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Thursday, April 13, 2017


Painted Easter bunny done over a month ago.
When I'm looking for a certain type of  inspiration I often
  punch  a word into the search bar of my eleven year old blog
and  read former posts! It's a plethora of information,
some I'd completely forgotten. It's like a visit with my old self!
Digital colour edits!
It's interesting how much we can change over the years,
yet stay the same. As the blossoms begin and leaves
  return to trees I am reminded of the beauty of renewal.
  I ask myself what I'd like to renew at this juncture!
Five years ago  I was in a quandary figuring out
 a paint colour for my bedroom. Which started a few years 
previous!  I am still wavering back and forth about a colour!
  I know better than to decide willy nilly, but the better 
part of a decade to figure this out is ridiculous! 
I have a very strong relationship with colour.
Resize with a digital background..
Certain colours evoke strong feelings for me! Some
  are calming and peaceful. Some colours I just can't live with 
and others do nothing for me! The more vibrant the happier
I feel! Yet I'm not willing to commit to something too wild 
in my large bedroom!

Aesthetically I always know what I love and don't love! It's been
that way most of my life! I am never willing to just settle when it 
comes to colour!! Every colour has been very carefully decided!
I'm often ahead of the times in my choices. By the time
 the colour becomes current I'm usually pushing it out the door!
 Except my loft I have a rich teal that was decided a decade
ago and it was recently repainted again two years
 ago and is now the hot colour for 2017.
I think I may be subliminally influenced by colour! I often
fall in love with a certain shade that seems impossible to
replicate in paint tone!! No matter how close you get
it always seems  a touch off!!
Do you have a relationship with certain colours?
So here I am seven years later still deciding what colour 
I want in my eggplant bedroom. Which by the way 
 never looked the way I had imagined it to.
However it was cozy! Now for a change!
That poor room needs a definite renewal!
I don't know why I am so stuck. I have two 
colourful comforters that I love ....I should
be able to decide. This is a first for me. I 
have a feeling I just don't want the disruption
in my life so that's why there is such a delay! 
I am so blessed that the kids even want 
to paint it!
As I was writing this post I had an epiphany!
I just realized..... I need to paint my room the
same colour as the loft...maybe a shade lighter!
I toyed with the idea before....however it just 
struck me that all my much loved accessories
  would still match, both comforters would
 compliment it! It would go with the rug and  be 
cohesive with the rest of  the upstairs. 
Plus I love the colour!!  
(it's the first picture on this link)
Dressed for Easter I'm enjoying painting these quirky characters and have many more!
 This renewal may seem so superficial,
  in light of all the world  ills!
However it's been a personal struggle
for me who uses colour daily and usually
knows exactly what I want!
Are you looking forward to, or 
working on some type of renewal 
this Spring?   

Happy Easter to all who celebrate!! 
Always remember some BUNNY loves you!! 


Valerie-Jael said...

Yes, it's sometimes difficult to find the right colour. My walls are all white, as I have a lot of colourful pictures hanging on them, this way I can do colour changes without having to redecorate the walls.
Have a happy Easter! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

sirkkis said...

Love your Easter Bunny and it's colors. They are typical to your great art.
I know I've stucked too much mine. Big changes are not my things...
Wishing you and yours Happy Easter xx

Laila said...

Yes I have strong relationships with color as a whole. I don't live in a white house, to put it that way.In home decorating there is other things to consider than in art. As I used to tell a friend of mine, remember it's only the dead fish that goes with the stream. 7 years to decide is really good considerations I'd say. Love your bunny.

Sue (this n that) said...

I can understand your thoughts about finding the right colour. Ours is a neutral colour as I don't think I could ever pin one down. I change cushions and hang my paintings on the walls and change them at times, so, really, I think you've done so well getting to your decision.
All your ladies are delightful, I especially admire Kelly with her earrings... so nice.
Cheerio now and have a lovely Easter :D)

sheila 77 said...

Scrolled up and down looking for a favourite lady, couldn't choose, the ladies are all fun. I see they all have large teeth and cool clothes. Are they meeting for lunch today?
Haha! Seven years is nothing in Decorating-land. I won't embarrass myself by giving you details here but will send them in an email! And funny how when we do eventually redecorate or hem the curtains or whatever, we really wonder, wonder, wonder why on earth we didn't do it earlier.
Also could you give me the option of hiding the thumbnails on your sidebar? You have the best chosen set ever, I am always being distracted by them!
Have a great Easter weekend.

My name is Erika. said...

Nice little piece about color today. I think color is one of the world's gifts free to all of us. It is amazing how it can make us feel and react. I also love your bunnies. Life has been a little crazy and I haven't been by for a bit but its nice to be back. Spring!!!! Happy weekend and Easter too. Hugs-Erika

inkslinger said...

I hate trips to the DIY store. It always takes us ages to decide. We think our minds are made up, but then we spot something else we like instead. Love your artwork.

Linda Kunsman said...

I'm especially loving your bunnies today! Oh but the ladies are so fun too!!Interesting post about colors and renewal. It IS hard to pick and choose a new color hoping it is the shade you pictured. Happy PPF and have a super weekend!

Christine said...

Happy Easter Giggles, good for you on the renewal! Cute bunny.

denthe said...

I like seeing most of your ladies smiling again :-) That is a long time to decide for a colour! I'm glad you had that epiphany :-) There are a lot of colours I like, but yellow, orange and turquoise do it for me every single time. I just get happy when I'm surrounded by them. Now that spring's here I'm looking forward to painting some spare rooms we still had to renovate. I did 2 walls a few days ago and I can't believe the difference it makes!

Faye said...

I love your bunnies art, Sherrie. The teal color is presently my favorite, but not for walls. The color in my house comes from accessories and furniture and paintings, etc. I love the pale pale yellowish white walls I have because it brings so much light into the rooms. Some small rooms I have painted colors though. Happy Easter.

Jan said...

Color can be a challenge. But you seem to love and embrace it!!! I have seen white walls with black framed art and white walls with white framed art...it all comes down to the person who lives with it as to choice. I always base my decor on what I enjoy not the phase of the day. Great post!!!

Janet said...

Oh, how I can relate to this color problem! Several years ago we thought we were going to sell our house so we painted everything in neutral colors (blah!) and it's still like that. I think I've either just blocked it out or I've gotten used to them because I can't seem to think of what to do with them now. I love the color you chose for your bedroom. It should feel cozy...like a big hug.

Love all the bunnies in your post and on your new header. You're always the best at changing things up.

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

Great art! Colours are important, I'll redecorate my purple hall to a white one, easier to hang upp paintings and I need the light. Happy Paint Party Friday!

Love and hugs

kat said...

Ah Spring the season of renewal, yes there is a definite shift this season, enjoy the revamp of your bedroom! I love your bunnies and colours, it's been a while but good to pop back from time to time to say hello and wish you a beautiful Spring/Easter week-end! xx

Granny Annie said...

Beautiful colors and like how your rabbits multiply like rabbits. LOL

Fran said...

Your colors are always amazing. Love those bunnies.

~Rasz~ said...

Hi Giggles! I want to come play with the bunnies in your header! Yes I have a very strong relationship with color. When it comes to painting my walls I usually do the walls in an off white shade with all the trim painted white gloss. This way I can add all the color I want into the room with paintings, gifts, furniture, comforters, etc. If I didn't do it this way I would be stuck forever in front of the paint swatches and would be changing my mind every other day, lol!!! Big hugz, Rasz

June Walker said...

HAPPY EASTER!! I love your little colourful bunnies. I like to think of each morning as a renewal...and that all the mistakes of the day before are just wiped out!!

carol l mckenna said...

Love the bunny ~ so sweet and colorful like you ~ thanks,

Wishing you a Happy Easter ~ ^_^

Renee Dowling said...

Giggles, it is like you visited my thoughts and now have made a blog post about our visit. I have the same struggles. I finally painted my kitchen with a colour called Silent Film. I have always loved robin' s egg blue and teal, or peacock feather colours, but like you, have found it difficult to find things that are just right in colour to match, so I decided to go with grey. All of my favourite colours look great with it. It took me so many years and a lot of paint samples to decide, but finally one day I walked into the paint store with a favourite new pillow, compared three colours samples and took five minutes yes, FIVE minutes, to find a colour.

As you know, when you change a wall colour, it causes a dominoe effect and your old things don't always look that great, and then you are on a hunt for a long time looking for just the right accessories...

Your people and bunnies are wonderful....the colours and personalities are admirable!

Every time I visit your blog, I feel inspired and connected to you, like a kindred spirit!

Happy Easter to you, Renee.

Kate Robertson said...

Oh I love your bunnies, they are so cute they make me smile.


Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

I am so glad you figured out what color to paint the walls. As artists we can sit down and paint a picture no problem, but when it comes to the walls of a house it can be daunting. My favorite piece this week is Kelly. She has the coolest legs. You know I enjoy all of your art. She just stuck out this week. Happy Easter weekend to you.

Tammie Lee said...

Wishing you clarity about what to do with your room. I am doing the same thing with my floor at the moment. The disruption seems huge to me. Plus there are complications and decisions. Ho hum.

Your bunnies are adorable.

NatureFootstep said...

this time I love your happy Bunny. :)

Hope your Easter was great too.

Latane Barton said...

All those pretty bunnies made me smile! So many, and so colorful and so Eastery.

Regine Karpel said...


froebelsternchen Susi said...

Wonderful art as always dear Sherrie - I love this bunny and the cool girls!
Good luck with the renewal!
I like to have new colors on my walls every 5 years or so.
Happy Easter !!!

Carol said...

I have a very strong relationship with colors. My favorite is red and I have it in my living room and the kitchen is red & white. My bedroom however is still painters white because the Hubby and I can not come to an agreement on ANY color in there. I want a blueish teal and he says NO WAY! He wants a dull tan and I say NO WAY! So there we go back and forth striving to come to an agreement and after more than 10 years it's still white. LOL! Now the white has passed the just boring stage and has gotten shabby looking and not in the shabby chic way :-/ So this year it really must get painted some color!!!!

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

What a beautiful bunny! I love the different versions of him. I'm glad you figured out what color you'd like. I like blue a lot, but my walls are off white as I like to hang art and it goes with everything...

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