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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Making Christmas Light!

Wishing you all a season filled with Joy!
 The aroma of Ginger Molasses cookies fill the air,
it's  shortly after six and Beardo is expected home
from work soon! When he arrives I'll yell, " Hellur"
   in Medea fashion with a giggle! He sweetly
answers back in his sing song voice!! It's not
hard to tell he's always excited to be home.
A place that greets him with scent of home cooking
and love! Not many guys would appreciate Seeing
 their Mother in law everyday but he doesn't seem 
to mind at all!!
One of my oldest decorations bought in 1973!
As Cupcake bustles around finishing off 
  homemade roasted potato, cauliflower,
  and cheese soup  Beardo  changes into
  his Cozy clothes! As I sit typing at the 
computer. I often hear him  under his 
breath whisper... mmmmmm......as he takes 
in the beautiful food aromas of the house. 
Cupcake on the way to her nieces wedding!!
These are simple perfect moments for me!
Even though all seems perfect in the moment! Poor
Cupcake picked up another  virus at a wedding
 on the weekend! As we all know Holidays come and go,
 not without a few unexpected glitches. Every year I try 
to remind people it's only one or two days. It doesn't 
always go as planned! People get sick, some are grieving, 
divorced, alone. Others are in dire  straights in one
 way or another! 
Forgot about that little face on this tree, a decoration I made last year!
It's important to remember to treat yourself well 
during this time. Do something you wouldn't normally
do. For twenty odd years I did beautiful Christmases.
After divorce things weren't the same so we reinvented
our holidays. Making new traditions! One was to go to dinner,
then a Christmas movie in the theatre!! Later driving 
around to look at pretty lights with Christmas music
blaring in the car!
 Make new traditions for each situation. I've found that 
the easiest way to get through though tough spots!
Divert yourself from your normal traditions. Watch 
funny movies. I always get a kick out of Tyler Perry 
movies!! Binge watch a series on Netflix!  Buy yourself 
a new cozy outfit, new perfume, eat something
decadent. Have a candlelit bath, with a drink, and a 
good book.....keep adding hot water until you prune up!!
Be your own best friend. Ask yourself what you
 would like! Remember it's only a day! Buy 
yourself a present or two! Something you've been
longing for but didn't dare spend the money on!
 Life can change drastically from year to year
so I always like to reiterate these little  thoughts
that helped me so much during some of the
worst moments in my life!! 
A great way to divert yourself is to invite someone 
to join you...or volunteer to help others! Enjoy a
children's Christmas concert, or join a Christmas
eve Church service. During the season 
there are many events that can be enjoyed 
alone...or with a friend. Buy yourself a 
beautiful gratitude journal write all you
are grateful for then splash it with paint,
and add doodles!
On their way to a white wedding!!
Many people have obligations they truly 
abhor during the holidays! Keep the 
conversation light. Set boundaries and
leave early if you need to! 

 Try not to put too many expectations onyourself or others!! It's just one day!!
Find some joy in the small moments!!

Wishing you a Day filled with Love!
If you would like to enjoy some of my traditional holiday baking recipes go here

Merry Christmas
How do you spend Christmas? 
Do you have any unique traditions?


Clare Lloyd said...

Super festive art and photos.

riitta k said...

Your doggies are so cute <3 Merry Christmas!

Linda Kunsman said...

this is such a joyful and thoughtful post! I love your festive art-the pups are so cute. I can just smell that ginger/molasses wafting in the air-mmmmm. Cupcake and Beardo are such a beautiful looking couple. Happy PPF, and a very Merry Christmas to you all!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Love those cute dogs - could be my couple - at least there is a certain similarity !
Very Merry Christmas dear Sherrie
to you and your lovely couple
Cupcake and Beardo!
All the best for 2018!

Stay creative and healthy!
oxo Susi

Christine said...

Merry Christmas Giggles, enjoyed your post and art today.

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Dear friend thank you for a year of beauty in your art, your home, your thoughts and your family. Your are an inspiration to all who cross your path. Have a very Merry Christmas and the best 2018.

DUTA said...

Very good advice! Beautiful couple your daughter and husband!
Happy Holidays to you and yours!

carol l mckenna said...

You are a gem and are blessed with Cupcake and Beardo and your blog is a delight and uplifting for the season ~ xox

Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year to you all,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

denthe said...

It's looking very festive in your house! Thanks for your thoughtful posts and your wonderful quirky art this year! Wishing you a warm joyful Christmas, and all the best for 2018! Hugs xx

stefanie stark said...

You have so many beautiful ideas on how to improve and change a bad situation. I will copy them to my diary or make an art journal entry and list them all. They are wonderful! And the christmas puppies look so cute! Do you use acrylic painting for your pictures? I love the fine texture. Merry Christmas to you and your lovely daughter and your grandiose son-in-law!

peggy gatto said...

So love your doggie!! Also loved seeing your decor, wonderful! I always enjoy my visits! Merry to you!

sheila 77 said...

This is such a good post with practical advice. It's not just a day, really, it's the build up over the month, and everyone does not go to parties all the time or even at all. (And if we do, I like your advice to leave early, haha!). There are some very good ideas here.
Love the soup recipe, I'll be making that.
I like your idea of making a new tradition. We always do the same things at Christmas time and really love it, but adding an extra new event/thing could be fun. I'll let you know!
I love that you have a happy household, you are such a caring threesome.
Hope Cupcake recovers from her virus soon.
Happy Christmas time to you, Cupcake and Beardo.

NatureFootstep said...

intersting stuff. White wedding? Dressed in black? New for me :) Too bad cupcake got sick but I hope she is better now.

Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas :)

Laney said...

Lovely decorations and lovely ideas for managing the Holiday stress! Merry Christmas and Happy new year!

Latane Barton said...

I wonder what kind of treat there is in that box your puppy is about to open? Love painting that tell a story.

zana said...

Hello Sherrie, Hope you had a wonderful holiday season with your family.
Been missing in action again but all is well now, I had the best Christmas ever! I was going to have it alone, as I felt sad as my Mum died beginning of July, however unbeknownst to me my only relative (a nephew) in NZ arranged with an old workmate to hijack me and take me to the beach where when we were children Mum used to rent a bach and it was a mix of grandparents, cousins etc swimming, lolling on the beach, his friend family owns a bach 4 houses down and offered it to Jason for a week. He phoned me 2 days before Christmas asking if he and his partner and two children could come and have Christmas with me as they missed Mum too, of course I said yes as we have a great bond and I love his partner Liss and the two kids (8&10).
When they arrived late Christmas Eve they said well actually we are going to Riversdale to Mikes bach! I was bundled into the car willy nilly, luckily I had a ham and cooked a turkey already so thaey came too. It was so wonderful! Jason told me that my sister told him to do it that way as if they had asked I probably would say no as it is hard to get me out of my nest! I came back today as I needed to feed the cats and I thought it would be good for them to have time alone as up North they live on Lis's parents farm and are always surrounded by her family. Sometimes the best things happen!

Also I came here to tell you I am starting a new blog from tomorrow on Blogger as I did not get on with WordPress and some people as you couldn't leave comments. I cant access my old blog as I knocked coffee over the keyboard of my old laptop an it fried everything, I have been taught a lesson don't rely on your computer to remember your password because Google make it so hard to get it back, will explain in my first post tomorrow.
Great post by the way.
Sharon (I am using my crochet blog ID for this comment (I remembered this password lol!) as I haven't finished setting up the new blog.

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