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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


This evening I am going to a belated birthday dinner with my goddess group at the Chili Pepper house. Laura was in Slovakia for two weeks, so it was postponed upon her return. This has been a wonderful month of treats and surprises. I will post pictures later.

Saturday I saw my friend Debbie, after a six year absence. The moment we spotted each other the years melded into yesterday. The four and a half hours visit flew by, and left me craving more of the relationship. Although I have thought of her often, I just didn’t realize how much I missed her until she magically appeared back into my life. She hasn’t aged, so it’s as though time stood still. A year September, she too joins the fifties club. We lunched at the “The Big Ridge Brewing Company” and I had a scrumptious salmon burger with delicious dark ale. Debbie spotted for the lunch and it was a superb visit! There is something to revere about friends you’ve known for over twenty years. It’s comforting to be with people who share a huge part of your history. Unfortunately my camera battery was dead so I didn’t get a picture of her! That’s okay, because we are planning to see each a lot sooner this time.

A few Mondays ago Helen took me to the Olive Garden for lunch and it too was incredible. Helen, I met when Pepper was in kindergarten. Our kids were great friends. Times passed and the girls have waned, but we still celebrate each other every birthday. I make her my special shrimp fettuccini dish, with a surprise dessert and she takes me out on my day. It’s always fun to muse over the past, when the kids were small.

People come and go, in and out of your life. Many experiences are ever engrained in your memory. I suggest calling an old friend to see what they’re up to. Enjoy hearing the past from their perspective! Its fun!

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