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Friday, October 20, 2017

Suzies Shame

Digital colour manipulation of a wip.
This story was shared in 2006 but is quite fitting to share at this moment!
At nineteen, stylishly dressed in a fashionable outfit she closed 
the door behind the disarray of an alcoholic mother. A proper
lady at only five feet tall, she appeared to the world as though
all was normal in her life! The sweet hairdresser would be
meeting a young sailor for a date and was excited at all the
possibilities! He took her to a club to dance!
In completion the original will be hung horizontally.
She awoke nude, in a closet, with her underwear wrapped 
around her head.It was nineteen fourty three, and that was
not a lady like position to be in. She didn't remember dancing,
in fact she didn't remember much of anything.
Mickey Finns, (named after a notorious underworld 
Chicago bar owner in the late eighteen hundreds,
famous for drugging his patrons with a sedative, 
then stealing their money,) proved to  be a popular 
way of forcing demure young women, into unwitting
sexual intercourse. Chloral hydrate, a form of sedative
known as a Mickey Finn was slipped covertly into a
woman’s drink. With the innocent woman incoherent,
the male was then free to take advantage of her in an
illicit way. Just like the male victims of the eighteen 
hundreds, women had no recollection of what 
transpired when they awoke.
Original wip cradle board.... going to paint out the paisley .. not happy with them...
Humiliated and shocked by her state of confusion it was reasoned
that she had been slipped a Mickey Finn. After some time at a 
medical facility, Susan was diagnosed with gonorrhea.  
Speaking roughly in an accusatory tone  a crotchety old nurse
treated Susan harshly. Vulnerable and terrified, Susan felt alone in
her shame. Later the doctor revealed to the nurse that the young
woman was still a virgin, hymen in tack. The nurses voice 
softened with the realization that Susan was not the 
promiscuous young woman as first surmised!
I'm always surprised at the interesting colour that occur digitally.
To this day, it’s a mystery how Susan kept her virginity after being
assaulted. It was assumed that the sailor attempted to violate her, 
was either frustrated at her small size, or at risk of being caught
in the act. Either way, his appalling actions caused Susie great
pain and degradation, resulting in months of care for a 
Bartholin Cyst. Terrified she’d never be able to have children, 
she resigned herself to never marry.
Another interesting colour combination... I don't mind it!
However Susan did marry Al two years later, divulging early 
in their relationship the possibility of infertility. Although
she suffered with Bartholin Cyst flare ups her entire life
she bore  two children during her forty one year marriage!

I was a very  developed eleven year old  when my mother
shared her story. My daughter was also very young when I told
her. It made us acutely aware of how anyone can be  covertly
drugged by acquaintances or even people they think they know.
My mom was ahead of her time talking about this subject! 
She'd be proud to see women finally speaking out!
I know I sure am! #metoo

Were you ever disrespected by someone you least expected?


Valerie-Jael said...

Great story to share, well done. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Your mum was such a strong girl! GREAT!
My grandma spoke about sex and all other things in a very open way with me as well - she was such a wonderful woman much better than my mother or dad ever did.
We speak very open to our daughter (meanwhile she is 16) as well - sometimes she says we are embarrassing - she don't want to know it that exactly...lol!

Great post Sherrie!
Thank you very much for all your comments on my work !
I can tell you that your artwork is most inspiring for me as well!
Happy weekend!
oxo Susi

Faye said...

I myself led a very sheltered life* so I can't relate to the anguish your mother went through, but I can see how easily this happened and is still happening today. Thank you for sharing this. I hope this awakens someone who reads this to the dangers out there, either for themselves or for daughters or granddaughters.

*When I was a teen, I was downtown shopping. I was sitting in a riverside park when a sailor came up and asked if I would show him the town. So we walked a four block square with me pointing out various buildings like the cotton exchange and various banks. When we got back to the park, I said: so that's the town. He left me with a puzzled look on his face. It wasn't till years later I figured out what "show me the town" meant to him. So naive.

Christine said...

What a story! Thanks for sharing. I've never been disrespected but I do remember an uncle who would run his eyes down us from time to time but that was it, harmless enough.

Linda Kunsman said...

Yes, sadly stories like these are timeless...
thanks for sharing and again reminding all women to be aware. Wonderful vibrant art sparks in between the story. happy PPF!

sirkkis said...

Impressive story indeed. She looks sweet.
Happy PPF and weekend 😃

Susan said...

So timely, Giggles. Am loving your wonderful header. Happy PPF

June Walker said...

Sad story but shows that women must be careful in the world!

denthe said...

Horrible thing to go through, and sadly something of all ages ... It's good that she was able to talk about it, that makes it a little easier to bear ...

Katie Jeanne said...

It's so brave of you to write this, and to share it with all of us. Thank you. #metoo

Confuzzled Shannon said...

It sucks that there are such people in the world. I have had incidents, smalls ones, throughout all my schooling years which includes some college.

I liked all the color variations of your WIP. Especially the one with purple. :)

John R said...

I don't know how one person can treat another so cruelly. There is so much of this type of thing going on today, but your mother was well ahead of her time talking about it.

Latane Barton said...

Thanks for sharing your mom's story. It is very timely. #metoo

Gillena Cox said...

She was a brave strong woman; this is quite a daring story, thanks for sharing art and story

Blessed weekend Giggles

much love...

carol l mckenna said...

Lovely colorful digital art work ~ colors are always wonderful ~

Sad story and still happening today ~ abusive behavior with and towards women. No has the right to abuse anyone!

Love and light,
A ShutterBug Explores ~ aka ~ (A Creative Harbor)

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

I have not heard this story but many like it. Alyssa Mylano started a "Me TOO" on twitter and FB. I am in the "Me Too" category like so many millions of women and men are. Wonderful post.

Deepa Gopal Sunil said...

It's always nice to read your stories in between your art. Your mother looks gorgeous! Btw the experience is so relevant even today! It's so difficult to be safe even in our own homes leave alone outside... when you come across such heart-wrenching experiences everyday in newspapers and tv. Thanks for sharing your story. it really takes courage to speak up!

Granny Annie said...


Victoria said...

Thanks for sharing her courageous story , what a powerful and brave lady. Sharing empowers others, you may never know who you have helped by sharing stories like this. Shine on!
Beautiful picture of her by the way! and lovely art, always powerful and carries such a color-punch I love.

Mona Pendleton said...

Thanks for sharing her story! You must be so proud! Happy PPF :)

Mandy said...

I love your art but I am so thankful you shared your mums story. Just horrific, but this sort of stuff happens...why do we feel shame when it does. Your mum was a brave soul, going to the hospital back in 1943 with attitudes as they were back then. I love your mum for sharing her story with you, and you for sharing your mums story with your daughter...xx

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

What lovely art! What a brave person your mother was. I am sorry that happened to her, I hope her story may help someone.

Sue (this n that) said...

What a wonderfully courageous and loving Mum.
Thank you for sharing her story.
Your art is beautiful.
Hugs xx

Gloria J Zucaro said...

How horrifying! I missed you this week on PPF, and just want to be sure you are okay. 11/08/17 Gloria

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