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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Celebrating love

Randy Wiener has been celebrating Love!
 Married 3288 Days Still in love!!
My kids Celebrated  their 9th wedding on Valentines day!
Nothing ostentatious for them, just a Dairy Queen 
ice-cream cake/#cakefail with terrible writing!
These two celebrate their love daily with respect, 
care, and laughter! That ugly  cake made us all
 laugh! A cozy home cooked meal, a few special 
 snacks while cuddled up  binge watching  Netflix was 
all they needed to truly  feel the love! They look
forward to a few future concerts on the horizon!
Outside of  some yellow tulips it was a very 
simple day of joy! 
Jimmy is a new page in one of the journals I'm trying to complete!
To my surprise, several new night shirts recently ordered
  which I practically live in    made in heart fabric,
  showed up on valentines day! Which made my 
day!  Hard to find many shirts more like dresses
 without paint on them in this house, so it's always a 
treat to get new ones!!  I tend to protect them for several
Do you have paint on your clothes or stick to one outfit? 
My colourful snow owls!!
I wanted to challenge myself, so I  painted several small
 pieces to fit into a snow globe. Then used them to make
 a digital collage that I used for my new banner! 
 Working small is not my thing, I'm not good at it but I 
like  how it turned out! Cupcake complained they were
wearing Christmas hats. I begged to differ saying they
were snow hats!! 
I created this digital piece a while back after upsetting news
from a dear friend. Sometime you have to grab onto
hope and faith a little tighter than normal!
Digital colour alterations! I think Jimmy might be part chameleon!
  I created a wonderful digital piece a week or so back,
but it was lost when my computer froze! I was pretty 
choked! So I created the one below instead!!
  Note to self," frequently save things as you go!"
 Even at my least creative,  we always live a
  creative life! 
Cupcake  made  curtains from the ikea fabric she bought a few years ago!
I realize now, most of my life I was trying to live a completely
creative life but other demands often got in my way! Just like
good nutrition, it's a commitment to live the creative life!
 Thankfully I found my way!
Another adorable fun quilt Cupcake made...the fabric she picks often mirrors my artwork!
Hope my daughter finds the full capacity of her creativity a 
lot sooner than I did. She certainly on that path now!!

Wish I had heard this quote years ago!
"Dont let people that don't matter too much, matter too much!!" Wes Moore!

I hope you always remember to make time for yourself!! 

Have you been able to commit to your 
creativity  in the capacity that you want? 
If not how can you make that happen?


Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Congratulations to Cupcake and Beardo on their 9th wedding anniversary! I really like Jimmy's tangled pattern and sweet face. I am committed to my creativity, but wish I could immerse myself in it full time. That's my goal for when I retire, so God will I'll be able to do it. Blessings!

BrownPaperBunny said...

Randy Wiener cracked me up, I think I love him! :) Happy PPF and congrats to the kids on their anniversary!

Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful ART; LOVE Jimmy. Congrats to your kids! I do often paint my clothes, but not on purpose! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

Sue (this n that) said...

Hello Dear Giggles, it's been fun reading through your brilliantly colourful post - scrolling down is pure delight! I love Jimmy's chameleon tendencies ;D) The Good Kick in the Pants is always a timely reminder done in a delight way!! Cupcake has wonderful taste in her bedspread designs... Happy Anniversary to a cute couple. Cheers now and thanks for the bright and happy posting :D)🌻

Clare Lloyd said...

Super art

Nadya said...

Aww, happy anniversary to the young'ns!
Your quote on not letting certain people matter to much reminds of one around not making someone first in your life who doesn't make you first in theirs.
I fluctuate in how much time I focus on creativity, good reminder to just make time!

Jutta.K. said...

Congratulations, that's a great work !
Your style is impressive, i like it
Greetings from Germany

sirkkis said...

I love your colourful snow owels with love!
As young I made some my clothes but no anymore. Some kniting sometimes.
Your sweet Cupcake is a talented youg woman. Lovely quilt with your art.
Wishing you happy PPF and weekend xx

My name is Erika. said...

Loving the new blog header with those owls! So cute. Congrats to Cupcake and Beardo. That cake is funny. I was a couple of paint shirts that I always wear and prefer to make art in really comfy clothes. Now if only I didn't have to work for health insurance I would have plenty more creative time. Its really sad here in the US that so many people have to work just for that. Happy weekend. Hugs-Erika

Granny Annie said...

This is a great PPF on your post! At least I don't have to worry about paint removal when using digital paint. LOL

Linda Kunsman said...

what a really uplifting post! And that header- I am in love with it!!! Congratulations to Cupcake and Beardo. And her fabric choices and creations are very cool. Your Jimmy is so sweet and I think chameleon suits him well:)Great quote for sure! My hubby likes "when you see crazy, cross the street" from Iylana Van Zant. But there ARE so many good ones:) I have ruined a good shirt so I now stick to a few old clothes when I know I'll be making a mess. Enjoy the weekend and happy PPF!

denthe said...

Love your digital pieces, and the owls are so cute :-) And those fabrics, wow!
It really is a commitment to live the creative life. I'm trying every day, but way too often life gets in the way. Still, I'm trying to change some time-consuming habits and replace them with art making. It's a long slow process but I'll get there .... ;-)

Faye said...

Really nice work. I love all the love! The piece with the doxie dog and love is my most favorite followed closely by the one about when you get bad news. Great work this week, Sherrie. And the fabric looks like something you designed.

Christine said...

cupcake is so talented!

artbyjune said...

Love the art work! A delight. I love your daughters quilts and curtains too! Have a lovely weekend!

peggy gatto said...

I love your new small art! Really love that lady!!!!
Happy painting here!!

froebelsternchen said...

Fabulous post and art Sherrie ! I love Jimmy -lol!
Congratulations to Cupcake and Beardo on their 9th wedding anniversary! WOW!!!

oxo Susi

Robin said...

Great, happy post! The kids look so good celebrating the days they have been married/together. Your art as always is so unique and pretty and I love the different colors you create in your art! Happy PPF and have a GREAT week! Hugz, Rasz

NatureFootstep said...

beautiful and positive artwork. Love it!

Gillena Cox said...

Anniversary blessings to the young ones,

I continue to enjoy your quotes and your fun art, thanks for dropping by my blog this weekend

much love...

carol l mckenna said...

Congratulations to Cupcake and Beardo ~ 9 years and still in love ~ ^_^

Your header is so colorful and happy as is all your art ~ glad you found your way ~ I am still finding mine ~ Thanks for all the beautiful art work ~

Wishing you a Happy Day ~ ^_^

Lucy said...

Happy Anniversary to your beautiful children AND happy Bd Pepper!
your page just brightens up any mood! ( and I needed it today!)
miss u and hope you're doing well..
I am NOT creating in the capacity I want.. not sure how to make it happen
maybe win the lottery and retire so I have ME time? haha
Hope you got my xmas card, it's been too long since I've written u a note!
haven't forgotten the special bond we share. Hugs and hope you NEVEr stop creating
your Happy art! xoxo

Laney said...

Happy Anniversary to Cupcake and Beardo! Love the chameleon ;). I try not to get paint on my clothes but definitely think about what I have on before I go in to paint! Happy PPF!

Fran said...

Sweet anniversary story and I love your "Jimmy" drawing.

Lisabella Russo said...

What fun and original art pieces! Congrats on your daughter and son in law's wedding anniversary.

Serena Lewis said...

Happy Anniversary to the kids! It seems Cupcake has definitely picked up on your talent. Happy and fun post. Love those owls!

Gloria j Zucaro said...

I love Mr. Weiner! Yes, I do let other things distract me from making art. But at my age I am too old and too traditional to do anything else! I resisted house cleaning, putting away Christmas decor and starting collecting my tax info papers until the last week of January when I was doing the Creative Jumpstart project everyday. Now I am back and forth between taxes, cleaning and a bit of art once or twice a week! Darn it! That is why I like workshops-intensely drowning in art all day for several days!
Have a good week.

sheila 77 said...

Randy Wiener is great and he's got the right idea.
Jimmy is fun too, Jimmy with the blue eye-shadow.
You've made a lovely "bad news" painting, it's so thoughtful and caring.
I like your quote at the end, how very true it is. It could be very useful.
There is never enough time for creativity IMO but maybe if there was there would be too much.
Great post, Giggles. Have a happy week doing what you like to do.

Michelle Allen said...

Wow girl, you have been busy! Looking great!!! <3

Michelle Allen said...

Wow girl, you have been busy! Looking great!!! <3

EVA said...

Lots o fun creations! I especially love that "kick in the pants"!

Lynn Cohen said...

Happy Anniversary to the young love birds!
Happy for your gifts of new gowns to draw in! I often have paint on my jeans! Mostly it washes out!
I love your owls in their winters hats and the kick yourself in the butt drawing! All fun, colorful and fun!
I'm fortunate to have six morning a week to draw and most evenings! It's become a ritual and normal part of my life!

Jenn Jilks said...

How sweet is that? Love your art.
My kids were married on their birthday. Jess & his spouse were both born on May 19th! They baby, May 9th!

Tammie Dickerson said...

Wonderful post! I love the color and shapes of your snow owls! They are so full of life! Just imagine a quilt made of those - adorable! I get up every morning and say to myself, "What amazing thing are you going to do today?" It always inspires me! Have an amazingly creative week!

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