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Thursday, April 06, 2017

Knowing your Passion

Casey painted then mounted on a digital background
 There was a time when having a diesel vehicle was a form of 
success, we had a sports car then too!  If you lived within a five
 mile radius of where you worked you were also successful.
 If you had a certain education you were successful. If you had a 
home with property you were successful. There have been
 so many measures of success at different intervals in my life.....
but it didn't necessarily  mean you were happy! 
I lived in neighborhoods of the highest echelon and 
still people were so terribly dysfunctional and unhappy!
 Happiness is so subjective.  Having a passion for something
 seems to be key! For some it's fitness, or gardening, or 
creativity, for others it could be  volunteering, or doing for others.
 We all have things that truly make us happy.  How often do
 you ask yourself what that is? I think it really changes over the 
years according to our needs and interests.

 I'm not naive, of course there are many things beyond our control that disrupt
our life, make us unhappy and worried. When life is tough and full of angst
knowing our true passion makes it so much easier 
 anchor us back into happiness. Our passion  can distract us,
comfort us and  be a great source of solace in times of greif.
Reworked from last week...mirror...or twins?
Over the years my world has become smaller. My focus more narrow,
  but my passion for being creative is at the forefront. Even when
I'm creatively stagnant I am waiting for the next creative fix to hit!
   If you asked me why, I could never explain it!
It's a mystery why each of us enjoy different things!
Office Girl so many of these characters are coming to light
Could be conditioning, could be environment, could be innate.
It's hard to say but it is key to feeling content, fulfilled, 
and happy.... after your  initial needs are met of course!
Rain Girl
 The new gauge for success truly is happiness... 
because really, without it, what use is the rest. 
Working girls
 Name a few things that truly make  you happy?
The office Girls
 What do you feel excited to get up for everyday?

Happiness is an expression of the soul in considered actions.
 Burton Hills
Happiness is not a destination. It is a method of life.
To live happily is an inward power of the soul.


DUTA said...

The creative arts (painting, writing, music, sculpture etc..) are therapeutic. This helps making the artist happy.

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Another lovely and thought provoking post. I love all your people. Over the years my passion (s) have changed due to lupus. With that said I still get up everyday wanting to create. Drawing faces has been part of that passion for the last year. Have a great weekend.

Valerie-Jael said...

Lovely post. I'm happy when I have a day without bad pains. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

Jan said...

Your creativeness with your art is inspiring Giggles. These are all wonderful!!!
I am of the creative way of life now...I love painting and writing and now my very first art journal! What fun!!!
Have a lovely creative week and Happy PPF!!!

Lynn Cohen said...

I love all your characters each with a definite personality! A life of her own!!!
Many things make me happy, this silly guy sitting next to be, knowing I have five amazing grandchildren all leading fulfilling lives, 2 grown children of whom I'm very proud, my silly old cat, my wonderful new beautiful garden to putter in, drawing, drawing , drawing, and a return to making quilts for said grandchildren before I'm too old to do so! I could use a few more hours in my days! Thanks for the opportunity to think about all these blessing of mine!

Christine said...

I love happiness as a topic! Nice art today!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Although I am not wealthy, I am blessed to be comfortable financially, but I agree that this is not what makes me the happiest. Family, nature, and especially my relationship with God are the things that make me the happiest. These are the things that inspire me, keep me moving forward, and allow me to grow as a man. They are also reflected in my artwork and writings quite often. Blessings, my friend!

inkslinger said...

Wonderful artwork. Love all your characters, they are so full of life. Success is a subjective thing. Most folk nowadays consider money and possessions a sure sign of success, but I think it is more about how you feel inside. Being happy about who you are and what you are doing is a true sign of success. For me, success means writing a decent sentence or making a good brushstroke.

Linda Kunsman said...

Love a good , happy post!! Your ladies are vibrant and looking confident too. SO many things make me happy and excited from the littlest things on up. I'm blessed to have been given this positive personality. Happy PPF!

Clare Lloyd said...

Fab girls!

Faye said...

Thanks for your commiserating with me in my tick/shingles problem. The meds are now doing worse things than the original problem, but hope to get that settled soon. I plan to go to NC for my aunt's 100th birthday party tomorrow. I think my passion is to be creative also. I sometimes go into a slump but the urge to create always pops up again. (I remember as a child trying to create sandals from flat rocks and ribbon!!!) Life would be blah without passion, for sure. Love Leo's quote at the top and all your amazing drawings.

Andrea Priebe said...

I am not sure I can pin down what makes me happy ... many things do and many things make me unhappy. I am a retired nurse so I am a people person ... I came by it honestly because my mother was a people person and I am very much my mother. Creativity runs in my family, some with talent and some without talent (me), but always the desire and the willingness to try new things. My family makes me happy as functional or dysfunctional as we may be from time to time. My pets make me happy even though I have to clean up after them. Our political state and the direction of my country has made me angry and unhappy ... stressful when the world you live in takes a turn for the worse. So once again, you asked ... are you sorry? Love your art ...so much expression and color. As always you have poked the sleeping bear :)

Andrea @ From the Sol

carol l mckenna said...

Your artwork is delightful ~ your messages so 'right on' ~ What gives me happiness?
Good health, my doggie, my home, friends, family ~ creativity, online buddies ~ and Life!

Wishing you a Happy Weekend ~ ^_^

Gillena Cox said...

Luv when you add your inspiring words making it a part the paintings. Missed that this week

Happy PPF

much love...

Tammie Lee said...

All of your characters are wonderful, they look like they are from a similar tribe.
I also enjoy being creative, it brings me present and makes me happy as well as content.

denthe said...

Your colourful quirky characters really stand out against that black background. I love it! It makes the colours pop. You're right, happiness is subjective, and the things that make one happy change over the years. There are quite a few things that make me happy, but for now I'm most happy when I have time on my hands, time that I can spend creating and not have to worry about anything else. Empty my head and just dive into my colours. Aahh, love it .... And I'm always happy when one of my favorite authors has a new book out :-)

~Rasz~ said...

Oh Girl! What a great post. Love the cutouts, too cute. I think when I was working in an office I looked like the secretary cutout.A lot of things that made me truly happy in the past I cannot do, like volunteering, however I have more time to create and the art and blogging and now Instagram make me feel like I am not alone. Without art and an outlet, I would be lost. This is such a good post to get me thinking of all the little and big things that make me so happy and waking up being so grateful for what I do have. Maybe it's part true happiness and maybe it's part gratefulness.

Indira said...

Thought provoking post. A productive day makes me happy. Happy PPF. Best, Indira

Ayala Art said...

Art definitely. But also the training of always focus on the positive even if it is a small thing. Makes live lighter :o)
Always fun to see your illustrations!

sirkkis said...

You took a interesting theme this week. Things that make me happy have changed a lot during my life. They are now in my seventies very simple things which can make my day happy. I think this is very common.
Thank you for your thoughts, wise quotes and your original art.
Have a happy weekend and inspiring upcoming week♥

Granny Annie said...

Love seeing your work and reading your profound words.

NatureFootstep said...

can´t help it but I love your women :)

June Walker said...

Hi and happy PPF to you! I see from your header that your little animals are getting ready for Easter. We had summer weather today so I went for a walk to the park...in UK the weather is so changeable you had better grab the sunshine when you can. Walking to the park and chatting to people I meet on the way...makes me happy.

Laila said...

Let me start by saying your art is so inspirational.Many many years ago I decided to always keep my pleasures small, which brings me happiness every day. Creating is part of my personality so that means alot as well.

Latane Barton said...

You have such cute, happy women! Love them.

Irene Rafael said...

Walking into my studio, creating as the sun rises, thinking of my son, my daily talks with my best friend.

Courtney said...

So...something messed up the first time I tried to post a comment (or I think it did)...so I'm going to give it another try. ;P

I really enjoyed reading your post this evening. I loved seeing all your girls! They all seem to have their own personality and I love that colors that pop on the background of black. Totally awesome!

A few things that make me happy...family, beagles, running, and of course ART TIME!

Have a blessed week!

JKW said...

I love the variety of your people. I love the art and learning new things. A good nights sleep would do it for me. Apt. living is horrible. I forgot to check in PPF when I put my blog up, so I am near the bottom of the list. And this weeks is most interesting. Blessings, Janet

sheila 77 said...

Your new painted ladies are super and something different which is always fun to try. My favourite is Office Girl with her side pony-tail tied with a ribbon.
My artistic life has been transformed by finding this art Blogland and communicating and sharing with artists all over the world, artists like you, dear Giggles.

Sandee Setliff said...

I agree happiness is the truest form of success that we should try to achieve! And thank you for leaving me a comment on my blog post, that is one of the things that make me happy :)

Pia Rom said...

Oh man, your posts always are a lil book of inspiration itself! We see wonderful art and get mindful input to think about ourselves! Always striking for sure!! And yes it is ART that let me jump out of my bed every morning, even if I know I found the time to paint not until nighttime ;) Big hugs my dear friend!! ♥ Conny http://piaromsartjournaling.blogspot.de

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