....like stubborn chin hairs they refused to leave!! 
When I tried to add a few new words they were 
rebuffed... so I gessoed over those and embraced
the ones left behind! 
Sheila noted that this was in my book and I'd not shared it yet!  
Lap desk colour change!

Beautiful sky  this week! photo credit Cupcake

 I could never explain how this piece was created except to 
say my squiggles turned into a hand first! The  rest came
  next! Twenty five years ago my brother and I would
burst into  guilty fits of laughter in the elevator after
visiting our mom in palliative care. In retrospect  
I realize it's always been our coping mechanism.
Joking about serious issues often dulls the pain!
I love seeing these digital colour changes.. some colours are so inspiring!

  There are things about getting older that are so
   hilarious if you look at it with a young spirit!
  It's a blessing if you can except all the quirks of aging
to belly laugh with your friends and family!! It's even better
if you can have a few laughs during the really tough times too!
I have been laughing way too much this week....just sayin!

Do you ever have creative conflict? 

What's your best coping mechanism for hard times? 


Valerie-Jael said...

Love all your re-worked pieces, you surely had fun making them, now enjoy using them. I usually go for long walks if I need to come to terms with things. Getting older is not easy, nut humour does help! Hugs, Valerie

sirkkis said...

Thank you for the wonderful post. I am impressed by your creativity.
Happy PPF and weekend ❤❤

denthe said...

I really like the geometrical forms combined with your strong colours and the small details and the lettering. It gives a very special result. I know exactly what you're talking about being in a creative frenzy. I love it when that happens :-)

Linda Kunsman said...

your art always makes me smile-so bright and cheerful! I love your digital color play too-it is inspiring and offers new color palettes to play with too. Keep on laughing, and happy PPF!

Andrea Priebe said...

Coping is the name of the game these days ... seems I have more worries than I can laugh about, but laughter is the cure. It takes me to a different place where issues don't seem so important. My friend and I, who is a year older than me, have built our friendship around humor and laughter as there is much to laugh abut at our age (the alternative would be to fret and cry). We keep each other on track. My FH and I do the same ... but sadly we have to deal with life's realities as well. Keeping busy also helps ... if I slow down, I find myself thinking about those things that stress me ... so being on the fly is the second best cure. Doing the two together is perfect, but then it is also fantasy ... hmmmm, is that allowed? Should I be living a fantasy while the rest of the world crumbles around me ... don't know :(

Andrea @ From the Sol

Gloria J Zucaro said...

Good morning! I love your geometric composition this week. What a great lap desk to work on. I am always touched by your words of wisdom surrounding your art and many times surprised at your artful interpretation of them! The only way I can handle despair is to bury it and then I don't feel anything. But occasionally a crack will appear and loud sobs escape for a minute.

carol l mckenna said...

Love the new painting and each one gets better and better ~ All are so happy in their colors ~

Wishing you a delightful weekend ~ ^_^

My name is Erika. said...

Glad to see a little bit of face in your post as I thought you were going all abstract on us. Even though I do like those pieces. Great new blog header too. happy December. Hugs-Erika

Katie Jeanne said...

It's kinda weird how we often do the same thing without realizing it at the time. Maybe we're long lost sisters..I always wanted to have a sister. :D Anyway, I painted over my work desk area yesterday..I didn't make it fancy like yours, just white, but now that I've seen yours, maybe I will get more creative next time. :) Love all the pink, of course.

I definitely have a creative conflict..I have two different styles going on at all times - portraits and cottage chic florals and birds. I have a third that creeps in from time to time, too..I love painting landscapes and abstracts. Somehow, it all works for me. As you know, I get bored easily, and used to get so tired of painting just portraits. I thought I'd lose my mind if I had to paint another one. I don't fight against or resist the conflict anymore, and it's made everything so much easier. If I want to paint an abstract, I paint a freaking abstract. :D

I hope whatever it is that made this week difficult for you will ease in the coming week. <3

peggy gatto said...

What joyful art, love the pops of color!!!

kat said...

Just keep up the fun and colour, it's always bright and happy here! Wonderful pieces and colour changes, they are favourites, you certainly have fun with colour, it's a real party here and that sky is gorgeous!

Christine said...

creative colourful work! Beautiful photo from cupcake. It takes strength to deal with hard times for sure. I would say try to keep going no matter what.

Faye said...

Sherrie, your repurposed paintings are fabulous. I know the lap desk painting has a lot more character than its former self. The squiggly drawings are neat, as always, and you always seem to find sayings that fit or maybe you are making them up yourself.

BrownPaperBunny said...

Love all the pieces you shared this week, thank you! Happy PPF!

Laney said...

I love how you painted over your lap desk! Great geometric composition. I agree that laughter is a good asset to have. Happy PPF!

sheila 77 said...

Whay fun to paint your lap desk and I like the virtual colour changes too.
Oh, the Princess has made her official appearance, lovely to see her, and how I empathise with these words, I know just what you mean. She has a beautiful blue castle and a rather nice handbag and I'm sure she is a generous giver.
I suppose it depends on what the hard time is as to how we cope, that's a difficult question which I will have to think about.
My only creative conflict at the moment is not having enought Time, but that probably applies to everyone.
I like your frosty header and I've spent a minute or two looking at these so different personalities with their happy hats.
Have a happy laughter filled weekend and week ahead.

Gillena Cox said...

I do agree with this week's process: you can always take it one step further

much love...

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Color, form and personality. That is what I see here. All beautiful.

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Your reworked art is super - great that you make your laptop such an unique artpiece again and again! I often have creative conflicts - the most problem is that I have more ideas than time to put them into practice -
and yes overworking my art journal pages is something that annoys me and I dislike the outcome. I love the "no matter how hard life gets" piece! You are right that looking at all with a young spirit makes things much more easier - I try often ... but not always I am able to do it!
Happy weekend Giggles!
Thank you for your nice vist and comment!

Janet said...

The re-worked pieces are just great! I love the way you use color and shapes, then bring it together with words. I would recognize your art anywhere. You have your own unique style which is something I am constantly trying to find in myself.

I often say it's either feast or famine with my creativity. As for creative conflict, yes! My motto is "more is more" and sometimes I get carried away with it.

Indira said...

Your reworked pieces with all the digital color changes is fantastic. I like your humor :)

Carol Samsel said...

I like the reworked and all of the color changes.I'm not posting again this week...too busy working on Christmas gifts for art right now. I'll be back after the holidays.

Meihsia Liu said...

Love your beautiful drawing and bright colors! Simply fabulous! :)

JKW said...

Amazing. . .someone else has stubborn chin hairs. . .yep, that is what I got out of that. . . the color work is so decorative. .beautiful. Cupcake got a great photo. Blessings, Janet

Neesie said...

(Haha) You had me giggling at your chin hair statement which is just what I needed. We are having a serious few months, and any chuckle is most welcome.
Your painting is so vibrant and bright... it's very cheerful.
Great photo from Cupcake too.
Have a great Sunday :D

Abigail Davidson said...

The patterning and color combined are gorgeous! Really eye-catching!

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

Your art is so creative and upbeat, I love that about it! Definitely I sometimes have creative conflict...

riitta k said...

Your art is so jolly and the banner guys make me smile!!! We do need joy in our life - thank you for your share <3

Mona Pendleton said...

Such fun and inspiration paintings Giggles! Always so colorful! Hope you are enjoying the magic of the holiday season! Happy PPF :)

leekrek said...

you always make me smile, and I might always not comment, but I love your free spirt, and it shows in your art, I love your art, its funky, bright and beautiful, are styles are almost the same.

June Walker said...

I love the geometric repainted works! My conflict is choosing between whimsy and reality to paint something!! So I alternate!

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