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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Flower Elf

Flower Elf

I had so much excitement Tuesday that I am paying in weariness today. Unable to accomplish my growing list of must dos. Still hung over with feelings of jubilation from what transpired yesterday.

I drove my car out of the garage on route to pick up the kids. Glimpsed to my right, realizing something was amiss. My eyes searched for the neglected, overgrown weedy plant pots. Like magic the eyesores had vanished. Instead explosions of pink geraniums, blue salvia, spouts of petunia and lobelia had taken their place.

In a few seconds ten thoughts quickly rambled through my brain in succession. Are those pink geraniums really there? Where did they come from? Aren’t they beautiful! Did I plant those there? No I didn’t do that! I have no pink geraniums. Did the maintenance guys plant those? No they don’t do that! Wow! Who would have done that? It must have been Laura!

As I napped, Laura the leprechaun worked her magic! My beautiful friend drove fifteen minutes to my home. Dug up my flower pots and replaced them with new growth. She ambled around outside my door, not a peep was heard. Scurried away leaving behind a note affixed to a beautiful basket of flowers.

As I continued on my trek, this overwhelming feeling of love came over me. Tears welled in my eyes at the realization that my friend would take time out of her day to make an enchanted moment for me! The song Mama by Il Divo continued to play as tears streamed my face. Bewilderment, amazement, joy, gratefulness, love, adoration, worth, all fused together for one big old feeling of elation!

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