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Thursday, June 01, 2017


Sometimes you gotta speak out!!

Last Sunday was my Birthday but unfortunately I was still under the 
weather so I wanted to keep things really simple. The kids made 
me an  amazing meal. We had a few really really hot days and
 I suggested the kids get me a  long john instead of a cake this 
year!!  When Cupcake told  the girl  at the grocer  it was 
for my Birthday she got excited and asked if she could  
write Happy Birthday on it!! I was thrilled, as was  
my daughter!!
 2017 Birthday doughnut paired with marathon Netflix!
We were still enjoying the flowers from Mothers day but Cupcake
 still wanted to get me  peonies knowing they're my favourites!  She 
found none but planned to get us flowers a few days later.
Beardo took this photo through the window.....his mom brought it by for my birthday!
I told her to keep it simple and  get carnations, I love how long they
  last and how pretty they are!!  The  day we tossed  the mothers day flowers
my bestie left carnations and a Beautiful Birthday bag of goodies
at my door!! She knows me so well!! Cupcake has expressed how
much she is enjoying them too!!
 Recently my daughter observed a photographer she follows on instagram taking professional engagement  photos on the beach! The photographer was wearing sweat pants and a dirty shirt. Cupcake felt it was  so unprofessional.
Norma prefers comfort over being proper!
Having followed the woman for a few years now, she noticed the quality of her photos  deteriorating. Then to see her on the beach so disheveled was a bit shocking. Especially when showing up for a photo shoot! 
Karen is a yoga pant kinda gal!!

You may think how you appear to the public doesn't matter...but truly it can say a lot about who you are as a person! Possibly a busy mom whose washing machine broke down and left her with  nothing to wear except sweatpants and a dirty shirt? Or was she depressed because of a family crisis and ran thoughtlessly out the door? Could it have been she is just a slob there for a quick cash grab, resentfully taking photos? 
Oma loves patterns on all her clothes!!

Or maybe her craft is failing   because her heart is no longer in it? Recently her photos are too far away, leaving it  impossible to see details on the subjects faces!  Has she taken too many photography classes and lost confidence in her own original beautiful style of art? So many questions. 
Rosey is quirky and often says and wears inappropriate things!!
However when you show up for a job of any type you should be dressed appropriately and professionally! Maybe she just came from a gardening job... either way she should have represented herself a lot better to her client! No one wants a slovenly dressed person standing on the sidelines of their expensive wedding taking photos! I would think if she could miss big details about her own clothes she  may just miss the important details when taking proper photos!
Underneath this character is a hand  written prayer for people in my life!!
 I might be inclined to  think she'd procrastinate when editing, delaying the timeline of when I receive  my photos!    How you appear in your professional life has ramifications! My daughter would never consider, or recommend her  for a photo shoot now. Especially since it seems she's on the decline!  How you appear matters more than you think!
Another hand written prayer underneath this one!
I always try my best with what I have. Being heavy can make that difficult!! However my clothes and shoes are clean.

 Does appearance matter to you?


Jan said...

Happy Belated Birthday Giggles πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸŽ Beautiful flowers!
Wonderful,colorful, creative art!!!
Sorry that the photographer disappointed your daughter. Who knows why or what is going on in her life. It would seem she doesn't want to share with anyone.
Happy PPF!!!

Valerie-Jael said...

Lovely art as always. Happy belated birthday, happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Happy belated Birthday dear Sherrie!
Your children are so nice - you have got lovely flowers!
Sorry about the photographer ... who knows what the reason is?!

I love the different characters so much!
Great and unique art always!

Sue (this n that) said...

It sounds like your birthday was just lovely... filled with flowers, love and cake - so nice. Many happy returns!
Your people art is glorious and sweet and down to earth. I really love how you incorporate your special thoughts underneath some images too.
Cheers and have a really great weekend. Happy PPF :D)

Linda Kunsman said...

wonderful art and oh such lovely and thoughtful birthday gifts! I can picture you painting those bouquets in your vibrant style:)

Faye said...

I hope your birthday was great in spite of not feeling back up to par. The flowers are beautiful. I love carnations too because they last long and smell so wonderful. As for clothes, I tend to hang onto my favorites for far too long and wear them in public probably too long. However, I do try to dress appropriately for my age in clean, neat outfits. I do hope others see this too. Since I lost my dh, I have bought a number of bright colors that seem to look better on me than what I used to wear.

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Happy Happy birthday my friend and I hope you are feeling better each day. Who knows what goes on with people. However, YES appearance does matter. When I was young around 12 years, my grandmother, who had travel the world, told me that Americans are the worst dress people in the world. Later when I began to travel I noticed the same thing. It made me ALWAYS want to be dressed as best I could. Clean is most important to me. Especially hair. LOL Today where I live people could give a hoot how they look. From young adults to old they are in dirty t-shirts nasty sweats and bedroom slippers. Not everyone of course but at least half the people when we go to the store or post office of even restaurants. It makes one wonder why?

Christine said...

Happy Birthday Giggles! Lovely art as always and cute birthday doughnut. Appearance does matter to me although I prefer casual dress but coordinated of course.

Andrea Priebe said...

Appearance does mean a lot to me in many ways mainly because I was raised to be aware of it so I am. Times have changed and what may seem like proper to me may not be the same to someone else, so I have reverted to clean and neat ... wear what you want but don't look like a slob. I agree that I wouldn't want a slovenly person taking my daughters wedding pictures so it does speak to my expectations of people ... but I do think we might miss a kind heart and a new friend if we don't try to accept who they are ... as you can tell, I have mixed feelings. Love your art again this week ... Happy Birthday a bit late :)

Andrea @ From the Sol

Tammie Dickerson said...

Happy, happy belated birthday! Love the birthday doughnut!! Have a wonderful, creative week :)

denthe said...

First of all happy belated birthday! Love all the flowers you got! And I love how you dressed your peeps today, especially Rosey and Oma :-) Appearance doesn't really matter to me, but I do think one should dress for the occasion. ..

sirkkis said...

Hello Giggles,
and happy belated birthday to you. Sounds that it was cheerful and happy with your lovelies.
Your people art is always interesting and fun. Thanks for a big smile this time :)
People have many kind of dressing habits but what is most important to me is to have clean clothes. Younger I was too much concerned my appearance, now its easier to be old and not so fashionable ;)
Happy weekend and great June to you and yours xx

ArtbyNicolaMcLean said...

Belated happy birthday! Is never heard of a long John (other than long John's the onesie underwear of cowboys in western movies!!)
I don't necessarily think appearance should matter but unfortunately it still does. Perhaps she felt that because she was behind the camera it really didn't matter what she was wearing? Although if he style of photography is also deteriorating perhaps there's more going on in her life than what people can see on the surface.
As someone who spends 99%of her time either in paint spattered jeans or a black uniform that's permanently covered in fig and cat fur (why anyone thought black was a good colour for an animal rescue I'm not sure!) I do miss the opportunity to wear nice clothes so make it a point now to wear nice things any chance I get-which usually is just driving into town to go grocery shopping!!

gillena cox said...

Belated birthday greetings. Thanks for introducing us to yet another set of your peeps. I'm happy you dropped by my blog this week

Much love...

NatureFootstep said...

Happy birthday a bit late :) When I first read "long john" I thought it was some kind of underwere. :) Obiously a mistake.

Thanks for the nice comment on my work :)

June Walker said...

Happy birthday!!! I love your character drawing of Rosie!

pauline said...

I must admit appearances mean little to me. I've met too many well dressed assholes. ;)
As long as the person is clean, i care very little what they're wearing, regardless of their profession. And we never know what's going on in a person's life, right?

Happy belated birthday!! Love the long john!! Cupcake seems like such a sweetheart.

Your characters always make me smile. Even when i first get on your site, seeing them all line up there in your banner brings a smile to my face. :) Happy Sunday Sherrie! xo

Courtney said...

Happy Belated Birthday! It's a great idea to have a doughnut vs. a cake...love it. Your characters are adorable as always...love their patterned outfits.

sheila 77 said...

Hello Giggles,
First of all I hope you are feeling a lot better.
You've introduced a number of topics here - I'll just answer one, one close to my heart - that going to too many art (or photography) classes isn't always (ever?) a good thing. Sometimes one sees an artist in Blogland or Real Life who makes her own individual and fascinating art, then she does art classes and turns into a clone of the teacher. But maybe she learns something new and moves on to her own style later on, that's the idea isn't it?.
Love the patterns on Oma and Rosey's clothes.
Norma looks like an interesting character but she looks as if she could be overpowering, she's probably chairman of something.
Your characters are amazing with so much of their own selves, a story with every painting.
Have a good week.

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

What lovely flowers! Happy belated birthday. I enjoyed your people art as well. I usually only dress up for events these days.

Irene Rafael said...

Happy Belated Birthday Sherrie! I hope you feel better each day. To answer your question, appearance matters. I used to design clothes and loved fashion. Now, I do not spend as much time on fashion but never look disheveled, even gardening or doing 'work' around the house. I always dress in something that feels good to me and pay attention to my grooming... it's just how I see myself. I guess because of that, I notice how others take care of themselves and what they show of their exterior in public.

Abigail Davidson said...

Happy belated birthday! Hope you're feeling better and lovely work!

Laney said...

Happy Belated Birthday! And yes appearance matters.

NatashaMay said...

Happy birthday! Love your little people paintings. :)

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