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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Fun and Happiness?

These three friends are all pretty unique in flavour
I feel like a hostage to creating these Happy Tiler peeps!
Truly they are nothing special...they just appear.
Even when I try to deviate by creating something else 
they call on me to return! There are three to a page in
my art journal and each page has a bit of a story! 
I photograph them,  digitally cut them out and 
mount them on a digital background! I am showing 
six but there are so many! Each so individual!
I'm just going with it to see where it takes me!
This is Gay she is still cold even though it's spring
  Recently as I peruse social media many bits of
seeming perfection and fun pop out at me!
As I scan the photos I wonder if they are truly happy!
Over the years I have seen many folks filling up on material
items and lavish events and I wonder if that sustains happiness
in their world. Upon inquiry, and over time I realize it's only
fun but doesn't always measure the contented soul.
Or true happiness!
Guy has always hated his name and his nose!
Fun can be a fleeting moment of happiness, sure!
However if happiness isn't at the foundation of
who you are then nothing  can truly be fun enough,
can it?
Kelsey is a dancer but feels she will never attain her dreams
So many people today are chasing fun. Each of us has our
own measure  of fun. For some it may be hiking in a desert, 
which would be my nightmare. Add an "S" to that desert,  
make it a dessert, at a quaint cafe with a side of intimate
 conversation along with a coffee, and I'm all in! 
My kind of fun/bliss! Scrabble too!
Brandon is quirky and happy always looks for something new to learn
Everyone enjoys different types of fun!
Years ago I gravitated to the beach, 
  lake or ocean, it was my momentary fun,
 but more it was a comfort, a place
of solace when life wasn't the happiest! 
For me water was always a conduit to 
spiritual awakening!  
Corey loves solitude and books
 Can you truly have fun when you aren't happy?
I think you can, but it's a quick fix, a momentary high,
a diversion.  It can't sustain joy or that content 
feeling like true happiness does!
Johnson is a creative peaceful soul who writes poetry
 I love the quote, " Do more of what makes you happy!"
I think the distinction between happy and fun would 
needs to be defined to make that happen! 
If you're happy when your kids are around and
they're always joking and laughing then it's fun.
However if they like to argue and fight that"s not
so fun, but having them around makes you
 happy anyway! In that case happiness would
 be your foundation to endure that!
These three hang together and all have low self-esteem
I still believe  happiness can't be found in other people,
or things, or fun,  it truly is a choice. I wasn't always happy.
It wasn't until I truly found what I love to do, and found
joy in the small everyday things that I found how to feel
happiness! It doesn't mean there aren't unhappy times.
There are...but when happiness is your foundation
it's easier to endure the hardships!

Do you need fun to feel happy? 
What is your favourite kind of fun?


Sue (this n that) said...

Hello Giggles. It's nice meeting more of your happy tiler people. I like how they each have their own personalities, likes, dislikes and quirks. Everyday people in other words and with that lovely addition of happiness. You've created them so wonderfully... your art is gorgeous! I feel happiest when I'm being true to myself and also when I know my dear ones are happy that makes me happy too. Cheers and Happy PPF

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

I think your Tiler people are fabulous and I would love to see them in a book with all your wisdom writings. I do not need to have fun to be happy. I am a pretty happy person and dong fun thing is the icing of it all. My DH and I laugh all the time. He just cracks me up with his "man silliness". For me walking in the desert is where my heart is. Ohhh my favorite TP is Gay. Have a very happy weekend.

BrownPaperBunny said...

Isn't it funny when you're drawn back to something again and again! Love seeing your characters.

Christine said...

No I don't need fun to feel happy. Fun can be just a good conversation where I have someone's full attention for a short while.

Valerie-Jael said...

Love your fun peeps, love how different they all are. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

Clare Lloyd said...

Fab...such great colours

sirkkis said...

Your Tiler people have their own personality, and I like people who have some unique. Not important what kind. Boring people don't make me happy but that does not mean that fun is the point that makes it.
Thanks for the great post.
Happy PPF 😃

Carol Rigby said...

Love all your different figures. I'm with Gay I'm still feeling the cold even though it's spring. I hope it warms up soon. Happy PPF!

inkslinger said...

Very poignant post. Far too many people look for the quick-fix to cure whatever they assume is wrong with their lives. A friend told me once, that what he was always looking for he already had. He was just looking in the wrong place. Happiness really does lie within. Love your art. All those little characters, each with their own unique identity are fantastic.

Linda Kunsman said...

wonderful post! It'll be something to find out where your characters are taking you. Some seem happy yet most have a sadness they are carrying-at least that's what I see. Love your thoughts on "happy" today!

Susan said...

I love to think about all of these wonderful tiler people hiding in your sketch books. They ARE special, as are your thoughts as you create them. Great post! Happy PPF

June Walker said...

I love the variety of all these little people! They could be characters in A book! Happiness for me is something inside. Fun is more superficial and external I think... I like both. These days for me happiness seems to be contentment.

Özge Başağaç said...

Hello Giggles.I am curious about your people here. What kind of techniques did you use to paint them? They look so bright. I don't think i need fun to be happy.Happiness really comes from the soul and i relate it to peace as well.Whereas fun is like you said momentary. The sea, sun and nature always make me happy.

Faye said...

Hi Sherrie, I totally agree about happy and fun. Fun is certainly transitory. Another word that takes it a bit further is "joy". Once I told a friend that my dh gave me great joy. She paused and then said her dh made her happy, but she didn't have joy. Love your characters, quirky and beautifully colored.

Gloria J Zucaro said...

hello! I think I like Corey the best. What do I enjoy-a lot of time alone. Seeing the small animals that pass by out my windows being so busy. They amuse me and remind me of children-I feel protective. I enjoy playing cards and other games with family and friends and love movies and books, especially the ones that make me think. It is strange to me that I don't say art first??!! I ehjoy creating but I don't have a "need" to do it-it is a hobby and I have met many friends through it. Have a great week.

Granny Annie said...

As a retired person I have time to do all the things that make me happy but I just can't decide what to do first so I hold still much of the time. Your happiness is obvious in your drawings.

Andrea Priebe said...

Your little Peeps make a poignant thought about reality and happiness. We all have our quirks, however we acquired them. They sometimes reflect who we are, who we used to be and maybe who we wish to be. We wear our hearts on our sleeve for the world to see. I fully agree that happiness depends greatly on our foundation. If we had an unhappy childhood it seems to stay with us throughout life. But, if your childhood was solid and good and for the most part happy, it gives you the inner strength to find real personal happiness throughout your life. Fun is a good thing but only a small part of what makes us happy ... commitment, love, giving , thoughtfulness, receiving gracefully, working successfully, teaching, sharing, I could go on and on ... these are what makes me happy most of the time. I love your art and your wise teachings.

Andrea @ From the Sol

Jan said...

I love your colorful artwork!!! It always brings a smile to my heart and happiness to my soul :)
No. I find happiness in creating, writing and being around those I love. Walking through my woods and driving in the country...so many reasons to be happy besides fun~

Big Hugs~

peggy gatto said...

So pleased to meet your friends, very colorful, love your style!!

carol l mckenna said...

Love all your colorful people and would make a great book ~ thanks,

Wishing you a lovely weekend ~ ^_^

Carol said...

Love all of your Happy Tiler Peeps ♥♥♥ Your words are always so meaningful too. Have a Great WEEK my FRIEND ♥

Renee Dowling said...

I don't think I need to be having fun to be happy. When I am content, I am happy. When I have completed a task and am relieved, I am happy.

I also find solace in bodies of water, being next to it or even hearing it.

Your Tiller people are full of life and personality.

Thanks once again for sharing and being thought-provoking!

gillena cox said...

I Luv Corey best. I used to Luv going to the theatre to see local plays, that was a lot if fun for me. Now I Luv spending time with my granddaughter that now is where both fun and happiness for me merge

Looking forward to meeting more of your tiler peeps

Happy you dropped by my blog this week

Much love...

riitta k said...

I love your human types. Happiness is inside us... I love how you write words around your artwork! It looks so interesting. Wishing you a lovely weekend!

Latane Barton said...

Your people have such interesting characteristics. Happy, a bit on the eclectic side, fun and just a joy to see.

Sandee Setliff said...

For me art is fun and I must make art to be happy so I guess they go hand in hand. Love the stories behind the people!

NatureFootstep said...

no, I don´t need "fun" to be "happy". I am not happy or unhappy, more like being satisfied.
I like your art :)

My name is Erika. said...

Love this peeps. Hugs-Erika

denthe said...

I can totally relate to Gay, I love the sun and warmth, as I'm easily cold. Guess you could say a warm sunny day makes me happy :-) I think you can have fun even when you're unhappy. Just as much as you can be happy even if you aren't having fun...

Abigail Davidson said...

Great character creations full of whimsy! Very cool - lovely to visit again!

kaykuala said...

Love your unique Tiler creations, Giggles! The beauty is knowing of their specific personalities all noted below each one of them. It makes one happy to be seeing happy faces and all in vibrant colors. Thanks for dropping by!


froebelsternchen Susi said...

Your characters are so fun and it makes one happy to look at them! You gave me a happy feeling with your post since you wrote it as always so well.
Happiness comes from within ... as creators, artist and creative folk it is easier to be happy as for others I think.
Creating gives us so much fun without having to do all the things others think they MUST(have) to do or own to be happy.
I especially love your beardo character this week...
Happy new week Sherrie!
Thank you for all the comments on my blog, you are such a well grounded plant - You make us happy with your posts!

pauline said...

I LOVE all these little people you create! I especially love that you gave them all a personality with a few words (or the peace T shirt Johnson is wearing) And YES to everything you say about happiness/fun. I so relate to your comment about finding happiness or spiritual comfort near a body of water. There's something magical (for me) about being at the ocean. It's where my writing comes more naturally, my thoughts feel more clear, where everything makes more sense. Love where your art is going these days. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself with us. xo

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

How wonderful that they each have a story! I love how you can talk about your art so eloquently.

sheila 77 said...

Sometimes I think that we all think too much. We are encouraged by The Media and others to go and have fun, go out and enjoy ourselves. Some love to stay at home and be content and others think that a day at home is a day wasted. Everyone is different in different ways with different ideas of what happiness is.
I enjoyed your thoughts on this, Giggles.
Corey love solitude and books - but does she look happy about it?
I love Kelsey's hair - I wonder why she thinks she will not attain her dreams?
Tell Gay to buy some cashmere sweaters and some cosy silk/mohair scarves to keep warm, and always wear a hat outdoors.
I'm not giving the men any advice!
Love these paintings, each person has such a unique personality.

Viola said...

Your words are true, I believe in what you say. About happiness and having fun.
I have hiked so much 7n the desert, but I have hitchiked in the desert, when I was much younger. I love your painted personalities and the backgrounds!

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