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Friday, February 10, 2017

Focusing on the love!

Goodness knows bathing in  love at this juncture
 would make a discernible difference to our world!
Never have I felt the need to grow more love than I do now! 
Focusing on love so  fear doesn't penetrate our
 souls eating away at us like a cancer, seems imperative!

Black History Month! Canada is blessed to be so diverse!
There is such a need to make sure our words are more 
loving than not!  Even if we disagree there's a big 
need to focus on being kind, speaking kind, doing 
kind deeds! If ever there needed
to be an example of LOVE...Now is the time!

New digital characters emerging with a slightly different style!
 Especially when so many are feeling disheartened 
and disillusioned!  When others speak hate we need
to wipe it out with love. We can't let our souls and our
children's souls keep hearing negative buzz words!

Using a new style and colours I avoid!
I don't want to be defined by this mean spirited era.
 Fighting mean with mean has never worked! Sadly 
sometimes speaking the truth can look mean, 
feel mean and seem mean. Naming it with humour
and kindness is often the only way to alleviate
the hate that seems to be consuming us!
These are very small pieces of painted art collaged digitally to make this fun piece!!
More than every we have been watching Netflix and enjoying
any kind of humour that takes us away to an alternate reality!!

  Each new day I needs to read several positive
 stories to wipe out the negative ones!!    
How are you coping?
Recently I watched the Warren Buffet documentary movie
 ...it was nothing of what I expected and very very good.
 I loved it!  It's proof that we all have different gifts! 
Finding and using them can be so powerful, even 
the richest in certain skills  can be woefully  
lacking in other areas!!
   Cupcake got the snow she was wanting for her birthday!
Loads and loads of it! Both of us thank you for all the 
lovely Birthday wishes they were all so kind! 

 After binge watching Netflix all friday night they went 
for a morning stroll at 6:30 am, then went to bed!
There are literally thousands of snow photos
and I just don't know which ones to share! 

 After some sleep they walked to do 
some produce shopping in one direction, then groceries
in another! You can see by the joy on her face is was a
very happy day!  This girl truly knows how to find joy
in small things!!
This is one of my favourites and I have no idea why!
It snowed for several days off and on until the snow
was to their knees! It was a lot of work for some
people shoveling out! 
 With a couple of days of rain we are down to a small
layer now! It was beautiful while it lasted! It's 
rare for us to have  several snow storms in the winter, 
so it was welcome change!   


June Walker said...

Hi there Giggles. Such great snow pictures! I also love your whimsical art...portraits! Have a great weekend.

Valerie-Jael said...

Keep the love with you, I think the love we have protects us from a lot. Happy Weekend, hugs, Valerie

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

Glad to hear that she had a great Birthday with lots of snow. Great art!

sheila 77 said...

Hello Giggles.
Glad you enjoyed the snow, it makes the world beautiful and we can cosy indoors or go out for a brisk walk. I love the snow photographs with Cupcake and Beardo (both well wrapped up).
I'm interested in your different faces. There are lots of deep thoughts going on there and definitely a wide variety of individuals.
I think the media pushes the bad news incessantly, it's best not to watch it. There is lots of love and happiness in the world, it just doesn't get the same publicity.
Have a great weekend and a happy week making art and whatever else you like to do.

froebelsternchen Susi said...

All this faces are great Sherrie!
Your LOVE post is good for my heart! Thank you!
Happy new week ahead!
oxo Susi

Christine said...

I have to find that Warren Buffet documentary you recommended! You are blessed with tour lovely daughter and son in law.

Faye said...

Love your header banner! And about love, we can all have brotherly love, even if some can't get to "agape love" that the Bible talks about. Your snow photos are awesome. Looks like Cupcake and Beardo love the snow. What a nice birthday present!

gillena cox said...

Speaking of movies my daughter took me to see Missing Figures. And we both enjoyed it so much

Thanks for your share of love art this week words

Much love...

Susan said...

Wow, I love your assortment of faces! Each one a character of it's own. Happy PPF

denthe said...

Wow, you had a lot of snow! It sure looks pretty. You're so right: the world needs love. And kindness. And compassion. More than ever. When it gets too much for me, I stay away from the internet and from TV. I paint or draw or read. And sometimes I feel better when I go on FB. Some stories that are shared there can really lift my spirits. Initiatives people are taking against all the hate and anger. It's heartwarming sometimes. As long as I don't read the comments-section, they can be really poisonous sometimes :-( Your new style looks so sad... I hope that is not the way you feel nowadays. At least Herman is jumping around in joy ;-)

Linda Kunsman said...

wonderful and thoughtful words and post. Seems like many of us are looking for the love to get us thru. Super art! Tho I do NOT like winter weather the snow is quite beautiful when it first falls. We had our first major snow this past week. But I sure am glad it's warmed up enough to slowly melt away:) Happy PPF and happy weekend too!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

We really need to watch our words these days. Blessings!

Carol said...

Hello my friend!!! Such a loving and positive post today!!! I try to stay positive too and some days it is very hard. Love all of the snow photos. We have not gotten much snow at all this winter and that is unusual and scary. We need it to supply the ground with the moisture it so desperately needs and I need to play in it :) . I didn't do Paint Party Friday this week. Too much stuff going on here . Hopefully will be back next week.

Gloria J Zucaro said...

LOVE your post today with the uplifting comments and all about birthday LOVE and snow LOVE!

Sue (this n that) said...

Hello Dear Giggles, your beautiful, and happily wise, colourful owls are perfect header material ... I love them and am sure they love us all back :D)
The thousands of digital people who are born into your paintings are brilliant, each one a personality of their own.
Thank you for speaking so passionately about Love - that's what we need - Love would make the world go around so peacefully... gosh, see how you've inspired me... thank you!!!!
Beautiful snowy photos for your dear daughter's birthday - lovely!
Cheers now and have a wonderful week :D)xx

NatureFootstep said...

you have a way of doing faces that I like. Feels like a treat to visit :)

Mona Pendleton said...

All of your artwork is so fun and colorful Giggles! Thanks for the creative inspiration! Great family photos! All that snow reminds me of my years living in Buffalo, NY :)

Laney said...

Hi Giggles! Love your artwork - such great faces. I especially like the Herman piece and the sweet owls which are also in your header. Hope you are having a good week!

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the snow, the photographs are sweet! Your art is so vibrant, I especially like the girl with long hair. Thank you for the reminder to be kinder in words...

Indira said...

We need all the love we can get and I feel that it is our duty as humans to keep giving it no matter how hard it is. Good post. Glad you and your daughter enjoyed the snow.

JKW said...

I always love your people. OMGosh no sn*w . . .four letter words I cannot even look at. Fortunately my move from FL to Tulsa, OK was good, we had 2 skiffs of sn*w and 1 of ice chunks (yep what they call it here and funny, but it was just bits of chunks, really strange. . and 1 degree and 3 degrees twice. . .now we are Spring and have been since I saw the robin 2 weeks ago. :) The pictures were fantastic. . Belated happy birthday Cupcake. Blessings, Janet

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