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Friday, December 08, 2017

Cookies, Christmas, and Colour

Just a few of the cookies we decorated together.
Sometimes your artistic endeavors overflow
into other aspects of your world! This week
Cupcake and I did some Christmas baking
 together! We even invented a new cookie 
recipe.  Completely egg-less.. and oh so good!!
It was fun but very time consuming!! 
Definitely  free style and many abstract too!!
We made a white chocolate royal icing 
for the top!  I  put together the turquoise and a 
kelly green icing! Cupcake mixed the rest!!
Seed doesn't fall far from the tree colour wise!  
Beardo joined in the fun and decorated a 
few too!!
Cupcakes fun creations! Love the colours!!
As you can see life is far from perfect in my world.
 That boat sailed years ago...thankfully! Honestly
once you let that need for perfection go life is 
a lot more enjoyable. It  frees you  to create
what the soul wants!! For me it's letting out
the colour!!

Even when things are old I change them up. That old rocking
chair in the following photo was my 1985 Christmas gift...
You can read about it here and see the before photo! 
Those white wall units were originally dark brown stain
 in the 80's. There are two more I painted black for 
the dining room.

Sometimes all you need is a little paint to 
spruce things up! Make things a little more current!
However in a perfect world there would be 
a new leather couch in the room!! But it's
still cozy just the way we like it!! 
That should be cookie monster staring down at the cookies... I'm sure he's on that tree!!
We made my Nanas shortbread recipe, a yearly tradition!
 It's a little  different than most! The secret is to
 knead the dough for at least  20 minutes. You can find
Only three ingredients too... making them ahead is best
so you leave them time to shorten up!!
As you can see I have most colours in my world.
Void of browns except for one old piece
of furniture I inherited!! I have vowed to  do 
a canvas in the New year with a slightly different
 palette than usual!  In an effort to purge some 
old paint I will attempt to use up my browns, rusts
and creams. It will be a definite challenge!! 
As you can see colour is my world. Even 
as a teen I painted my furniture and bed
 frame orange and yellow!!
Family room...coffee table needs a touch up in the new year!

 We are all so different in our tastes.
That's what makes art  and life so darn interesting!
If it weren't for the internet we'd never
have exposure to all the new and wonderful
artist out in the world! People like myself
who never painted anything more than
  furniture until almost fifty years old
may not have dared to put brush to canvas!
Imagine the fun I'd have missed!!

What colours do you shy away from?
How old were you when you painted 
your first canvas?


Valerie-Jael said...

Your cookies look great, have fun eating them over the holidays, and enjoy being surrounded b your colours! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

Anonymous said...

your home is so cosy and inviting,, just as it should be,,its beautifully decorated,, your art is bright and colorful and always a joy to see and the cookies are amazing and sound delicious!!

My name is Erika. said...

I love your snow people! They are so much fun. And I love the fun cookies too. They make the season bright for sure.:) Hugs-Erika

carol l mckenna said...

Oh yummy looking cookies and I love your snow people and your room looks happy and festive !

Happy Weekend to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

DVArtist said...

I am coming to your house for cookies. Eggless? Would you send me the recipe please???? I love your adventure in colors. I was lucky to have a grandmother who was a famous artist. I had paint brushes in my hand before a spoon. I painted my first "real" oils when I was 5 years. I had a lot of help from Nan. I painted with her every year, when we would go to her house, until I was 11. Then for some reason didn't paint again until I had to stop beading. A full circle but I wish I still had Nan to help me. I like all colors but blue does not thrill me. My favorite color of all time are shades of oranges.

Faye said...

Love the whimsical paintings, Sherrie, but it is really those artistic cookies that have my rapt attention! Highly unusual colors and I bet they taste wonderful.

Clare Lloyd said...

Fab cookies and snowmen

Christine said...

your cookies look amazing, perfect, bright and colourful like you.

sirkkis said...

Your cookies made with Cupcake seem to be both nice and delicious. The room looks so warm and cosy with Christs decoration. Snowmen are very happy looking, too.
Wishing you and yours very happy upcoming week xx

Jenn Jilks said...

Good luck with your new palette!
I love these, all of them, the art you paint and the art you can eat!!!!

NatureFootstep said...

lol, you even creates gorgeous cookies :) Actually they reminded me of my grandmother :) She had things like that in her christmastree. And when the tree was taken down we were allowed to eat them :)

SLScheibe said...

YUM! Those cookies looks amazing and delicious! I think your room looks super cozy and nice too. :)

Laney said...

I love your happy paintings as usual ans your cookies are so pretty and colorful, too!

Gloria j Zucaro said...

Thank you for your cookie recipes and your wonderful Christmas scenes in your home. Your life is full of color! I love the way you do things with simplicity and love.

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