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Thursday, May 25, 2017


Everything Moira does is so creative!
Some weeks are  better than others! 
Cupcake was sick several days and 
then I came down with it! Needless to
say there is a lot of barking involved 
and we don't have a dog! It's taken
hold on all of us and stopped everything
in it's tracks!!  Seems like our rock,
 Beardo, is right behind us as of today!!
Jacque  likes to play shuffleboard with the boys
Social media makes it quite fascinating being 
able to follow the life of kids you knew when your
 child was in kindergarten! To have seen them interact as 
wee ones and now have children of their own! My child
 always seemed to know exactly who the good souls
 were, as young as five!
Dobson is an arrogant artist that annoys people
A few of the girls have become amazing young women
one a nurse and fabulous mother!  The other, single
 and a world traveler with her own cyber business!!
Horigon loves fashion, even his casual wear is fun!
It's interesting to also see the kids who she
shied away from. Usually the  more athletic types!
A popular mother of three who she always 
avoided  posts photos of her seemingly
  perfectly fit  body and lifestyle! During 
Halloween this mom posted a video of her lone 
baby in shopping cart sweetly waiting as she comes 
around the corner and spooks him while wearing 
a very  scary mask. The child was crying and
 shaking in fear while she laughed in hysterics.
It was painful to watch  and sickened me!
 Several months later , during a layover,
she was caught in a terrifying situation,  her 
children in tow!  Pretty sure how she felt during
that scary incident  paralleled how her little one
 felt months before!
Duncan  was pretty proud that he caught a few fish his first time out!
I was surprised to see how well one young man
adapted despite being raise by a  self involved,
primadonna bipolar single mom with a revolving door 
of husbands. One incident his mother went on an 
unreasonable tirade for no reason  when  her son had
 dinner at my home with a small group of friends! There 
was no reasoning with her.  Sad for the boy,
at an inconvenience to me I drove him home!
Apparently this was common place with her, his
brother lived with their dad! He has since eked out
 a simple life with a very overweight young woman,
and a dog. He is an amazing wildlife photographer
 who lives and works far from his mother!
Harley enjoys boating fishing is just one of the perks!
Some of the kids who were raised in the higher
echelon have really good work ethics and have
become quite successful. Yet some of them have
taken on the worst traits of their parents!! Children
do learn what they live! However some choose
not to follow in the footsteps of the dysfunction. 
While others step right into the quicksand of
 their flawed circumstances!

Friends hangin Happy tiler peeps
It's also interesting to see the groups of kids
who've melded since kindergarten! Still friends,
a few married. A few with learning disabilities have
done so well...which is never surprising to me.
Some of the smartest ones tended to take their 
 intellect for granted! While the others adjusted
to their struggles and  superseded them!
Nanette loves to sing!
I truly find  humans and all their unique
antics so interesting!  Some how they 
always seem to amuse me!! We can
learn so much from how we act and react 
to life situations!! 
Singers Happy Tiler peeps
Have you learned anything from 
the young people in 
your life?

Wilson sings all day long...he is such a happy soul!!
My happytiler peeps have been put on hold as I work
on my canvases. I have so many done ahead it gave me
good leeway to be sick and still work on my 
canvases! Some peeps I have decided not to share
because I despise them!! Duncan should have
 also been one of them!!
Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting!!


Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful art. Sorry you were ill, hope all is well again. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

Serena Lewis said...

I love your people art!

Hope you are all feeling much better now. Happy PPF!

Granny Annie said...

My children turned out great despite being raised by me alone. Both are wonderful parents and my 5 grandchildren are also wonderful adults. Life is grand when we focus on the kids. Love your musings all.

Christine said...

Sorry you guys haven't been well. I enjoyed your art and post this week Giggles!

Linda Kunsman said...

I love all your happy people here! Sorry about all the barking. Hope it all goes away real soon-that sure does take a toll on your body. Happy PPF!

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Love this post. Despite some tragedies in our lives my children are amazing humans. Both have accomplishments that I am so proud of. I do learn from them everyday how precious our lives are together. Looking forward to seeing your canvases. Hope all of you are feeling better.

Sarah Leonard said...

I love these whimsical little guys. They are super cute and their personalities really pop! Happy PPF!

sirkkis said...

Thanks for this weeks interesting kid personalities ☺
Happy weekend ❤

JKW said...

You hit the nail on the head. . .Children learn what they live, unfortunately. . . but not all. The children in the story fit the story. Great booklet. Blessings, Janet

Faye said...

Lovely bunch of characters you are presenting this week, Sherrie. Being sick really changes one's schedules and priorities, doesn't it? Hope you are all well and active again now. You never know about kids. I was so hard and uptight with my firstborn, my son. Then the daughter came along and I was determined not to repeat my mistakes and bent the other way. Guess which one is the one who watches over me and calls daily to make sure I'm OK? Not the daughter that I doted on. My son's the sensitive one who loves people and is so attentive.

~Rasz~ said...

Hi Giggles! Glad to be visiting you today. I have learned a lot from my kids. They are all grown up and I love who they are! It is interesting to see where their friends from school are now. Some are doing good and some aren't. It is very surprising seeing why they have very few classmates in their lives. I am very proud of the choices my kids have made.

I really can relate to your post! I also love your "people" and the comments about them. They are always so interesting! Do you decide "who" they are before you draw them or do you draw them first and then choose "Who" they are once you have drawn them...or are they real people in your life? I have always wanted to ask you that. Happy PPF!!! Hugz, Rasz

Gillena Cox said...

Hope you have a healthier week ahead; Happy ppf

much love...

Carol said...

Sending Healing Thoughts your way!!!! Your art today is great and I love your thoughts on how children develop sometimes in spite of their circumstances. I'm happy to say that both of my children turned out great and I have high hopes for the grandchildren. I did the best I could and it seemed to have been enough. :)

denthe said...

I really like how your descriptions for your "peeps" fit them so perfectly. And what you're saying about kids growing up is so true. I'm also fascinated by people and how differently they can react to the same things. It must've been a hard week in your household. Hope all the "barking" will soon come to an end!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Your characters are all really amazing and I love to read the stories of their personalities! I love to see that you are inspired by the young people you know since so long.
Hope you feel completely well again Sherrie!
Happy start into the new week - thank you for your lovely visit and comments for me ♥♥♥
oxo Susi

NatureFootstep said...

amazing is the right word today :)

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

I love how your people have stories that go with them. I hope you and your family feel better soon.

Sue (this n that) said...

Hi there, I hope you're all feeling a bit better by now.
I love your 'peeps' (Moira is my favourite today... sweet beret), and your observations about people are always so insightful. Yes, it's funny how the growing up process is different for everyone.

Laney said...

Love your happy people!!

Andrea Priebe said...

I love how you focus on life as it really is in our neighborhoods and schools. So much news today is horrible, it is a wonderful feeling to get back to grass roots. Your peeps are just fun and yes, I love today's young people. Sadly we have moved from where my kids grew up and so their friends are no longer part of the picture ... that is not to say I don't remember them and the one I remember most was a monster and grew up to be a bigger monster. He caused so much pain in our household for the way he treated my kids. Sad that he is still getting away with it in my memory. My kids, however, learned from the experience and grew up to be kind and loving ... I am blessed. Thank you for another stroll through life as you depict it. It is always a pleasure.

Andrea @ From The Sol

kat said...

Hi there, just a quick stop by, sorry not be around so much of late. But good to come here and check out your host of superb characters. There is sure a lot to learn from the young ones! I've loved catching up here again and I hope you and Cupcake feel tip top again soon! xx

Beth Niquette said...

As always, your artwork is wonderful--so bright and cheerful, and I adore your blogging style. You are a great writer.

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