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Friday, July 21, 2017

Revising your art

Digitally altered to a pink card I had printed up at Vista Print to use generically!
I create art only for myself to fill my life with
 colour. At times it's for  a charity event, 
or for a few close friends. Yearly I have a set
 of  generic greeting cards made with my images
to acknowledge personal Birthdays and other
 special occasions. Other than that I find creating 
is just a way to feed my soul and connect
with other like minded creatives!
This is the original orange painting I made as a card for my friends Birthday
 Looking for different ways to do things has always
been my forte even as a child!! If I didn't have
  things I needed or wanted I found a way to reinvent
  other items. Hence my way of looking at the world
 is often a little different than others!!
This was one side of a wood cigar box type purse made in 2006 for an art show.
I digitally took bits and pieces from the art purse, shrunk the writing to make this repeat pattern!!
It was added to image 1 below to make something 
completely different! Looking at your artwork through 
new eyes is not only fun but gives it new heart! 
The artwork following this collage will show you
  all the art I shrunk down, resized and recreated
  to customize each item!! 
I  recreated my art to use in this  six image collage. Click to enlarge

Original acrylic painting done about four years ago....

 When raising my child if things weren't working,
instead of giving up, or making excuses I looked
for new solutions!! Google makes that so much
easier today. Years ago it meant contemplating
an issue on your own, researching at the library,
or asking friends. Either way it always made me
seek new ways to do things.
This digital image  was taken from original acrylic painting above

Lately I have been looking at my artwork in
new ways during the lull. Finding different
  ways to use what I already have!! I wanted to 
share how fun and unique our artwork can
 look being revised for something wearable!
Pattern for image 2 in my collage, revised and shrunk down from the two above pieces!

This  is a really large painting I did several year ago by cutting some of my own stencils.
 The painting above is called "Letting go" I used it 
for image 3 and 4 in my collage!!

My original acrylic bear used for image 5!
 Digitally shrunk down and made into a pattern for image 5

This is an original acrylic background made in an art journal!!
Changed the above painting into this digital piece by piecing it together to make a smaller pattern!

I was wanting to have a pair custom made up
for Beardos Birthday of course I'm planning 
on making a piece of more masculine art 
  in his colours... with his approval of course!
We shall see how it goes!! This is what I  
have done to test things, my favourite is 4 and 6!

Do you have a favourite?
Have you ever had your artwork
made into something special that
you love?


Valerie-Jael said...

Great idea to use your art in such ways. Enjoy being creative, happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

Lynn Cohen said...

Hi Giggles, I like the repeating bears best! But I always enjoy all your art as it's colorfulness rocks my boat! Thanks for "checking in on me". I hadn't been to my own blog in nearly a month! I think I felt so guilty for not going to many other blogs that it felt unfair to expect anyone to come to mine. My ego gets stroked now from the different groups I post on through Facebook. I'm fine. I have gotten back into making quilts and back to the beginning, making traditional quilts using patterns. I am using two patterns right now to make quilts for all five of my grandkids. Grandma making family heirlooms.
If you'd follow me on FB you'd see them all. I guess I could/should put them on my blog. They are truly awesome and I am really enjoying making them. Still drawing as well. And big news: I will officially be fully retired from my counseling career on September 1, 2017!!! Ta Da! 36 years was long enough I guess. I know I'm going to miss being with clients, so I go out with mixed feelings. But I want to be done with it too. It's been a difficult decision.
I hope this finds you and yours well. Again, thanks for checking up on me. I will post on my blog again, I just don't know when yet. ;-) Hugs! Lynn

sirkkis said...

Hi Giggles❣
Your patterns and painted papers are really beautiful and your talents to use them many creative ways is super.
Leave your card a lot, too. The colors of all type of art are deep and meaningful.
Have a great upcoming week 😃

Christine said...

I love your pink card actually. Love your bibeant colours in general

Christine said...

Vibrant colours is what I meant to say

Gillena Cox said...

luv the vase of flowers, that's my favourite today, and yes I have had my art printed up to send out as new year haiku cards to my haiku friends all over the world and in turn received cards from them.

have a nice weekend Giggles (✿◠‿◠)

much love...

Laney said...

Oh this was a very interesting post - seeing how you re-use your art. I vote for number 6 for Beardo. You are a very creative person and I love seeing your art each week.

Faye said...

How very enjoyable seeing how you can reduce, combine, change colors, etc. to make such different designs from the original! This is a great post, Sherrie, and will put a lot of ideas into artists' heads. Thanks for posting this. Hope everyone is over whatever ailment you all were attacked by.

Sandee Setliff said...

I really like the digital alterations to your art, something I haven't really explored enough of yet. You have a great use of color and design!

Linda Kunsman said...

These are such creative and fabulous ways to use a particular pattern or painting-love it!! My favorites are the same as yours:) Sometimes i play around with backgrounds and such but have never tried a repeat pattern. All super designs and colors-you keep me inspired! Happy PPF a bit late and happy weekend!

carol l mckenna said...

Wonderful creations and somewhat of a new look for you with the same happy beautiful colors ~ I love the generic card and had been wanting to do just that ~ so thanks for the source to get it printed ~ You are an inspiring person ~ I do much the same ~ google everything ~ Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

June Walker said...

I love the idea of shrinking the bear and repeating it as a pattern! It worked so very well.

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Absolutely great to use your artwork again and again - that's just super!
You are such a great talented artist!
Love your wonderful canadian banner -
Happy new week ahead Sherrie and thank you for your nice comments and visit to my blog! It makes me just happy to hear from you!
oxo Susi

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

The repeating pattern idea is a great one! Your art is so much fun and it looks great.

NatureFootstep said...

such lovely patterns. I would like to wear some of those shoes :) I think they would fit my feet :)

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

These are FABULOUS! what a grand idea. Your art always brings joy to me.

Mandy said...

Colour is the best...I love colour too....it makes me happy....I love the shoes....there may be a business in that!!! I too paint for myself...though I have had several people offer to buy some art... I just don't know what the mod with that notion...thank you for always visiting my blog...it's greatly appreciated...xx

geistige_Schritte said...

that are wonderful, fanastic works!!!!!
Happy Day

Indira said...

The colors are terrific and I love the creative way in which you have recycled your older works. Very inspiring!

Özge Başağaç said...

I think taking your art and turning it into wearable art is great. Both as an exercise and as an end product. Do you use applications to digitally collage your artwork unto items? Or do you use photoshop? Anyways, the shoes really captured my eye.I love colorful shoes.I paint my old shoes to give new life to them.

JKW said...

The piece where you cut your own stencils, I love the look of it and the experimenting of the digital art piece. Blessings, Janet

Pia Rom said...

The stillife is totally awesome! And I see it on a gallerywall!! ♥ Conny http://piaromsartjournaling.blogspot.de

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